Muslimahs in Burma being raped - Inna Lillahi Wa Inna Ilaihi Rajioon

Discussion in 'Global Affairs' started by Abu Hawwa, Jun 23, 2012.

  1. Abu Hawwa

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    Salamalikum wa Rahmatullahi wa Barakatu

    Innalillahi, A Rohingya Muslimah Raped By Burmese Forces Until She Died

    This news just destroys you, but hope can't be destroyed. Let us have tawakal, if we want to help them and trust in Allah and we try and strive and struggle Allah will find us a way. Make Dua against these tyrants.

    I don't understand how we seem to care about one group of people more than the other. Brother Zahir Mahmood said this about the Desi Muslims who only care about what is happening to the Desis but the same can be said about the Arabs who are only caring about the Arabs. Where is the love? I can't conceive how one part of the Ummah will be left alone and not touched while the other is suffering Anwar Awlaki (May Allah accept him) said it best If you do NOT do anything about your brothers and sisters YOU WILL BE NEXT. There is no way that Allah will just leave us alone, not test us or punish us.
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    some non-practicing types will only support their own, they will collect their zakaat and send to rich relatives back home who are begging them but live in large houses in some cases with large tv's to watch bollywood, or maybe give to a charity to help their home country but will not to the most worthy causes.

    but I don't think it is a case of practicing muslims not caring, it is a matter of people not knowing. We rush around from cause to cause, dependent on what the western media portrays to us as the latest crisis and not thinking what might occur away from their cameras.

    if you look at the mujahideen in afghanistan, a desi-concern you will see arabs and turks as well as asians, in chechnya just about everyone went and in somalia there have been fighters from everywhere coming to help.

    It will be interesting to see what happens in syria and egypt, lands bordering palestine as that is a cause even the non-muslims will contribute to so if either of these lands had an islamic government, it would become a place of ribbat for the whole ummah, inshallaah with such numbers of practicing muslims coming from all over the world it would not be long until al-quds was retaken inshallaah.

    As people trying to practice, our du'as should be with everyone, but when we give to support the orphan and widow, if we give our money where it might support those people doing most to revive the deen then this is better. That our contributions be to those lands that are trying to impliment the shariah first, knowing that when it is established the other injustices can then be dealt with inshallaah as they had started to be under the islamic emirate of Afghanistan before NATO invaded.
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  3. Abu'l 'Eyse

    Abu'l 'Eyse Rep-manz

    May Allah ta'ala destroy these dhalims and may our sisters be in al-Firdous! Ameen!
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  5. Umm DJ-N

    Umm DJ-N Patience

    I agree with what everyone has said, but something is obvious. Living as a muslim minority renders less support than living within a muslim majority country. I don't know what the basis of this is, especially when you consider that many muslim minorities have been living in those lands for centuries, and due to war and conflict, missionaries and rulers being disbelievers, their numbers dwindled. When its a minority, its easy to silence them, they hold little to no sway politically due to small financial power overall. It is therefore easier for them to be oppressed without too many consequences for the people in power and too many questions being asked.

    If you look at Aung San Suu Kyi, look how popular she is in the West, and through Western influence, she was freed from house arrest and is now politically active and is on a visit to the UK meeting top officials. This would never happen for a Muslim. Even in China, look how much support the Buddhist Tibetans get, supported by hollywood bigweights. Look how popular the Dalai Lama is. Then compare this to how the West views the Uighurs. All this proves to me is that the West only exerts influence where it sees fit, universally minorities are oppressed. This was the whole point of the UN human rights charter, to protect the minorities. But as with most things today, its linked to an agenda.

    The racism thing also factors in. Before the "Arab Spring" the Tunisians, Moroccans, Egyptians etc the vast majority were away from the Deen, they were secular educated but backwards. Their women were known stereotypically as [insert your own word] and the men were no better. Ofcourse there were always minority groups and regions full of practicising muslims, but particularly in the main cities, they were very far from Islam. And they were racist, thinking themselves better than Asians. But then Allah tested them with killings in their own backyard, and look how many have turned back to Allah SWT. He Azza Wajjal works in ways we cannot comprehend. What is happening in Syria could be a means of expiation of past sins, so the people turn back to Islam and worship Him alone. Now the North Africans and others in the Middle East see that killing muslims anywhere is wrong, be it in America, or Yemen or Pakistan. A Syrian life is not worth more than a Burmese life if they are both muslims except through piety and righteousness.
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  6. Abu'l 'Eyse

    Abu'l 'Eyse Rep-manz

    I always see people talk about "be on sunnah akhee" or "you don't love the Rasul(sallahu 'alayhi was-salaam) etc etc

    Lets understand that the Rasul(sallahu 'alayhi was-salaam) love his ummah so much he has a maqaam of shifa'ah in Akhirah! This is for those who are Muslims but commit sins! The Rasul(sallahu 'alayhi was-salaam) is a saviour in dunya AND Akhirah for His ('alayhi as-salaatu was-Sallam) ummah. So if we want to follow sunnah and/or love the Rasul(sallahu 'alayhi was-salaam) then help the ummah and not forsake them. Because if we forsake the ummah then how do we expect to stand with them, when they line up behind the Rasul(sallahu 'alayhi was-salaam)? Because they were killed and attacked for Loving the Rasul(sallahu 'alayhi was-salaam).
  7. Abu Hawwa

    Abu Hawwa Formerly 'LionofIslam'

    [9:128] Sahih International
    There has certainly come to you a Messenger from among yourselves. Grievous to him is what you suffer; [he is] concerned over you and to the believers is kind and merciful.

