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    Al salam Alaikom Next month a group of NON Muslims, non Arabic speaking students are going to visit my country, and i'll be one of those who are in charge of taking care of them, guiding them. etc... i really think that this is a great opportunity to show non muslims the true nature of Muslims, despite what media says. and to clear out the biased thoughts and ideas about Islam and Muslims, specially, i was told that they have great tendency to explore/talk/ask about Islam and Muslims. BUT the thing is... i dont really think im prepared for such a responsibility. although i can speak English well, but i think that these types of talks ( religious, maybe Political) need special vocabulary, special way to perceive the ideas to other parties, ( which, BTW i've never encountered) what i really think would insure these practical skills in me, is a person who speaks English fluently and have good background of Muslims/non-Muslims talks, so i can talk to him/her....any Volunteer?? besides, any ideas, thoughts, suggestions are moooooooore than welcomed thanks in advance
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    wa alaikum salaam,

    like you mentioned it's a good chance to show them how muslims really are..I think it's important to remember that ' actions speak louder then words''s important for them to see that we as muslims are respectfull,generous,take care of others etc. but at the same time we do not compromise our deen(when it's prayer time we pray,we don't shake hands with oppossite gendre etc. ) should show them that islam is a way of life and not just beautiful speech.And most important if you do this to please Allah..He will mak it easy for you.. and maybe you can say that which musa a.s. said in surah taa haa:

    قالَ رَبِّ اشرَح لى صَدرى وَيَسِّر لى أَمرى وَاحلُل عُقدَةً مِن لِسانى يَفقَهوا قَولى
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    thank u Saber, u've said some useful tips, insha2allah i'll use them....
  4. umm hafsa

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    Please listen to some lectures on Dawah, that way you will have improved in your skills inshallah.

    Audio Islam
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    Take a look at this interview with Jason Hamza Perez
    He is well known for the documentary ”New Muslim Cool”.
    In this interview, he talks about how Islam changed his life from drug dealing,
    hip-hop music, and Islam in America. Click HERE for the interview.
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    Well thats a very nice thought of you. Yes you are right that you need more vocabulary when you talk with others specially in this broad topic.

    I think you should search for students of same thoughts and see if they are able enough to discuss. If no then just behave kind to them and make sure that they don't face any problem their. I think kind to others is also a way to show and make positive impact to them. Good Luck
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    If I can add some general words here, because I find that incredibly important.

    First off: I am an atheist and again live in an Islamic country. I grew up in Tehran for many years and have since lived in different countries with very different cultures.

    If the visitors are from an Eastern country they will have been more exposed to Islam than Westerners. They will also have a more open ear towards spiritualistic experiences. I am generalising here.

    If the visitor has no idea of the religion and is religious her- or himself, then the curiosity is greater than if they are non-believers of all religions.
    Don't try to exaggerate. Don't lie. Rather say: I don't know than try and give a polite but wrong answer.

    Many Westerners are sceptics and will check things you say. They are not used to the concept of "losing face" as people from Eastern countries are. They will not feel they are impolite, but direct. This can be odd for someone who is accustomed to a more distant attitude.

    Don't give the impression of being evasive. An open and honest attitude showing what is the custom and what it means to local culture is always welcome.

    Don't push or peddle religion. I was always uncomfortable, if a guide or host would point out every single mosque by name and say everything in Arabic first and then in English, knowing full well I did not speak any Arabic and would not appreciate the stream of unknown words.

    Westerners are not necessarily used to the hospitality of Muslims. They will feel they are intruding.

    They also don't know the level of politeness, so if they ask something and you politely decline, they will stop immediately instead of equally politely insisting and only leaving after 3 times.

    If the discussion comes to religion directly, chances are that you will encounter Christians. But remember there are over 30,000 different types and groups of Christians. They can have very different interpretations of the Bible. Just like the Taliban, the Shia and Sunni have different interpretations of the Koran.

    Most people are aware that there are prophets in the Koran, but they will most likely not know that most are identical with their book. Name a few to create a common ground. Talk about stories such as the clay birds. Don't immediately mention Jesus and the differences or the funny trinity concept. Most Christians don't understand it themselves. Christians are pretty sensitive about scientific absurdities in the Bibles, so I would leave that topic for a later time.

    That should get you going in the beginning and create an open atmosphere for discussion or mutual understanding.

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