Breaking News! Male Rape of Muslim Captives and Others In Uganda, Africa, Elsewhere

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    Audhubillah mina shaytanir rajim


    I'm very sorry to have to bring this topic to your attention, but I found it appropriate to present it as a matter of Dawah and clarity and certainty of the RIGHTNESS of our DEEN.

    The Guardian UK published online an article about the prevalence of male rape of captives in central Africa, Uganda and Congo region.

    The rape of men | Global development | The Observer

    According to the article:

    Of one case outside of Kinshasa Congo, the son of a political figure escaped the city to hide in the jungle when his father was killed. Rebels captured him and forced him to become a sex slave. the rebel commander instructed him as such:

    The captive was apparently NOT a Muslim, as his name was Jean Paul.
    But, the chaos of war and destruction in central Africa includes Muslim people who have resided in the region for generations. Kufar rebel groups have victimized Muslim people, men and women, as have the various government forces. And Muslim people of the region have been largely left to the political winds directed by the Western kufar and their proxies among the rebels as well as the governments without Muslims supporting them or even knowing of their plight.

    What is significant in this matter is the occurence of male rape of captives. This matter can be directly tied to the Western global campaign to normalize gay sexual conduct.
    American gay groups have successfully passed a UN gay rights protection resolution which serve to protect gay sex as a normal, viable sexual practice throughout the world.

    Daily Kos: U.N. Passes Historic Gay Rights Protection Resolution

    The resolution states:

    The kufar are incapable of governing human conduct. They first decriminalize sex outside of marriage. Then they normalize gay sex. They have dropped the large moral and cultural thresholds to a mere issue of "consent" between individuals. And "consent" by a war captive or slave is conceptually not recognized in war by rebel groups in Africa. Thus, they have inevidably introduced male rape. It is as much an alternative as female rape and prostitution, if not more so.

    Human rights movements have served to undermine the Islamic social system in particular by deconstructing every societal parameter and attempting to reconstruct them based on their own ideological vision. Except their "vision" does NOT correspond to human nature or reality. Hence, they decriminalize sex outside of marriage and then are unable to manage the occurence of generations of children without fathers, who have psychological disorders, are antisocial even prone to criminal behavior, and are economically unproductive.

    In the past 3 years or so, Ugandan Christian groups have attempted to render homosexual conduct not only illegal, but worthy of the death penalty. But American and British human rights groups and even politicans have attacked Uganda and threatened them if they pass the bill. As a result, the bill did not pass, but sentiments remain against homosexuality in Uganda, and the exposure of gay rapists of male captives in the region are the underlying story.

    The consequences of condoning gay sex is to open the door to greater prevalence of gay rape. Thus, The West has brought this corruption and degradation of humanity as more and more evil occurs as a result of their way of life.

    Let the believers take this as a lesson that compromising with the kufar is to open the door to the most heinous and most despicable dimensions of humanity.

    May Allah forbid such.
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    thats messed up.

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