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    Bismillah ar rahman ar raheem

    Alhamdulilah wasalatul wa salam ala rasoolullah

    Abdul Ghani An-Nabulusi: Many sufi masters claim that some oftheir books are directly communicated to them from Allaah. This is the case with abdul ghani an-Nabulusi's book al-Fath ar-Rabbaanee wal Faid Ar-Rahmaanee, in which he introduced the above claim in its introduction.

    footnote 319

    According to Nuh Keller's Wife, "His (An-Nabulusi's) statement is most liekly valid, but not comprehensible or easily explainable except to someone like himself"! (From her letter on the internet: Abdul Ghani al-Nabulsi and Akram Safadi, p.7 obtained as a print communicated via: <>. Akfram safadi's mail is <>. This is the usual trend of deception by the sufis. When they cannot defend their masters by way of false ta'weel, they claim that someone like the master himself would be able to exploain their innovated statements! And in case, "You cannot find someone with training in sufism and its literature to explain it to you, then dont concern yourself with it, consider that he meant something that is nto apparent to you, and stay within the confines of Islaam," as Keller's wife put it. Ibid p8. The confines of Islaam do not condone such baseless defense of mystic ways!

    From dispraise of al hawwa


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    Well i showed this to Hussein adam to see what he thought so i asked 'what do you think?" he said "what about ilhaam?" and then he asked me "what did the salaf say about ilhaam"

    So this is the defense of this innovated statement. Naudhubillah Allaah guide us from following deviant sects and groups
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    OK. What's I am not familar with Nuh Keller, heard of him in the net.

    What's up with that guy?

    Is he another sufi master or something?
  4. Madarijas-Salikeen

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    Well brother he teaches on sunnipath he calls to sufism. He translated umdat as salik a shafii fiqh manual and in it he spread some of his sufi beliefs and corrupt ideas on the names and attributes.

    Many sufis love him. He is a white revert to islaam and now he propagates this false ideology and defends baseless sayings of sufi masters.

    allaahu alim
  5. Skillganon

    Skillganon The Serial Repper the white shiekh is the next fashion amongst the sufi's.
  6. Madarijas-Salikeen

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    Yes the arabs in Jordan (where he resides) flock to him to learn the sacred 'tasawwuf'
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    Yeah, Nuh Keller, Abdul-Hakim Murad Winter, Hamza Useless. The extreme Sufis love to have white guys with neat little beards tell them what their religion is (this is not racist, I'm a white guy).

    All the real Imams of Zuhd (aka tasawwuf, but Zuhd is the more fitting term) were on the way of the Salaaf. Imam Hasan al-Basri (raa), Imam Junayd al-Baghdadi (ra), Shaykh Abdullah al-Ansari (ra), Shaykh Abdul-Qadir al-Jilani (ra), etc. Shaykh Abdul-Qadir al-Jilani was once asked if there would ever be a Wali on an aqeedah other than that of Imam Ahmad ibn Hanbal (raa). He said: "There never has been and never will be." So all these Sufis who are Asharis or Maturidis can never be Awliya, according the man they call Sultan of the Awliya, unless they give up their innovated aqeedah and accept the way of the Ahl al-Athar.
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  8. Madarijas-Salikeen

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    naam akhi im a white mexican muslim walhamdulilah.
  9. Skillganon

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    I think their is something especially among non-westerners seeing a white guy.
    I gathered it was not being a merely a sufi that sufis flock to him, it is bothi.e. him being a white and especially a westerner (american).

    lol. I would have never guessed you being a white guy bro. lol.
    Well, let's say I am not an arab and I am not racist too.
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    Alhumdillah. I was going through this site called Latino Dawah Organization, quite interesting.

    Anyway back to the topic.
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    "They consider it lawful to play the drum, the mandolin and other musical instruments. They have no rules of lawfulness in their relations with women. They are unbelievers and it is permissible to shed their blood...

