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  1. Abu Treika

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    So this is not a fiqh discussion at all.

    More it is about the fitna of music.

    Now many of us have many issues we struggle with but due to hiding our sins sometimes the secret sins that we indulge in on our own are often not discussed openly or frankly enough for us to get real help.

    The reality is that many of us struggle with music, the haram kind of music, you may hear it in the shopping mall or on the TV advert or the radio etc..

    Can we use this thread to discuss how much of an issue this really is for practising muslims and how it can be overcome

  2. Soul

    Soul Banned

    As Salam Alaikum

    Great Thread

    it's the voice of iblis and all music does is make you act wild...

    and it harms your ears and it also has secret satanic messages in it...


    Sheikh Mahir Al-Muaiqely Sura Ya sin - YouTube
  3. ish

    ish ...

    I didn't know music was haram until I started to become more religiously inclined. One day I was listening to something and started analyzing the words and just felt really annoyed at the content which I knew was against my principles. I decided to get rid of those types of songs. While doing that I decided to get rid of everything else I had.

    How I got through it at the time - I had gotten the Anwar al-Awlaki Lives of the Prophets CDs and listened to them over and over. My commute at the time was an hour each way, so alhamdulillah, Allah replaced my music with something much better. That series is a major iman booster, which is what I needed because soon after I learned music was haram, and I knew I had to get rid of my piano. That was really hard on me because I had been playing piano since I was a child.

    I don't know what I can offer as advice to overcome the love of music. Some people say replace the haram music with a halal alternative like nasheeds. You have Islamic rap and what not and other non-instrumental stuff. For me, I just decided to stay away from all of it, even the halal type because I wanted to get away from the feeling that music brought.

    Liking listening to music is not an issue for me at all anymore. I actually find most types extremely annoying now, especially music with lyrics. Once I focus on the words I find most songs are really dumb. I forgot who said, "anything too stupid to be said is sung," but that's how I feel about most music now; however, the piano I hear it calling me whenever I see it, so I just try to avoid it. When I go to the mall I cross to the other side whenever I'm approaching the piano store. Once I had a class in a room with a piano and felt like I had to lower my gaze whenever I walked in the room, lol.

    What gets me through that feeling now is remembering the words of Ibn Qayyim I read somewhere - something to the effect that a heart cannot hold (or love) Quran and music at the same time. I'm not sure about the exact wording. I think of that whenever I hear something and feel inclined to it or when I get the urge to play. I think of it and tell myself that the only reason I like it is because something is wrong with me and I need to fix up.
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  4. Striving4Sunnah

    Striving4Sunnah Musrayaaa

    Okay, well basically I stopped listening to music for a year, then whilst flicking through tv channels I saw an artist I really loved (previously) was having a concert live and they were showing it on tv.. So i thought one time isnt going to hurt, I was home alone all windows open and I was watching it on full blast, it was Asr time..

    Then subhanAllah I randomly felt really tired, so I went to my room to have a nap, leaving all windows open..

    I had a dream I was at home, that same music was pumping really loud, all windows open but the house was very dark and strange.. I walked to the living room and saw that through the garden door jinns were flying in from a grave yard near by and dancing in my living room and I was dancing with them! It was so clear and realistic, even when I woke up i still felt a nasty presence in my house Au'thubillaaah!

    I woke up SO scared as you can imagine, alhamdulillah I treated it as a sign from Allah and since that day I have not been near music alhamdulillah..

    InshaAllah this wakes up some people that listen to it, and brings to their attention what they are calling into their houses
  5. wurood

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    Wow.....that's a really interesting and scary story! I am trying to stop listening to music, I stopped a couple of years ago for 3 months, but my imaan became weak again and I went back to listening to music unfortunately. =/ Do you have any tips of how you stopped listening to music sister?
  6. Striving4Sunnah

    Striving4Sunnah Musrayaaa

    To be honest, step back and look at music..