    The Messenger of Allah shared this quality of caring for the believers and so much so was the pain that Allah mentioned it in the Quran that his heart was always concerned over the believers. Sometimes i believe that we've lost this quality.
  8. Abu Dharr

    Abu Dharr Off the Manhaj

    O Al-Hayy Al-Qayyum never guide those who put their filthy najas hands on my sister and cause them to die a dog’s death and throw them face first into the Hellfire while the believers laugh and mock them. May Allah ta'ala destroy the ones who are plotting against His religion.
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  9. AbuSaif

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    I think this is the most shameful time for the Muslim Umah. Our people have been suffering a lot and we have been sitting and doing nothing. There are Muslims children who are not fed properly but who cares coz we can have nice kebab with extra chilly sauce whenever we feel like. May Allah give us strength to stand up against the injustice against our brothers and sisters...
  10. Abu Saalehah

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    just know somewhere there will be some madkhali speaking ill of these people under oppression, explaining it is their own fault for being people of innovation, that they therefore do not deserve to be helped blah blah blah etc etc.
  11. Perseveranze

    Perseveranze لا إله إلا الله

    Asalaamu Alaikum,

    May Allah(swt) save and protect them from the tyranny and oppression they are going through.

    I remember hearing a story about a Caliph who went to war with Romans over the kidnapping of one person. This is the one;

    [HR][/HR]When one Muslim sister was attacked by the Romans in the Roman city, one Muslim sister was attacked. She was not raped. She was not killed. She was not murdered. She did not have her throat slit, like our sisters in Iraq, Palestine, Kashmire or Bosnia. She did not have her baby taken from her stomach, like the Muslim sister had in Bosnia when they were cut open alive. Nothing like this happened to her. Simply she was abused. And she shouted, "Ya Mutasim". And that is all she shouted. And the Khalifah Mutasim Billah, these word reached him and he called the emergency sixth azan in the masjid and all of the Muslims gathered in the masjid. And they said, "what is the matter?" And he said that "a report has reached me that one Muslim sister was attacked in a Roman city." He said "Wallahi, I will send an army that is so big that when it reaches them it is still leaving our base. And tell me the strongest city of these Romans and I will send the army to that city." This was the decisive response of the Khalifah. When the honour of one sister was touched.

    Responding to Afia's plight[HR][/HR]
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  12. AbuSaif

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    Aik hon Muslim, Haram ki paasbani kay liyey

    Neel kay saahil say ley ker ta-ba-khaak-e-Kashghar
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    Devastating, </SPAN>

    Inna Lillahi Wa Inna Ilaihi Rajioon</SPAN></SPAN>
  14. Soul

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    well some marriages are like rape too

  15. Umm DJ-N

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    Really not funny sis.
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    At present, Bangladesh is hosting about 225 thousand Rohinga Muslims. But, the country has been turning away any more refugees trying to cross into Bangladesh. I understand that the Muslims of that part of Burma (Arakan/Rakine province) are ethnically connected to Bengalis/Bangladeshis. It is evident in their appearance and language .

    May Allah raise a strong party of Muslims from Bangladesh to help the oppressed Rohinga Muslims!
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  17. Abu Hawwa

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    Photos of The Proofs of Violence in Arakan, The Muslim Rohingya Victims and Refugees (II)

    Savage! Burmese Forces Raped 11 Rohingya Muslimahs

    Whoever wants to see the pictures but can't stomach blood, death, and brains and body parts showing than these are the least threatening pictures from the two sites above

    View attachment 8207

    View attachment 8208

    This picture below is a heart softner

    View attachment 8209

    View attachment 8210

    View attachment 8211

    View attachment 8212






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  18. Abu Hawwa

    Abu Hawwa Formerly 'LionofIslam'

  19. Abu Hawwa

    Abu Hawwa Formerly 'LionofIslam'

    My Lord, do not leave upon the earth from among the disbelievers an inhabitant.Indeed, if You leave them, they will mislead Your servants and not beget except [every] wicked one and [confirmed] disbeliever.

    May Allah destroy and kill them and surround them with Adhab from every corner. A sad situation in the ummah indeed.
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  20. Abu Hawwa

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    This picture below is the most ironic i've seen.


    As you are making dua for the Muslims in Syria, don't forget our brothers in Burma!
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