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    His melodious voice echoes in my ears whenever anyone mentions Baber. Many a times he could be seen in the valleys of Afghanistan cheerfully singing Jihadic nasheeds. Today although he is not amongst us, those of us who knew him will always remember him. Even the Ameer used to become tearful when Baber was mentioned.
    This brave, young and courageous brother was born in India, but before reaching the truth he had strayed many times. While he could often be seen roaming about the market place there was also a time when he was a rising star in the Indian film industry. His voice echoed all over the airwaves in India and his pics began to appear in the newspapers and magazines. But Baber's pure soul couldn't stand this filthy environment for long until he was able to free himself from its clutches.
    In the words of Baber " I, a lost traveller reached my destination in the jihad of Afghanistan." There were times when this cheerful brother would suddenly become silent and address a fellow mujahid thus "Brother there is only one way to compensate for Baber's sins and that is shahadah in the path of Allah."
    Many a times he would inform his friends of the pain that dwelled in his heart when he saw that the Hindus wanted to convert the Babrey Masjid into a temple. He would often say " I can't bear to see this Masjid being deserted. Inshaallah I will train myself for this task. I will fight every infidel heading for Babrey Masjid."
    It was on the 22 of Shabaan ???? that he arrived at the central office of Hakatul-Mujahideen. Soon he was sent to the training centre from where he emerged as a courageous and fearless commando. He would go to the enemy's den and bring back a detailed report on them. Then he was appointed to be the Ameer of the Ragbely centre. However this true mujahid was always in search of shahadah. He had made a will that after his martyrdom he should be buried in Afghanistan and not taken elsewhere. During his six months on the front-line he proved to be a very successful and brave commander.
    At last the time had arrived which Baber had been eagerly waiting for. In the operation against the Russians which Baber himself was commanding, while walking on the front-line he stepped on a land mine which brought his worldly life to an end. This brave and fearless mujahid who had been brought up in India was no longer amongst us.
    Now Baber had willed that he be buried in Afghanistan but those in charge were unaware of this. After the janazah salah the brothers in charge decided that his body be taken to Meeranshah for burial. Accordingly his body was loaded onto a donkey ready to be transported to Pakistan, but strangely the donkey refused to move. At this the brothers were perplexed when suddenly one of the brothers remembered the will of the shaheed. Eventually Baber was buried in the grave which he, a few days prior had prepared with his own hands.
    A few weeks/months later a Pakistani brother saw a dream in which Baber was singing a beautiful nasheed in his melodious voice. The brother said to him "I thought you had passed away" Baber replied "When did I die? I am alive." And indeed shahadah is the real life.
    O Allah we ask you to accept his shahadah and give us the tawfiq to follow in his footsteps. Ameen
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    The teachings of Shaheed Abu Anas (RA) live on...

    By . on Monday, October 20, 2003 - 12:22 pm: Edit

    For those who remember Shaheed Abu Anas (RA) there is proof of how his teachings live on years (nearly 4 years) after he embraced martyrdom in Kashmir. In a recent conference held in Pakistan his daughter now 4/5 yrs old stood up in front of 10'000's of people and read inspiring words, and a Urdu nasheed regarding Jihad. Inshallah i will translate and post it soon.

    Abu Anas said to his daughter in his will:
    Dear Wardah! Do not get lost in the pleasures of life, say your prayer regularly and enjoin good and forbid from evil, stay away from music,
    TV and other vulgar activities, observe veil. Please head my advice and do not bring indignity to me on the Resurrection Day. Fear of Allah is the best jewel of a believer and prayer is his best weapon."
    Oh Ustaad! we testify that Allah swt has kept Warda obedient to your last words. She stood amongst 10,000's and invited to the path you walked. may Allah swt keep her upon the truth. Ans.wma

    This is a direct translation. In the nasheed she sings a conversation between a son and his mother:

    Assalamu alaikum wa rahmatullah hai

    Yoo katai loona fee sabeelillah – aAnd continue killing them for the sake of Allah (x2)

    Oh my mother permit me to go to Kashmir,
    I have to wake up the sleeping Ummah’s destiny,
    I have to tell our youth that the time for Jihad is here;

    My baby Mujahid why are you going to Kashmir?
    By placing distance between us you are testing my motherhood

    Because the Valley of Kashmir has turned into Hell,
    In which Valley Shaytan is shedding rivers of blood,
    For the sake of this deen I will sacrifice my life,
    I will raise aloft the flag of Islam above all flags,
    A place where the deviants become frightened of,

    Oh my son, why are u inflicting such torment upon me?
    Why do you destroy this garden of aspirations I have for you,
    Give me your gun and your sword,
    I wont let you go.

