O Ummah of Muhammad

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    In the name of Allah the most Gracious the most Merciful

    Dar Al Murabiteen Publications

    O Ummah of Muhammad

    An exclusive video release along with the translation of an excerpt from Sheikh Khalid Rashids speech calling on to the muslim Ummah to show its anger for the Prophet...

    A message and a call for those who love the Prophet

    For download click below


    May Allah guide us to what is right
    For furthur clarification visit our site

  2. gundam

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  3. abdul.muhsin

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    I downloaded the talk a while back but never really got round to listening to it. It's really good mashaAllaah, I still got half remaining to see.

    Aameen. Jazaakillaah Khayr...
  4. gundam

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    JazakAllah Brother. I would it that you encourage other brothers to listen it as well so that All may benefit

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