Muslims should stop blaming the media portrayal of Islam and Muslims....

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    "Instead of blaming the media, we need to become the media. Where are the Muslim historians producing their documentaries on Islam?"

    There has recently been a surge in the number of TV programs, around the topic of Islam and Muslims being aired by the British mainstream media. From social experiment shows, like ‘Make Bradford British’, to historical documentaries, like ‘The Life of Muhammad’ and the more recent controversial documentary, ‘Islam: The Untold Story’, Muslims, and thus Islam, have been getting their “fair” share in the media spotlight.

    'Islam: The Untold story', a documentary by Historian Tom Holland, has caused much commotion within the Muslim community. Provoking 1200 complaints from the public, it was not received well by British Muslims for its implication that the historical events believed to be accurate by Muslims worldwide, are in fact riddled with ambiguity, conjecture and lack of evidence.

    Within a day however, the integrity and validity of the program had been ardently challenged and its flagrant bias perspective had been exposed. IERA (Islamic Education and Research Academy) published a press release with a compelling and factually strong rebuttal of the “facts” presented by Tom, in which the author proceeds to systematically dismantle Tom’s arguments, reducing them to a collation of fallacious drivel. Was this response too little too late though? Had Tom’s weak and fragmented theory already brainwashed the minds of the average viewer? The question is what percentage of the public that watched the program bothered to then conduct their own research, read reviews and possibly stumble across IERA’s rebuttal?

    The phenomenon of the mass media, fortunately or unfortunately, is it doesn’t actually matter what the truth is; the majority of people will blindly accept what they are told by someone they perceive to be “educated”. Nor will they make the effort to research and question the information presented to them. The idea however, has already been established and ingrained into their beliefs and if some other piece of information happens to challenge that, then they will contest it no matter how logical the argument sounds.

    So, what is the solution?

    I am not suggesting Muslims adopt a defeatist attitude and cease to contest the lies invented against them and their faith. We must contest any lies, the method by which we do this however, has to be constructively scrutinized, in order for us to enhance our success.

    Instead of blaming the media, we need to become the media. Where are the Muslim historians producing their documentaries on Islam? A fine example was the three part documentary ‘The Life of Muhammad’ presented by Rageh Omaar and directed and produced by Faris Kermani, in which viewers were given an insight into who Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) was and what his achievements were. More programs like this need to be produced, so the public can begin to understand Islam and Muslims. This serves a very important purpose of familiarising the nation with our ideologies, for people fear what they do not understand.

    So, why the deficiency of Muslims in the media industry? It’s because the media is owned by the Zionists, I hear you say. Yes, maybe the mainstream media is owned by certain individuals who are adamant on defacing Muslims, but is that reason enough to not attempt to spread the truth about Islam?

    The reason there are not enough Muslims in media or politics is that we are too focused on raising our children to have Mercedes Benz cars and 5 bedroom detached houses with huge back gardens as standard. The aftermath of these desires is an inclination towards pushing our children into “safe” careers, such as doctors and accountants, rather than promoting humanitarian subjects such as History, Media and Politics.

    There are many non-Muslim activists that have used their expertise to spread their message. Take Peter Joseph for example, producer of The Zeitgeist documentary trilogy. The first in the sequel was viewed by over 20 million people – all without any mainstream media advertising. The movie focuses on the reasons for the global economic crisis and provides an alternative to the current economic model in place; it has been said to be the instigator of a paradigm shift.

    Where are the Muslim film makers producing documentaries providing their solutions for the economic crisis? Where are the Muslim film makers producing documentaries on the Bosnian Genocide or the plight of the Kashmiri or Palestinian people? It is extraordinary to find that the documentaries that have been made to raise awareness of the oppression of Muslims, have been produced by non-Muslims.

    It is time for a radical change in how we raise the Muslim youth. We need a complete transition in the values that we instil into our children. Instead of teaching them to pursue a career in a profession that will provide them with the “American dream”, we need to teach them to pursue careers in which they can make changes for the betterment of mankind. At this crucial time in history, where people across the world are demanding change, we need Muslims to present them with the alternative, that is Islam. Instead of teaching our children the value of money, we need to start teaching them the value of justice.

