Malik Ishaq of SSP files case against rafidhi adhan

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    Malik Ishaq, a leader of Lashkar e jhangvi (Sipah e sahaba) has filed a case in the court against rafidhi adhan, which has been highlighted at various rafidhi news sites. Malik Ishaq has the filed the case against the rafidhis saying of ‘Ali Wali ullah’ in the adhan (call for prayers).

    ‘Ali Wali Ullah’ in adhan is the Shiites’ witness that after the Prophet [s.a.w.], Imam Ali is the leader of the Ummah. This is the main difference between the Shiites and Sunnis and causes much argument between the sects.

    Rafidhi source : Anti-Shia Wahhabi Malik Ishaq files case against “Ali Wali ullah” in Shia adhan
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    nothing will happen.pakistani rulers,judges,generals are either pro qadiani or pro shia.they wont let muslims succeed against fitna of rafdis ever,till they are alive.
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