    Please don't block my path with your pleas,
    Do what all pious mothers do at a time like this.
    I’ll become Ismail and you become Hajaraah,
    You make dua as my heart is becoming inpatient for shahaada

    Oh my son, the beat of my heart , the light of my eyes,
    May Allah protect you,
    Here take this gun, this bow and this shroud
    May Allah protect you,
    Inshallah I will meet you in Jannah, may Allah protect you.

    My mother has given me permission to go to Kashmir,
    She has allowed me to fight for the sake of Allah to obtain Jannah.
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    Shaheed Shaakir's letter to his family

    By Ukhtsajjad on Monday, March 29, 2004 - 11:13 pm: Edit

    Dear mother and father
    Assalamu alaykum
    I hope you are in the best of health. I am fine too. Today I will be going to (occupied) Kashmir Inshaallah, to discharge my duty and to fulfil my obligation. You will probably be furious about the fact that I left for here without asking you. But you might recall that one day when I asked you to allow me to leave (for jihad) you became enraged. Due to that incident I could not find the courage to ask your permission a second time. I also could not remain at home because the sobs and screams of my muslim brothers and sisters in Kashmir were always ringing in my ears. I cannot bear to see the cowardly kafir playing with the honour of our mothers and sisters while we sit comfortably in our homes watching. I want to cut open the infidels' throats to quench my thirst. I want to shed the blood of infidels until Islam reigns supreme. Life and death are solely in the hands of Allah, and to meet death on the battlefield is better than dying elsewhere.
    Please forgive me, because if one's parents are pleased one achieves success in every walk of life. The success of children is in fact the parents' success. Dear mother and father please abide by Islamic laws, enjoin everyone at home to be punctual with the salah, give my brothers an Islamic education and father please grow a beard. This is my last wish, please fulfil it.
    Dear father zakah is incumbent upon all (rich) muslims and is given on all things, so please regard me as the zakah on your sons. If we stay alive we will definitely meet inshaallah! When you receive the news of my shahaadah please refrain from wailing and lamenting. This is my will, please act upon it, because a shaheed is (in reality) alive and people do not mourn those who are alive.
    Your son
    Mohammed Aslam Shaakir

    By Sultan on Wednesday, March 31, 2004 - 06:52 pm: Edit

    Assalammu Alaikum,
    If only the youth in the Uk, were all like this, may Allah(swt) give this brother, the highest firdaws, alongside the prophets, the scholars, martyrs etc inshallah, may Allah(swt) give hidayah to these filthy Hindus, who r raping our mothers and sisters, and are scaring our women for life in Jammu Kashmir, these barbaric hindus are also mutilating our brothers in prison, to imagine the punishment that our Muslim brothers and sisters are enduring is unimaginable, so I pray to Allah(swt) that more of us become Mujahids inshallah.
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    It was indeed a spectacular scene. The eyes of commander Sajjad (ra) were sparkling dangerously. He possessed an amazing personality. He knew exactly how to hide his emotions and inner feelings, but at some emotional moments the sparkle in his eyes would increase more than ever before. This sparkle would disclose his inner feelings. I have personally witnessed his eyes sparkling in this manner many times in his life. There would be times when his tears would extinguish the fire in his eyes, but he rarely wept in the presence of people and indeed on very rare occasions did the tears flow from his eyes.
    There is no shortage of sacrifices in Islamic history. Indeed in every era there have lived pious slaves of Allah who have chosen to drink the cup of death in order to save their fellow brothers. The pages of history have recorded these remarkable events. These people would prefer to die of thirst whilst giving water to their thirsty brothers. This thirst they endured, until today continues to inspire muslims to give preference to their brothers and sisters over themselves.
    At approximately 11:30 hours on Friday the 28th of Shaban 1415 corresponding to 11 April 1994 commander Sajjad shaheed decided to join this group of pious muslims. Inshallah this action of his will be an enlightening example for the mujahideen in times to come. Commander Sajjad beckoned to a soldier and asked him to call his officer as he had an important announcement to make. As the Indian army is under constant pressure from the mujahideen they are usually delighted to hear such offers. Being an experienced commander and active in Kashmir for so long, Sajjad (ra) was aware of the nature of the Indian army. No sooner had they heard this, the soldiers immediately called their commanding officer. I was gazing at Sajjad (ra), astonished not knowing what was to follow. Within seconds the commanding officer was beside me.
    This was an old colonel of average height, big build, a rounded face and dark complexion. He had the red dot on his forehead which the filthy Hindus consider to be blessed. As he entered commander Sajjad declared in an emphatic tone "Congratulations officer! Today you have gained great success. I am the commander in chief of Harakatul Ansaar, Sajjad Afghani. You have arrested me but this scholar accompanying me has nothing whatsoever to do with the mujahideen. He is a visitor to this country. I kidnapped him. In all likelihood his prayers have been answered hence you arrested me otherwise this task wouldn't have been so unchallenging and painless!" At the end of this announcement the colonel was extremely delighted and overjoyed as if he was in seventh heaven. The rest of the soldiers were also congratulating each other. In the midst of all this Sajjad (ra) addressed me thus "Please forgive me. I oppressed you and I am now tasting the consequences. Please pardon me." He then turned to the colonel and spoke thus "Please release this scholar, you have attained a grand triumph. In reply the colonel said he would free me.
    After this brief conversation the soldiers placed me in the front seat of a military car. A Sikh major joined me in the car while the convoy headed towards the military camp.
    Commander Sajjad had done his utmost to save his friend and guest. Sajjad (ra) had been active in the Valley of Kashmir for quite a while now. There was a high probability of his real identity being discovered by the Indian army as many of their spies had seen him before and could instantly recognise him. But before any of this could happen he himself disclosed his identity. He did this to free me from captivity. He gave preference to me over himself. Consequently he went through immense torture for a period of two days but stuck to his original statement, until a few days later the Indian army discovered my identity.
    This announcement of Sajjad (ra) didn't bring about the desired result. Sajjad (ra) didn't achieve his intended aim but gained a rank in the sight of Allah. This action of Sajjad (ra) serves as a desirable model for all. In it is a lesson of selflessness and sacrifice for muslims in general and the mujahideen specifically.
    May Allah accept his shahaadah. Ameen