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    The title of the thread should be : Muslims should stop CARING about the media portrayal of Islam and Muslims....
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    It's a shame MPAC UK can't be taken seriously when they write half-decent essays. They're just as bad as the Socialist Workers Party in their dirty tactics too.
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    Study Subjects That Will Change the World:
    "...Look at these Ba'this. Here is Michel 'Aflaq (Christian co-founder of the Ba'th Party), who ruled two significant portions of the Arab world. He positioned himself upon the throne of 'Umar bin 'Abd al-'Aziz (i.e. Syria), and he now positions himself upon the throne of Harun ar-Rashid (i.e. Iraq). Michel 'Aflaq obtained the post of Minister of Education in Syria for a few months - he was just a minister - and he took the Ba'this and sent them to study in La Sorbonne (a university in Paris). What did he send them to study? Philosophy, psychology, history, social sciences, economics, politics - not medicine or engineering - because these are the subjects that change societies, and these are the subjects that change mentalities. As for the professor in the college of engineering, what will he change? He will keep teaching the same theories of engineering. As for history, you can paint it as you wish, and you can distort the events that you want and paint what you wish in a good light (i.e. you can affect what you are teaching). And they actually did this, and they came back and took over the University of Damascus. They occupied the position of guiding a generation. So, you do not find them directing their little pigs except to study the social sciences, and they never enter the colleges of science. Why not? Because when it comes to the colleges of science, if a Christian studies chemistry, will it change anything? N2 + HCl will always equal N2Cl + H2. Will this formula ever change? It will never change. Hydrogen sulfate with the Ba'this is H2S04, and with the Muslims it is also H2S04. Will
    they bring about a new law of chemistry? They will not bring about a new law of chemistry. As for history, building your mind, building your character, look at the Jews. The Jews in America and outside of America occupy positions in Eastern studies, Islamic studies, Arabic language studies, history, economics, etc. You find Henry Kissinger and Safroni - two Jews, and the Jews respect them - if anyone in the world wants to be respected, they say that they studied with Kissinger or Safroni. Many ministers in the Arab world studied under him, yes! In our lands, one by one. Over twenty ministers graduated from the same university, and the Jews sent them back after having wiped out all the Islam that was in their conscience with bleach...they send him back to his country with letters of recommendation from the university and its professors, along with any articles he had written - articles in the Times about economics and the Arab mind - he writes a few articles and becomes a minister in his country! As for us, we want the Muslim doctor, the Muslim lawyer, the Muslim engineer - what will he do all day behind the bricks, the cement, and the laborers? A laborer who works with cement from dusk till dawn - do you think he will have time to listen to anything you have to say? He is simply looking to put food on the table. He is not in the mood to listen to what you have to say. He is simply looking to put food on the table. You have ruined it for yourself, except if you wish to build houses with Islamic designs. This is another story! If you want to design windows with Islamic designs and to put on them Andalusian embroidery, this is another story. Maybe we can benefit from your embroidery, if Allah Wills! The
    door is on the right and the exit is on the left...maybe, if Allah Wills, we can benefit from your knowledge! We would advise our brothers to study Shari'ah, to study literature, to study Arabic literature, to study history..." ['Fi Dhilal Surat at-Tawbah'; p. 317-318]

    Shaykh Abdullah Azzam RA
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    This article is the usual pile of horse poo you expect to come out of that fading, and now utterly discredited, organisation better known as MI5PACUK. It is very good at identifying problems but falls down badly when it comes to generating solutions. In fact some solutions end up being more of the same which makes the problem even worse, then generates a downwards spiral...

    That is true to an extent but the BNP managed to counter it to a reasonable degree. Back in the late 1990s and turn of the 21st century the mainstream media got away with vilifying the BNP and mounting smear campaigns. The papers could spew any rubbish the journalists made up and 99% of the general public believed it. The BNP realised that the best way to counteract the problem was to create THEIR OWN media network to reach out the general public. This eventually resulted in a reduction in the amount of smearing and vilification by the mainstream media because the journalists knew that the general public could find the truth more easily than in the past, so their lies would no longer be as believable. If the BNP managed to succeed then so can the Muslims.

    I agree with 'we need to become the media' and I have seriously considered the idea of a TV channel run by Muslims with programmes aimed at a non-Muslim audience.

    The mainstream media is a closed club inaccessible to anybody who is against the status quo - be that the Green Party, Nationalists, Muslims, the 9/11 truth movement, critics of Israel, or whatever. The idea that such people will ever be given a free hand to produce their own material for publication is an illusion. Junior journalists follow orders from their superiors and only achieve promotion to a level where they are given freedom to produce their own material by licking their boss's boots. Therefore the only solution for opponents of the status quo to get their message across to the public is to establish their own media networks. Muslims have been very successful at establishing their own media networks for a Muslim audience but much less successful at establishing media networks for a non-Muslim audience.

    That is more horse poo. A high proportion of Muslim parents in England have quite low aspirations for their children. They have little desire that they live in anything better than run down terraced houses in urban areas and drive 10 year old Honda Civics just like themselves. Neither do they particularly value education which is why Muslims leave school with poorer GCSE grades than the national average, They are also not inclined towards self education or the study of material outside of the school curriculum. I have mentioned this issue before.

    There are countless documentaries produced by Muslims about Islam on the internet. This is because it is the only medium available for Muslims. Read above about how the mainstream media is a closed club which is why you don't see these documentaries on terrestrial TV channels.

    Why should the two careers be contradictory?

    They might be demanding change but they are not demanding change from Muslims apart from abandoning Islam and entering the realm of kufr.

    Unfortunately Muslims are hindered when it comes to delivering influence because of lack of money. One must get their priorities in order if they are to succeed and it is futile to try to start movements to change the world unless one first has sufficient £££ to effectively finance them. It might be more intelligent for Muslims to first make efforts to improve their financial standing before embarking on ambitious projects.
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    One of my fathers friend advised me to study something more valuable to the job market like computer sciences or engenieering but I studied social sciences because that was where I had a natural interest in and thought that might be something that would help the Ummah. My other option was to study landscape design but during the height of the Iraq war things were so bleak it made no sense to study how to beautify the land scape. I was probably one of two Muslim who was in the social sciences in my university.
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    Well we all know whose agenda they front
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    The wahabi kharaji najdis?

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