~O Scholars of the Ummah! By Abū Mus’ab Az Zarqāwī رحمه الله~

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    O Scholars of the Ummah!
    By Abū Mus’ab Az Zarqāwī
    رحمه الله

    O Scholars of the Ummah and O its preachers and O its Youth;

    Fear Allāh, Fear Allāh… and seek what you lost; thus verily safety (the way to become safe) is in the sword…

    Seize the enemies of the Sharī’a who are within you, and lend the hand of help to your brothers with what is expensive and important before the history throws… Yes! Before the history throws you. And before the market is taken away, thus the one who benefits with benefit in it, and the one who looses in it does have loss in it.

    And when I direct at the scholars, I am verily directing at the Rabbānī (those who good and pious and whom others takes as examples and those who direct people to what is good) scholars. I do not, with it (scholars) the scholars of evil and the sheikhs of media, as for them the athar is enough (which is) (verily the graves complained to Allāh regarding the stench of disbelievers, thus Allāh inspired to them; verily the bellies of the evil scholars are much worst in stench than your (the ones of the kuffār) stench), those are the people who eat the world in return of the religion.

    (end of quote from “Il’haq Bil Qāfilah” ,Join the Caravan)


    Az Zarqāwī رحمه الله said:

    Where are the voices of the Scholars of Evil? And we have not seen their strictness except in their heaviness upon the Mujāhidīn!?

    So where are they from protecting the honors of the Muslim Women?!

    O sadness upon them as they did not protect the religion from anger…. They thought it as a Gheerah with the forbidden….

    And if they were not interested in the reward when the voice (of jihād) was hot…. Then why did not they come wanting the booty….

    (Yā Ahlal Islām Ashiddah Ashiddah)


    Az Zarqāwī رحمه الله said:

    Woe unto you O scholars of Ahlu Sunnah… Has the blood of your children become cheap for you? Thus you have sold it with a low price?!

    Have the honors of your women become light upon you?!

    Fie unto you; has it not reached you that many from your chaste pure sisters from the Ahlu Sunnah in til’afar, their honors have been violated? And their chastity has been sacrificed? And their bellies has been filled with the sperms of the crusaders? And (the sperms) of their brothers the Rawādifh who are full of hatred!

    Where is your religion??

    Rather where is your sense of shame and gheerah and honor?

    (sense of honor) entered upon me crying *** so I said upon what is the girl crying?

    She said ‘how cannot I cry while my family*** as a whole has died under the creations of Allāh.

    (Aina Ahlul Murūāt)


    Az Zarqāwī رحمه الله said:

    “You have let us down in the darkest circumstances and handed us over to the enemy … You have quit supporting the mujahedin. Hundreds of thousands of the nation’s sons are being slaughtered at the hands of the infidels because of your silence”

    “You made peace with the tyranny and handed over the countries and the people to the Jews and Crusaders … when you resort to silence on their crimes, when you refused to hold the banners of Jihad and Tawhid, and when you prevented youth from heading to the battlefields in order to defend the religion.”

    “Instead of implementing God’s orders, you chose your safety and preferred your money and sons. You left the mujahedin facing the strongest power in the world. Are not your hearts shaken by the scenes of your brothers being surrounded and hurt by your enemy?”

    (This was translated by another)

    (Il’haq bil Qāfilah)


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