    By Shaykh Masood Azhar (May Allah (swt) preserve him)
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    A student Mujahid from university : Abu Abdullah Affan Javed

    A student Mujahid from university

    Abu Abdullah Affan Javed (Shaheed) ÑÍãÉÇááå Úáíå (Insha'Allaah)

    By Abdur Rahman

    "...Everyone tried to refrain him from this path, saying how he would cross the high mountains with his frail body. But when a servant devotes himself for Allah, He helps him in very strange ways...problems and troubles cannot deter those who are fully determined and devoted to their cause. Allah says about such people: “We open ways for them who do Jihad in Our path.”..."

    Abu Abdullah Affan Javed was a senior and active Mujahid in the university. The writer had got a chance to spend a lot of time with him. He used to think before uttering any word or taking any step – exploring its importance and permission in Shariat. He was so keen in reforming his colleagues that he would never let any chance go wasted in this regard.

    He remained very active in hostel life in this respect and took the message of Jihad to every boarder. He was true to the cliche “knowledge, practice, dispensation and Jihad.”

    There were some people who created obstacles in spreading the call for Jihad. A so-called student organization always had a rivalry with him in this respect. They continued to detract him from the path of calling for Islam. But the soldier of Allah faced all these problems with patience and courage and never took any step that was against the Sunnah of the Prophet I these people tried their best to get Affan expelled from hostel, made pleas with the warden many a times in this regard. They also threatened and misbehaved with him many times but Affan never lost his heart and continued to work for the cause late night and then wake up other people for Tahajjud and Fajr prayers. The people around him are unanimous on this point that Brother Affan was very sincere and industrious for Islam. Despite his fragile body he did his duty round the clock and never bothered even about his studies in this connection.

    When he adopted the path of practical Jihad, huge problems were waiting for a weak person like him. His body was too slim and thin, while he was also suffering from asthma problem as well as stone in gallbladder. Despite all these diseases his intentions were very clear and high and pledge was strong. All these problems mattered nothing for him. There was a passion for martyrdom flowing in his heart. Under the command of Amir he performed the duty of inviting others towards Jihad for years. But when the craving for martyrdom awaken in his heart, he forgot everything and intended to join the training centre for launching. Everyone tried to refrain him from this path, saying how he would cross the high mountains with his frail body. But when a servant devotes himself for Allah, He helps him in very strange ways. Allah helped this youth and he completed his training for launching. The Amir again advised him to do the task of preaching here but he successfully insisted on seeking permission to leave and left for launching, reviving the memories of the Companions .

    He climbed the snow-capped peaks of mountains of Kashmir though he was in trouble due to lack of oxygen on a high altitude. He breathed with very difficulty because of his asthma problem but this could not deter him from advancing on the path of Allah. He was desirous of seeing Allah, meeting Him in His paradise. Even during training he faced many troubles. Exercises, long marches at nights, hauling of lug-gage from the foot of a mountain up to the training centers were exhausting. But he always proved his consistency and remained in the forefront in all affairs. He fell and got injured many times during marches due to his feebleness but never give up.

    The in charge allowed him leave for launching for he was sure that no one would agree to launch him keeping in view his weak body. But problems and troubles cannot deter those who are fully determined and devoted to their cause. Allah says about such people: “We open ways for them who do Jihad in Our path.” Due to his strong determination Allah helped him and made easy his launching.

