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Discussion in 'Global Affairs' started by abudurrah, May 1, 2007.

  1. abudurrah

    abudurrah muslim male

  2. abudurrah

    abudurrah muslim male

    its the terror network video which shows that these kuffar are making silly links, abu hamza and muhaajiroun have no invovlement in terrorist activities, coz theyre too open.
  3. Umm

    Umm New Member

    I am watching it right now. Inayat Bunglawala is so nauseating.
  4. Turaabie

    Turaabie It is as it should be.

  5. Expergefactionist

    Expergefactionist hmmm... Staff Member

    JAWAD AKBAR: "I think the club thing you could do, but the gas would be much harder. Club stuff - there's people who even get in yeah, with like they're searching stuff yeah, but it's only the bouncers that search you."
    "Bruv, just before we thing, you don't think this place is bugged, do you?"
    OMAR KHYAM: "No, I don't think it's bugged bruv, at all. I don't even think the car is bugged. What we're doing, if they knew about it they wouldn't wait a day bro, they wouldn't wait one day to arrest me, yeah, or any of us."

  6. 1mran

    1mran New Member

    what is going on?????

    they sound like .....

    we spend so much time trying to fix the name of islam, and these idiots mess it up with one conversation.

    if they wanted to fight in jihad, then why not fight the people who are actually killing the muslims.

    killing innocent people in trains, clubs, etc is not jihad. especially when these places (atleast trains anyway), have muslims in them.

    these people should be spoken to and giving naseeha.

    if they still dnt listen, .... subhanAllah, i wnder if they would allowed to be executed because of the fitnah they will cause.

    its because of these stupid brothers we have people spitting on sisters and people discriminating with brothers with beards.

    ofcourse its not a valid excuse for them, but why give them a reasn?

    they should get up and fight with honour, in a battle field, not in restaurants.

    i understand the issue of collateral damage, but these people seem so ignorant.

    Mujahideen are not stupid people, they are people of the highest level of imaan, and they understand that victory comes from Allah.

    what do these people think they can achieve by killing a hand full of innocent people?

    i dunno.. it doesnt make sense to me...

    Allah knows best
  7. Umm

    Umm New Member

    It depends which way you look at it. 9/11 struck a blow to the US economy, that same economy that funds the killing of Muslims in various countries.

    Yes, they were reckless, but this is what happens when the new generation act without wisdom or experience. The more experienced brothers won't touch them with a barge pole, for fear of going down with them, as they sense their recklessness and naivety. And so, they wander without guidance, and land themselves in a mess. Our job is to make du'a for our brothers, not make rejoice at their capture. That doesn't help anyone. How many Muslims would sincerely write to these brothers in order to lift their emaan?

    Naseehah can only be given if
    1) people ask
    2) they are willing to listen.

    "Look at their security, it's crap, it's a joke."


    Made Allah reward them for their concern for the Ummah, forgive their mistakes and return them to their families as stronger Muslims, ameen.
  8. Expergefactionist

    Expergefactionist hmmm... Staff Member

    Again... Are they being punished by Allah or being rewarded?

    Were they up for a noble task? Or were they out there to rape the Sharia, as many of such ppl like to do?

    To be frank with you... I don't care about the loss of a million lives when Sharia is being raped. Not that the former is insignificant, but the latter I believe is far too important to be messed around with kiddies.

    Allah is going to preserve His religion, even if it means 100s of such kids are locked up. I would lock them up myself to that end!
  9. Yasir

    Yasir لك الله يا مهبط الوحي

    How long did it take for the US Economy to recover?
    Write to them and say what?
    If the media reports are correct, Thank you for planning to blow up a shopping centre and kill dozens of Muslims and non-Muslims? Thank you for being so dull to actually think Islam sanctions your plans for indiscriminate mass-murder? Oh, and we mustn't forget to add in the Postscript, "Down Down British Law! Free the Muslim Prisoners!"
  10. Umm

    Umm New Member

    What a naive thought. The US economy, even kaafirs acknowledge the defesit the military action is accruing.
  11. Umm

    Umm New Member

    Again, how many Muslims disapprove of such actions, because they are scared of the repercussions they themselves will suffer? If shariah 100% supported such an action, would you applaud them? Or would it be a case of "Well, it is allowed, but what will the non-Muslims think"

    I am not saying that it is allowed, I am just curious to know how many Muslims really object on the grounds of shariah "being raped" as Abu Z puts it, or in the interests of self-preservation.

