Moulana Tariq Jameel-The Dajjal of the century

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    Hi friends in Islam,today I am gonna unveil an impostor in the garb of a scholar.It's none other than Shaikh Tariq Jameel of Jama'at Tabligh.He can be rightly called the Dajjal(impostor) of the century-blowing hot and cold wherever he goes.He was refuted by a great Deobandi scholar Shaikh Mufti Isa Khan,the student of Shaikh Sarfaraz Khan Safdar.This is the link'i_Mahasba.pdf This is the gist of his deviated beliefs and views Maulana Tariq Jameel Exposed quoted from the refutation 'Kalimatul Haadi Ila Sawaais Sabeel Fi Jawaabi Mallabisal Haqqa Bil Abateel'.May Allah(SWT) save the Maslak of Deoband and Jama'at Tabligh from the evil of Shaikh Tariq Jameel.
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    "Dajjal of the century"?? I think you need to calm down and reconnect with reality.
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    I never take members serious if they come up with extraordinary posts while being only a month, two or three months in the forum...

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