    Brother Affan always used to request others to pray for his martyrdom. Once when he fell ill during training and was sent to Baitul Mujahideen for treatment, he requested Brother Abu Sobaan, the security guard, to pray for his martyrdom. He would say that as he (Sobaan) was enjoying the blessings of Allah all the times for his eyes were devoted for the protection of the Mujahideen who had devoted themselves for the cause of Allah so his prayers would be accepted by the Al-mighty. Affan had a very reasonable excuse for avoiding launching into Kashmir for he had a feeble body that apparently could not cross 12000 feet high mountains. But he was the symbol of this Quranic verse that “there are some people who have sold their lives for the consent of Allah.”

    He was a lighthouse for the people with weak beliefs like us. He proved that if one has associated oneself with the Jihad caravan and wants to enter the paradise one would have to offer sacrifices, keeping aside one’s so-called engagements and difficulties.

    Impressions of the Father

    Twenty five years old Abu Abdullah Affan Javed Shaheed was my second son. He was suffering from alergy (asthma) since his childhood due to which he completed his primary education at home. He had no interest in childish chores. He just wanted to study. When he got admission in high school, he seemed too young than his classmates due to his slim body. Though he was highly intelligent. In 1990, he represented his school at a national golden jubilee contest and remained the third. The education minister awarded him bronze medal. He participated in another national contest in the capital and stood sixth.

    He got admission in the Science College for FSc. After securing distinction in the intermediate board examinations, he joined the pharmacy department. He started his Jihadi activities during this time. But, as the disease had affected his physical growth, his body was too weak. I always remained concerned about his health. Then his gallbladder started developing stones for the last two or three years. We had planned for the operation of his gallbladder in September 2001, but he was launched into the occupied Valley in August the same year. He used to utilize inhalers to overcome his asthma problem. His habits were so innocent since childhood that I had never taunted him. He used to join Islamic training camps in summer vacation telling me that he was serving the under training Mujahideen by working at dispensaries there. But, he also got practical training and made through all these stages without revealing to anyone else.

    He was a real pious and true human. Despite his physical shortcomings he had set an example to follow by those boys who do not prepare themselves for launching due to minor physical weak-nesses or impaired ness. Also for those highly educated boys who confine themselves to speeches and administrative affairs in Jihadi outfits. He was also a model for the boys of the elders who get them declared as unfit for Jihad. These elders should infuse the same passion for Jihad among their offspring, which was represented by Abu Abdullah Affan Javed who climbed the high snow-peaked mountains of Kashmir despite his all deficiencies.

    According to initial re-ports, he had got injured before his martyrdom and was residing in Shopian where he was being treated. Indian army cracked down in the area and he was martyred there on January 23 during a cross-fire with the army

    Alhamdolillah. Affan had made me, a sinister person, the father of a martyred. Abu Abdullah Affan Javed had a strong love for Allah, while following the lifestyle of the Allah’s Prophet was his objective. His belief was higher than mountains and deeper than deep seas. The martyrs do not die but we do not have the sense for their life.

    Impressions of the Mother

    My son always stood the first in educational institutions. He was a really intelligent boy. Till eighth class he went to school only to appear in exams otherwise he always kept himself busy in studies at home. All the teachers were aware of his problem so no one insisted on his presence in the school.

    He was associated with Mujahideen during preparations for FSc exams when he grew his beard. He secured 799 marks in the FSc and could not join the medical college just for want of 22 marks. We admitted him in pharmacy department. He was a very promising boy. His interest in religious education increased besides the university education. He soon read many volumes of interpretations of the Holy Quran. He completed his practical training in summer vacation. I said to him that he was ill so he should not join training camps. But he replied that he recovered during the exercise and did not feel asthma trouble there. The instructors used to forbid him from training but he would get annoyed with them and would weep over this. When his respiratory trouble used to get out of control he would come down the hills and took his medicines. After recovering, he would again go back for training. Similarly, one day he suddenly left for the occupied Kashmir.

    Now I am very much grieved that why I had not allowed my son for Jihad. I would be feeling this pinch throughout my life. I request the mothers whose sons are insisting to go for Jihad that they should happily allow them to do so. On the one hand this will ease their sons and on the other it will also lessen mothers’ grief.

    My son was regular in offering prayers and observing fasts. He sat for Aitkaf twice during his life. Last year he sat for Aitkaf and wrote me from there: “Dear Mother! Forgive me for sitting in Aitkaf without your permission. But, perhaps I shall not get this chance again in my life.” He was an opponent of TV. Once he dam-aged the TV set at home out of hatred. He stressed for providing religious education to his younger brother and made him regular in offering prayers. My second son is also a Mujahid. May Allah accept the martyrdom of my son and grant us the reason to understand and act upon his pieces of advice. Amen. May Allah also grant us patience and courage. Ameen.
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    Assalamu alaikum,

    brother can u plz tell me who initially posted this article?

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