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    I came across the following classical Islamic texts for purchase, and wondered if I should get them or not:

    1. Lisan al Arab (see note a.)
    2. Kitab al Mabsut - By: Abi Bakr Muhammad bin Ahmed al Sarakhsi al Hanafi (Kitab al Mabsut : 30 volume set (Shaykh al Islam Abi Bakr Muhammad bin Ahmed al Sarakhsi al Hanafi) ARABIC ONLY)
    3. Nayl al-Awtar Sharh Muntaqa al-Akhbar - By: Imam Shawkani

    Could someone please give me details of the objectives of these books and whether or not it is recommended to read?

    note a. Apparently I found this on lesana55 : Free Download & Streaming : Internet Archive but I am skeptical if the book provided in that link is the original and completed version or is it edited/abridged/summerized etc. Please inform me.

    Your help will be much appreciated.
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  2. Wa Alaykas-Salam

    Ibn Mandhur- he compiled his book from the material found in 5 books: Tahdhib al-Lughah by al-Azhari, al-Muhkam by Ibn Sidah, as-Sihaah by al-Jawhari, Hashiyyat as-Sihaah by Ibn Barri, and an-Nahayyah by Ibn al-Athir. He also used material from Jamharat al-Lughah by Ibn Durayd, but doesn't mention it in his introduction.

    He cites Qur'an, Hadith, and prose of poetry in explaining the words.

    It is arranged alphabetically and then also by the last letter in the word. So, the first entry under 'Alif' is 'Hamza', and the first word is أبأ.

    Required if you intend on studying at any depth. There are 20+ volume versions of this book down to 2 volume versions. I recommend getting it in print.

    The book is also available online for free, however I don't recommend PDF's because they're not searchable and take up a lot of HDD space.

    Try the Muhaddith program or Shamelah if you intend on getting electronic Islamic books.

    Muhaddith: Islam books, search software, Quran audio, prayer download
    الإصدار الرسمي الأول للمكتبة الشاملة • الموقع الرسمي للمكتبة الشاملة

    It's certainly an amazing text. Goes into detail on the views of the various Madhaahib, including the Thahiri school.

    The author does not always side with the Hanafi school rather he lists the evidences and sometimes opts for what he believes is strongest. He concentrates more on the Shafi'ee and Malikee schools in terms of comparing opinions.

    It is a Sharh of another book by al-Marwazi called al-Kaafi.

    Al-Mabsut is considered by some to be a Mu'tamad text for the Hanafiyyah, and Ibn Abdieen related from al-Tarsusi : "There is no acting upon what contradicts it, no relying upon anything except it, no giving verdicts or making determinations except based on it".

    Here is an online copy of it: الكتب - المبسوط - المبسوط- الجزء رقم1
    Here is a PDF copy of it: المبسوط - للسرخسي - 31 مجلد - Pdf - ملتقى أهل الحديث

    An excellent text as well. More of a comparative Fiqh text.

    It covers the narrations that deal with Fiqh rulings. It is a Sharh of another book called al-Muntaqa min Akhbar il-Mustafa, by Abu Barakat Majd ad-Din Ibn Taymiyyah, the grandfather of the famous Ibn Taymiyyah.

    It covers narrations from Bukhari, Muslim, Musnad Ahmad, the 4 Sunan and some statements of the Companions RA, and it is arranged in Fiqh headings.

    The author goes through each Hadith, discusses it from the perspective of the chain and text, the status of the Hadith, explains any unusual wordings, gathers its routes of transmission, discusses the names of transmitters, the rulings and evidences derived from it, clarifies the Fiqh matters related to the Hadith, the various opinions of the Madhaahib and jurist from Ahl us-Sunnah, Zaydiyyah and Shi'ah, and discusses some Usuli issues as well.

    The last 2 books are recommended to consult when researching comparative Fiqh opinions, and the first is recommended as a book of reference when stuck on a difficult Arabic term, or to find the roots of terms.

    If you can afford it, get all 3. I only have the 1st one and the 3rd one in print, though I rely mostly on Lisan ul-Arab out of all of them. If I want to research a Hanafi opinion, then I look at the works of Ibn Abdieen mostly, and for comparative Fiqh, then I do refer to Nayl al-Awtar on normal Masa'il, but not on lesser discussed issues as you probably won't find it in there.

    217 megs is a lot of space. I recommend one of the above programs and then just start installing the books you would like to reference, In Sha Allah. Those programs will allow you to copy and paste the text and search the book much easier.

    Hope this helps...
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    Jazakullahu khairan. MashaAllah your reply was more detailed than I expected. (smile)

    Just a few questions I have:

    I came across this before but was hesitant to download. I would assume the website provide authentic materials since you have mentioned it? Correct?

    So Lisan al Arab is an Arabic dictionary. or is it more than just that?
    Also I have the Arabic - English Lexicon, so how different is Lisan from that?

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