Question looking for a nasheed

Discussion in 'Arts and Culture' started by Salsabil, Nov 14, 2009.

  1. Salsabil

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  2. Asad123

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    Wa alaykum salaam wa rahmatullah,

    Never heard it before akhi.
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  3. heart4allah

    heart4allah New Member

    I have it in swf version if you someone can convert it to mp3 i'll upload it insha'allah...
  4. Salsabil

    Salsabil Pro-Tawheed

    do upload it akhee, inshaAllah I will try to convert it.
  5. heart4allah

    heart4allah New Member

  6. Abu Ibrahim al-Khurasani

    Abu Ibrahim al-Khurasani كل ميسر لمـا خلق لـه

    As Salam 'Alaykum w Rahmatullah..

    I thought of making a new thread but i'll just ask here, im looking for Anasheed of Abu Zubair al-Madani and Abu Usaid Qawaafil Ashuhadaa', i used to have all five cassettes but these cassettes are hard to keep and plus the links in IslamWay site don't work anymore.

    أناشيد : قوافل الشهداء1
  7. heart4allah

    heart4allah New Member

    Wa Salam Alikum Wa Rahamtullah,

    Try this link habibi....

    قوافل الشهداء 1 - مكتبة الصوتيات - موسوعة الطلائع الإنشادية

    Let me know if you get problems....

    Enjoy... :)
  8. heart4allah

    heart4allah New Member

    Sorry akhi I just tried the Islamway mp3 link it works fine for me..
  9. Salsabil

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  10. Abu Ibrahim al-Khurasani

    Abu Ibrahim al-Khurasani كل ميسر لمـا خلق لـه

    JazakAllah Khair for that,

    But they don't have the 3rd and 4th, the third is called ''Madoon 'Ala Tareeq'' and the other one Suqoor al 'Izz.

    well it doesnt work for me, maybe its my internet connection or something..
  11. AbuMjhdh

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    4 Index of /audio/9oqoor_Al-3ezz



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  12. Abu Ibrahim al-Khurasani

    Abu Ibrahim al-Khurasani كل ميسر لمـا خلق لـه

    Mashkoor w BaarakAllah feekum Ya Ahbab!

    Here is a hadiyyah from me...:)

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