Missed Salah do to illness?

Discussion in 'Islamic Law' started by Soul, Sep 13, 2011.

  1. Soul

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    As salam Alaikum

    If a person get ill like gets possessed by a jinn or had a illness because of shaytan
    and because this "illness" she could not perform salah for more than 6 months
    does she have to make up the salah or was she excused? because she
    could not really control her actions or words at some times though she was
    aware of what was happening.
  2. Ibn Abbas Al-Misri

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    wa alaikum al salam wa rahmat Allah wa Barakatuh

    I ask Allah to cure the sister in question completely, and grant her patience, increase her reward, and grant her success in this life and the next.

    I apologize, I do not have an answer to her question.

    Just wished to say that if one finds himself in a similar situation then they should pray based on their ability i.e. praying during the times she finds herself able to control her actions and words, and in the other times where she can't control her actions but is aware of what is happening then she should try praying based on her utmost capability in these other times: so if she can't pray standing then sitting, and if she can't pray sitting then laying down, etc

    I really can't imagine what she was going through, so that is all I have, and In Sha Allah someone can answer your question.
  3. LiveIslam

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    Salaam sis,
    i think a sheikh has to answer this one. Is it possible for you to make hajj this year? or at least wait till hajj is over and then make ommrah. while there see a sheikh. make du'a and ask for forgiveness. And pray for us all.
  4. Abu Osaama

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    I asked a similar question to Sheikh yasir al Borhami once hafidhahullah, and he told me that if a person is mentally out of it, then Allah will not take them for that, but he said that a jinn or a shaytaan has no power to cause anyone to commit any sin. So if the person is mentally sick, then inshaAllah Allah won't take them for what they did, but at the same time the person shouldn't think that jinn possession, or sihr, or w/e will cause them to sin.

    May Allah make this sisters affairs easy, and reward her the best reward.

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