Newly Published Photos of Hiroshima

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    They didn't just bomb the place -

    Mutilation of Japanese war dead

    Many dead Japanese were desecrated and/or mutilated, for example by urinating on them, shooting corpses, or taking Japanese body parts (such as skulls) as souvenirs or trophies.[62]

    The Allied practice of collecting Japanese body parts occurred on "a scale large enough to concern the Allied military authorities throughout the conflict and was widely reported and commented on in the American and Japanese wartime press."[63]

    The collection of Japanese body parts began quite early in the war, prompting a September 1942 order for disciplinary action against such souvenir taking.[64] Harrison concludes that, since this was the first real opportunity to take such items (the Battle of Guadalcanal), "[c]learly, the collection of body parts on a scale large enough to concern the military authorities had started as soon as the first living or dead Japanese bodies were encountered."[65]

    When Japanese remains were repatriated from the Mariana Islands after the war, roughly 60 percent were missing their skulls.[66]

    In a memorandum dated June 13, 1944, the US Army Judge Advocate General (JAG) asserted that “such atrocious and brutal policies,” in addition to being repugnant, were violations of the laws of war, and recommended the distribution to all commanders of a directive pointing out that "the maltreatment of enemy war dead was a blatant violation of the 1929 Geneva Convention on the sick and wounded, which provided that: After every engagement, the belligerent who remains in possession of the field shall take measures to search for wounded and the dead and to protect them from robbery and ill treatment.”

    Such practises were in addition also in violation of the unwritten customary rules of land warfare and could lead to the death penalty.[67] The US Navy JAG mirrored that opinion one week later, and also added that “the atrocious conduct of which some US personnel were guilty could lead to retaliation by the Japanese which would be justified under international law”.[68]


    According to historian Peter Schrijvers, an estimated 10,000 Japanese women were raped by American troops during the Okinawa campaign.[2] Reported cases of U.S. rapes for the first 10 days of the occupation of the Kanagawa prefecture are 1,336.[3]. According to Peter Schrijvers, rape was "a general practice against Japanese women".[4]
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    From a nation who claims to be fighting war on terror right now dropping bombs that weigh a ton.

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