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    As Salamu Alaykum Akhi

    Some brothers have asked if Faisal has publicly retracted his ruthless takfeer of Anwar Awlaki.

    I think you mentioned, in another thread, that he did so some time ago. Is it at all possible that he makes a public retraction and repentance on tape. Since his slander and takfeer was made public and distributed widely it is imperative that his apology and repentance be done in the same way.

    Could you also establish from him what his latest position on Sheikh Bin Baz is?

    Faisal has branded in his latest tape - "Devil's deception of the Khawarij," Abu Isa's group Jammah tul Muslimeen as khawarij- the dogs of hell.

    His allegations are as usual unsubstantiated and false. JM has been accused of being excessive in takfeer - yes, but khawarij definitely not. I know their aqeedah and manhaj and I swear by Allah that Faisal has made unfounded allegations.

    On the subject of Devils Deceptions. When will we see one from him on the Deobandis?

    I urge you akhi, to be extremely careful when you distribute Faysal's material, especially when he makes takfeer of individuals or groups or he charges them wrongly. You do not want to be seen to be spreading lies and slander, even if it is from a scholar. If you have noticed, the mood on this board has changed.

    Wa Alaykum As Salam
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    HE says the rulers are the khawarij!!
    That is too funny.
    WHere exactly is there extreme worship that we would be jealous of
    and the khawarij used to kill and make takfir for the sake of islam, they were over zelous with regard to taking there deen seriously...
    the hukam arenät even muslim

    Now please, tell me which shcolar has ever said they are the khawarij.
  4. Abdullah11

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    I think he is refering to the trait of the khawarij that has been prophecied; That they would kill the muslimeen and leave the kuffar.
    But anyone with an understanding of the deen would understand that Faisal is no shaykh in any sense of the word. It makes one wonder what he learnt in his studies?
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    To be fair he does have knowledge and many shuyukh make mistakes.

    In this lecture Faysal has used his own mizan, rather than the Mizan of Allah to judge his adversaries.
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    He is not reliable and his analysis are implied and based on assumptions in many cases.
  7. FlagBearer

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    Boycott teh Faisal...
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    This is from Abu Qatada's Iman Series.
    I don't think the Saudi Rulers fit the profile. Faisal is wrong.
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    Replies by Shaikh Faisal

    assalaamu alaikum brothers and sisters

    hereunder are replies by Shaikh Faisal to the issues raised by br abumuwahid:

    On Shaikh Anwar Al Awlaki

    "I have shared a public platform with Shaikh Anwar Al Awlaki in May 2008, if we had issues with each other we wouldnt publicly share a platform with each other."

    On Shaikh bin Baz
    "My stance on Shaikh bin Baaz was released on an interview with 5 months ago whilst in Jamaica. Please refer to their archives because i dont want to sound like a broken record."

    On Jamatul Muslimeen
    "This jamaa'a is a khawaarij group who is misguided on the issue of khilaafa. Abu Isa and his group needs a complete discourse. Frankly speaking they happen to be a cancer in the body of the ummah. They are of the khawaarij of today. They rejoice at the downfall of fellow Muslims and refuse to pray behind anyone who is not of their jamaa'ah. This is the whole idea of calling their movement jamaa'atul muslimeen."

    On the Deobandis
    "I have covered all the subjects of Aqeeda which can assist the ummah including the Deobandis so all the Muslims who are sincere should listen to the cds/dvds (1) rejecting the taghoot (2) the 7 conditions of shahadah (3) al walaa wal baraa (4) Kufr in perspective (5) Shirk in Perspective (6) Authentic Tawheed. Its not hikma to call the deobandis by name when refuting them because they are not proud like the saudi salafis."

    wassalaamu alaikum
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    as salaam alaykum bro stranger1395,

    whilst they might seem as if they are from our jamaah they are not... so i would not waste any time here. leave them to themselves, they [like abumuwahid/muwahid] already have a chip on their shoulder against sheikh faisal. its evident from his varying tones everywhere. there is nothing to say to them and i would not bother even posting an audio here. There are plenty who understand the words of Sheikh Faisal, so there is no need to explain anything again. This is all extremely repetitive. to them is their way, to us... ours.
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    Ive heard in reply we might be hearing 'The Devils Deception of the Yardie Takfeeri'!
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    As Salamu Alaykum brother stranger1395

    Jazakalllahu Kheir for your response my brother in Islam.

    I need an unequivocal answer to my question. At that conference Sheikh Anwar Al Awlaki's lecture was pre-recorded. You mentioned this previously on Islamic Awakening forum. That is hardly sharing a platform. Faisal has issues with the Deobandis yet he shares a platform with them in South Africa. edit :Can Faisal or Anwar Al Awlaki at least come out with as statement to resolve this issue. There are members of another forum who are asking the same.