    They claim that it is lawful to dance and clap hands. They claim for their shaikh a special status that puts him beyond the jurisdiction of the Sharī`a. This is an innovation, entirely incompatible with the practice of the Messenger of Allah, peace and blessings be upon him."
    -Sultan al-Awliya, Shaykh Abdul-Qadir al-Jilani (rahmatullah alayhi).
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    Assalamu alaikum wr wb

    I will not go too far with the statement "unbelievers and permissable to shed their blood".

    Their are rules for the above quote. So I will be careful in making such statement, unless someone might get the wrong Idea bro.

    One thing for sure is they have misquidance.
  13. Madarijas-Salikeen

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    wa alaykum salam wa rahmatullah wa barakatuh

    Akhi allaahu alim but i think shaykh allamah abdul qadir jeelani was speaking about them making permissible zina and their saying that sacred law is no longer needed for one who reaches a certain state. (he was speaking of those astray sufis) Even nuh keller and the likes are against this. I do not think nuh ha mim keller is a kafir. No rather though i think he is an innovator but my opinions dont matter im not an Alim.

    GF haddad to me has gone far into brewli type positions promoting shirk it seems. Allaahu alim.

    I make no takfir rather ill leave it to Ulama of Ahlus Sunnah to do that.

    Nor would i ever call for bloodshed of anyone walhamdulilah.


  14. Madarijas-Salikeen

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    as salaamu alaykum

    I do refer to reliance of the traveler sometimes for fiqh issues. However I do not accept the tawassul issue he speaks of in there and the issues relating to sufism. As dispraise of al hawwa was written inr efutation of nuh keller and the sources he qouted from when doing biographys on the sufis qouted in reliance etc.

    Its just too strange these people defending a sufi saying their book was from Allaah by saying its ilhaam (divinely inspired) reminds me of the shia say the book of Fatima radiallahu anha was divinely inspired. Also their saying that I AM ALLAAH amongst some of them and other false concepts which sufis make tawil of and when they cannot find tawil for it they say make Tafweed of the statement

  15. Skillganon

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    I have that book in my house, my bro bought it, I read few pages once or twice than I found out that their are some wrong statement with the book. It heavily promotes sufism also.
    The first time I found out about the book was from Shiekh Yusuf Estes in his website.

    If I am clear on what tawil and tafweed means I think they do that alot with Hallaj (Edit: from Jilani), especially with his statement "I am the Truth".

    How more explicit can it be?
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    Astaghfirullaah! Shaykh al-Islam Abdul-Qadir al-Jilani (RA) didn't say "I am the Truth", that was Abu Mansur al-Hallaj.

    Al-Jilani said of al-Hallaj:

    "His claim extended too far, so the scissors of the Shari'a were empowered to clip it.'"
  17. Skillganon

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    oops. I got my information wrong. It was Hallaj.


    Anyway, look at how they try to justify the statement.
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    "...when Husayn b. Mansur (al-Hallaj) in his rapture broke off all relations with Amr b. Uthman (al-Makki) and came to Junayd, Junayd asked him for what purpose he had come to him. Husayn said: "For the purpose of associating with the Shaykh." Junayd replied: "I do not associate with madmen. Association demands sanity; if that is wanting, the result is such behaviour as yours in regard to Sahl b. Abdallah Tustari and Amr."

    Husayn said: "O Shaykh, sobriety and intoxication are two attributes of Man, and Man is veiled from his Lord until his attributes are annihilated."

    "O son of Mansur," said Junayd, "you are in error concerning sobriety and intoxication. The former denotes soundness of one's spiritual state in relation to God, while the latter denotes excess of longing and extremity of love, and neither of them can be acquired by human effort. O son of Mansur, in your words I see much foolishness and nonsense."
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    as salaamu alaykum

    whats up with ibnul qayyim writing a book compiling some statements of 'sufi masters' like al junayd and others.

    Also its claimed that shaykh ul islam ibn taymiyyah reffered to shaykh abdul qadir al jeelani as 'my shaykh'

    oh and where on yusuf estes website did you find out about the book?
    Jazakallaah khayr

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