Announcement LIVE APPEAL FOR THE DAWAH! iERA LIVE Appeal! Tuesday 7th September @ 10.00pm on Ramadan TV

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  1. Hamza Patterson

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    Asalaamu alaikum wa rahmatullaahi wa barakaatu dear Brothers and Sisters!

    iERA will be having their first ever LIVE Appeal on Ramadan TV (SKY 843) on
    Tuesday 7th September @ 10.00pm.

    iERA will be showing past footage of their dawah projects, documentaries and research all related in conveying the message of Islam to the world.

    Join Br Abdur Raheem Green, Yusuf Chambers, Hamza Tzortzis and MORE united on spreading the message to Islam​
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  2. Athariyyah

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    Stop spamming the forum with this nonsense
  3. maaqib

    maaqib اصبر

    you should do the same with your rubbish!
  4. abu 'eesa

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    Stop spamming the forum with yourself!!! Wasteman!
  5. Tomato

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    Wa'alaykum as-salaam wa rahmathullahi wa barakaatu

    I wish iERA and their team a success
  6. Plum

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    Plum is with Tomato on this :)
  7. Abu of 7

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    The caravans are moving and the dogs are barking!
  8. abuhannah

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    you are not admin,nor is your input wanted or needed.
  9. Hamza Patterson

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    Stop barking like the diseased dog you are for once, and get a life.
  10. Hamza Patterson

    Hamza Patterson Proud Geek

  11. AbuJunayd

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    Hey bros, reckon we should lay of this athariyyah jahil , after all what better way of showing how straight up retarded and obnoxious madkhalis are than by this ignorant personified.
  12. Hamza Patterson

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    Ramadan TV (SKY 843) @ 10.00PM
  13. Hamza Patterson

    Hamza Patterson Proud Geek

    Jazakallaahu khayran for all who tuned in and supported the dawah last night. Alhamdullillaah it was a great success with even a shahaadah taken place! May Allaah keep Brother Jeff steadfast on the deen. Ameen! ALLAAHU AKBAR!!!

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