    In Islaam, there is such a thing as being there for a Muslim, even if you don't agree with their views. Such a thing as giving them the correct tarbiyyah. It is true that such a process is a laborious one, and not as much "fun" as snide, caustic comments fired out from over the Net.
  12. Yasir

    Yasir لك الله يا مهبط الوحي

    At the risk of appearing naive - even to you - I'll ask, are you suggesting the US Economy has not recovered since 9/11?
    So military action carried out by the US has ceased since 9/11? Is the defecit the US is facing, a direct result of 9/11?
  13. Umm

    Umm New Member

    The fact that military action has increased since 9-11, is due to America's pride. in being a "superpower". America is like the bully who gets punched in the stomach unexpectedly by a weaker opponent - and hit hurts. She fights back even stronger for the present. However, long term, she will crumble insha'Allah.

    The defesit wasn't there in Clinton's reign, as far as I recall. So 9-11 and the ensuing military action that followed have caused it.
  14. Yasir

    Yasir لك الله يا مهبط الوحي

    Are you being hypothetical, as I can't see anyone legitimising of their reported plans? Does the Shar'iah support their actions?
    Even if it was for the sake of self-preservation, is that something foreign to the Shariah?
    I agree that the Muslim community must do much more to educate Muslims about the Shari'ah. However, the question always rises, where did this idea originate? Why would a bunch of teenagers go on to think their planning such horrific acts would be something endorsed by the Shari'ah or something positive for Islam?
  15. Expergefactionist

    Expergefactionist hmmm... Staff Member

    That is completely irrelevant, when Sharia is actually being raped as we speak by the very people who claim to defend and implement it.

    It is like a woman being raped, and you ask: 'Oh, are you condemning it for your own preservation or because it is forbidden in Islam?'

    The worst thing is that we do not even feel for the abuse of Sharia, and even if we do, we just brush it aside as if its nothing... 'InshaAllah, these brothers will learn and reflect... they only made a small silly mistake...'

    And as far as self-preservation is concerned, isn't that also endorsed by the Sharia? Or does it even matter? Do we even care?
  16. 1mran

    1mran New Member

    9/11 hardly did anything to the US economy. infact all it did was give bush excuse to invest in the military sector and look at how much money he had.

    plus if we want to go for the "little evil, for greater good", ever since 9/11 muslims have been prosecuted even more. so how did that help?????.

    i have written to imams who have been arrested, but i wouldnt write to some1 who plans to kill innocent people in public areas, especially if my family could be there. maybe he should wait for his family to come and then blow himself up!

    im talking about combat in countries like uk and US. issues of paletsine are different tho....

    i duno..

    Allah knows best
  17. 1mran

    1mran New Member

    yes, but that was AFTER the failure of Iraq.

    and the issue of iraq was that of Saddam

    but lets not forget the apparent oil they are stealing.

    its normaly for an economy to go up and down, just give it time, u will see how the US economy will rise up again. its just a matter of time.
  18. 1mran

    1mran New Member

    you should understand that the Shariah is there for our protection.

    So if something is allowed, we understand that there is good in it, even if we dont see in, and if something is haram, we understand its bad, even we dont see the initial dangers

    how could the shariah allowed killing of innocent people?

    you know, if u have a glass of wine with ur dinner everyday, its actually good for ur digestion! yet its haram? why? because we know that people will not be able to control themselevs. yes maybe one or two people can, but majority as a whole will not and the result of acohol is deaths due to assualt, rape, drink driving, poisoning, etc so the effect is felt on the society as a whole.

    so if suicide bombing would anger afew and help many muslims, that would be understandable, but all these people are doing are giving the kuffar more excuse to oppress.

    Jihad and Da'wah come together

    and Allah knows best
  19. 1mran

    1mran New Member

    america will be here till the end, they will probably be part of the army the muslims fight in the end.

    they have over 5,000 nuclear weapons, and we have seen that they dont mind using them.

    if they were worried abt money, all they would have to do is stop trying to get to Mars, and they would have all the money they needed.
  20. 1mran

    1mran New Member

    you read about the great Mujahideen, from the time of the companions, to even Salahudeen, and you see how they were very knowledgeable and they were aware of what they were doing.

    how do this brothers, who you may know are muslims the first time u see them, think they could bring down a country by killing innocent people?

    im not saying we shouldnt fight them, but even the Messenger of Allah (peace be upon him) had battle plans. just look at how he lined them up during Jihad.

    i live in the uk and i see and speak to youth here. they really have strange views and it does seem like they have been brainwashed. many of them fight for palestine, yet have no idea why! some are not even sure where it is!

    some even believe it says in the quran that u should go kill the non muslims.

    May Allah guide us all.

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