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Discussion in 'Living Room' started by Umar247, Nov 3, 2009.

  1. Umar247

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    Salams all,

    Whats it like to live in Holland as a muslim? Is it better than the UK you think? Is Geert Wilders and others really popular, and is it dangerous for the muslims? Are the muslims practising there? Is it safe for women?

    Im curious inshallah, so please let me know!

    Jazakhallah khair and walaykum salam,

  2. IbnShaykh

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    I thought t'old Geert was just misunderstood?;)
  3. Eoin

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    I've only been to the Netherlands once, and then only to Amsterdam and Utrecht so take what I say with a pinch of salt. Compared to Glasgow I found those cities (particularly Amsterdam) quite daunting and couldn't imagine living there. Walking down main streets in Amsterdam I was approached twice by people trying to sell class A drugs. Now I'm an altogether respectable looking person, walking down Buchanan Street in Glasgow in chino's and a shirt/golf sweater, there would be absolutely no chance in a billion years that would happen. I'm not talking wacky backy, these guys were trying to pedal the kind of stuff that ruins lives from the word go.

    The other thing that bothered me was the habit of sparsley dressed women standing in shop windows. You can argue whatever you want about non-Muslim British women wearing skimpy dresses, but if you're a British citizen never having been to the Netherlands you'll find it very uncomfortable. What goes on there just ain't cricket. I'm a moral relativist, I'm not looking to criticise the Dutch, but it made me feel very uncomfortable to be around.

    All that said the architecture of the buildings was interesting, the people seem 'healthier' and cycling as a means of commuting seems to be very much more appreciated than here. On an individual level people were the same as they are everywhere, very friendly and accomodating.

    Kind Regards,
  4. Umm Mardiyya

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    Wa 'alaykoem salaam,

    I am a sister from Holland. I was born and been brought up here, alhamdoelillaah. What can I tell you, I can where my hijaab in the right way, nobody looks at me. Maybe that's the case because I live in Amsterdam. That's a city with quite much muslims, alhamdoelillaah. You will find that not every city is the same. People respond in a different way, on ground of wich city you live.

    There are alhamdoelillaah much practising muslims here. Geert Wilders? He is a joke. I don't see him as threat. Allaah is our protector, wa lillaahil 7amd.

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