    This is the one where he said that Shaikh bin baz made tawbah before he died. Correct me if I am wrong akhi. Is it not true that the tawbah must be made public else he is judged by what was apparent from him before he died? If he did make tawbah but we are unaware of this, then his final judgement rests with Allah, but we still judge him as a kafir. Incidently Faisal's takfeer of bin Baz on the seeking help from the americans to fight Saddam's kuffar army was invalid. I was one of those who was misguided on this particular point and I seek forgiveness from Allah for my unjustified takfeer. May Allah give me balance in His Deen and hikma to judge others according to His scale and not that of his creation.

    I think they call themselves Jama'ah tul Muslimeen because of the hadith of Hudaifa where Muhammad (saas) says to him : "Talzamu Jama'ah tul Muslimeen wa Imamahum." Your group is called Pure Islam. Should we be drawing inferences from that name? Is everybody who is not part of your group practicing najas Islam.

    In this tape, Faisal labels the Apostate Regimes as the Real Khawarij. So the ones (JM) who rebel aganst the Murtad rulers are khawarij and the murtad Rulers themselves are the REAL khawarij. I think Faisal messed up big time on this lecture.

    So even though the Deobandis do not measure up to the Tawheed according to Faisal's lectures that he just mentioned now, he still wants to form a "pact" with them. Previously, in Jamaica, he said to RevolutionMuslim, that the Prophet (saas) made a pact with the Mushrikeen at Hudaibiya, so it is allowed for him to make a pact with the Deobandis since they will allow him to preach in their masajid etc. The Dar Ul Uloom Deoband recently issued a fatwa against terrorism. Does his "pact" still stand? This would of course implicate the Taliban who are an offshoot (in the right direction) of the Deobandis. What is Faisal's response to this?
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    As salamu Alaykum Sister,

    I am sorry that you feel this way. May Allah end this fitnah and reconcile the hearts of the believers.

    I am concerned with the comment you made:
    You are aware that this could be perceived as an implied takfeer. Faisal uttered these words during his debate with the Salafi in Nigeria.

    This is also one of the traits of the Khawarij - "Whoever does not agree with them is a kafir."

    Incidently it is not just salafies on this board who are against Faisal. I for one, am not a Salafi.
  14. abumuwahid

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    You have really heard this? Where from?

    I wouldn't go as far as labelling Faisal as a Yardie. That is not right, is it?
  15. Abdullah11

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    Faisal is a hardcore takfeeri. You can refer to "beware of takfeer" by Abu Hamza on how extreme he can be.
  16. Scented Blood

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    Think they might have been joking. Not sure.
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    Br Abumuwahid
    wa alaikum salaam
    wa iyyaak

    this reply is from myself as shaikh faisal has stated that he has no further comments to make on these issues.

    "At that conference Sheikh Anwar Al Awlaki's lecture was pre-recorded."
    Shaikh Anwar's lecture was live, not pre-recorded - FACT

    "Faisal has issues with the Deobandis yet he shares a platform with them in South Africa"
    please prove this statement. which platform? where?

    "Can Faisal or Anwar Al Awlaki at least come out with as statement to resolve this issue"
    for those who are sincere in seeking the truth, this issue WAS cleared up. whoever seeks to cause more fitnah will continue to dig this up. issue over!

    "Your group is called Pure Islam. Should we be drawing inferences from that name? Is everybody who is not part of your group practicing najas Islam."
    please leave pureislam out of this and refrain from trying to create unnecessary discord

    "he (shaikh faisal) still wants to form a "pact" with them (deobandis)."
    please qualify this statement with some concrete proof akhi or else refrain from insinuations

    Br abdulmuntaqim:
    please refer to the introduction of the book "beware of takfir" by shaykh abu hamza - it should clear up your misconception insha Allah

    wassalaamu alaikum
  18. y-mughal

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    Could the person who put the following tag on be manly enough to explain what he/she meant by the first word in the tag as I think it can only be in reference to a racist insult.

  19. abumuwahid

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    This is completely unnecessary. I can understand why Faisal's adversaries hate him so much but to call him a Nigger Takfeeri is wrong and this person should repent for this racial slur on Faisal.

    I hope that this does not harm this discussion.
  20. yehiyaayyash

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    May ALlah bless the noble Shaykh Faisal.

    p.s: Why do people attack Shaykh Faisal for attacking Bin Baz because of his stance on the gulfwar.

    Does anyone here dispute that his fatwa was a clear act of Kufr ?!!!!

    Next point: When did the noble Shaykh Faysal call Bin Baz a kafir? In his discussion with shaykh abu qatada he didn't say Bin Baz is a kafir and in his last interview he also didn't say that Bin Baz is a kafir. He said that Bin Baz did a major act of kufr by asking for the support of the Americans to protect the haramain.
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