Lisan ul arab forum hacked

Discussion in 'Arabic Language' started by مؤمن, Mar 10, 2009.

  1. مؤمن

    مؤمن أسجن في السجن للمؤمنين

    As salaamo alaykum...

    I tried to visit but it seems as though the forum has been hacked :mad:

    It was an excellent resource for students of the arabic language and the brother there (Amr) was a very good mentor for students

    Does anyone know the admin for that website or his contact details?
  2. Abu Treika

    Abu Treika Magoo

    i just tried and its not working, a very good resource for arabic :(
  3. petal

    petal iPetal

    Forum is back up and running Alhamdulillah

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