    How can it be normal that you listen to a love song and suddenly you feel all sad and lovey dovey lol,
    Or you listen to a Tupac song and you think your some kind of gangster lol.. I see these guys on the train, they look so nerdy and their pumping hip hop or rap from their earphones and suddenly they are nodding their heads with some serious faces LOL

    This stuff isnt normal, for something your listening to, to have this effect on you is dodgy.
    I really wanted to be close to Allah, and music only brings you away from Allah, it distracts you, changes your moods, emotions etc and is a huge tool of shaytan!

    Sis this lifes to short to waste your time polluting your brain with music, replace it with anasheed.. Maybe this will help?
    Personally i just stopped to gain closeness to Allah and He made it easy alhamdulillah, but like I said I slipped up 1 year later but alhamdulillah Allah warned me with that dream..

    Find a reciter of Quran that you love the sound of, personally I love Salah Bukhatir and Mishary, I occupy my time travelling or smthing by listening to them. It will improve your personal recitation and help you memorise more! imagine every letter you pronounce is 10 rewards subhanAllah.

    Also I heard a story of 2 brothers driving in Saudi I think and they were blazing music, their car crashed and they were dying literally, the people around were saying say LA ILAHA IL ALLAH! and the boys couldnt, because they were singing the evil lyrics of the songs they were just listening to! Do we wana die like that? Our last breaths full of satanic words? Au'thubillahi mina thaalik

    Just focus on other things, realise the seriousness of the sin you are committing and how far it takes you from what Allah loves.

    Try your best sis, and make dua to Allah that he makes it possible for you to stop completely and He will answer
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  7. wurood

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    Music is probably one of the biggest issues for muslims these days, music is embedded in all the cultures especially among south aisian muslims with the whole bollywood culture. It's easy for me to stop listening to western music, but it's a struggle to keep myself away from bollywood music, but alhumdulilah I'm getting better. I guess people all have a place in their hearts that wants to be in a fantasy world to get away from reality, so we turn to music to get such temporary feelings, but they only give false happiness and end up leaving us craving for more. Little do people realize that they can only find true peace in Allah ajja wa jals words....
  8. wurood

    wurood ✿ ✿ ✿ ✿ ✿ ✿ ✿ ✿ ✿ ✿ ✿ ✿ ✿

    jazzak Allah khair for the naseehah sis, In sha Allah I will try my best to read more Quran and listen to Quran, yes music makes people do stupid things very much! It's possibly the biggest reason why peoples hearts aren't moved by the verses of the all Mighty, because it's filled with shaytan's garbage, I'm already starting to get annoyed by music and it hasn't been that long since I stopped listening. May Allah increase my and every muslim's imaan ameen.
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  9. Abdul Malik

    Abdul Malik New Member

    The heart only has space for either Quran, or Music!
    It can't fit both in together.
    Now the choice is ours !
  10. Soul

    Soul Banned

    jinn love music...
  11. IbnMuhammed

    IbnMuhammed Human

    Replace them with Nasheeds. Thats what I did, and havn't gone back since alhamdulillah. Sometimes the mind needs a decent rhythm to jog along to
  12. Soul

    Soul Banned

    when I hit 0 I put on loud music in my car because it's impulsive...
    but surah Yaseen is always my favorite...
  13. aymanbinmoshi

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    Can you give any document where Allah or His messenger has said that music is haram? It's a common akidah that the musics used in songs which grow your concupiscence are haram. But you can use music in such a song which make you love Allah, Prophet and Islam. Should they be haram.
  14. msts

    msts New Member

    I have struggled with music for a long time. I initially was told its all haram and settled with sheikh mate from hometown. The more "proper" sheikhs i asked the more ikhtilaf there seemed to be. I dont expect that anyone here would have given it the full work of unbiased analytical study of the opinions through the ages, maybe its something to explore. Issues around 'Urf, the analogy of the poetry and percussion of the time and now, what makes music haram, definitions etc. Theres a song called "dont worry be happy" that contains just nice words of peace and the backing is all human noises. is that astaghfirullah material? man on the street who just started practicing or the salafi contingent would automatically say yes akhi its all haram -I dont think anyone really wants to explore the depth of what we can explictly say is haram and all that is borderline etc.

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