Obama picks Biden as a Running-mate

Discussion in 'Global Affairs' started by Abul Hasan, Aug 23, 2008.

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    Obama picks Biden as Running-mate

    <!-- S BO --> <!-- S IIMA --><!-- E IIMA --> <!-- S SF -->S Democratic presidential hopeful Barack Obama has announced that Joe Biden will be his running mate in November's election.

    Mr Obama's choice, confirmed on his website, comes ahead of next week's Democratic Party convention. Mr Biden, a 65-year-old veteran lawmaker, has three decades of Senate experience and is highly respected on foreign policy issues. Republican contender John McCain could announce his choice next week. <!-- E SF -->Speculation is mounting that Senator McCain may name his running mate on 29 August, his 72nd birthday and a day after the Democrats wrap up their convention.

    'Impressive record'

    The announcement came shortly after several US media networks began reporting that Mr Biden had been chosen.

    "Barack has chosen Joe Biden to be his running mate," a brief statement on Mr Obama's campaign website said.

    "Joe Biden brings extensive foreign policy experience, an impressive record of collaborating across party lines, and a direct approach to getting the job done," it said.

    The two men are expected to appear together at a rally in Springfield, Illinois, later in the day.

    Mr Biden has served six terms in the US Senate. He chairs the Foreign Relations Committee - something analysts say would balance Mr Obama's self-confessed lack of foreign policy experience. The senator ran against Mr Obama and Senator Hillary Clinton for the presidential nomination but dropped out after failing to gain enough support. The McCain camp called the choice of Mr Biden an admission by Barack Obama that he was not ready to be president.

    "Biden has denounced Barack Obama's poor foreign policy judgement and has strongly argued in his own words what Americans are quickly realising - that Barack Obama is not ready to be president," McCain campaign spokesman Ben Porritt said in a statement.

    John McCain has reportedly not yet settled on a running mate. Minnesota Governor Tim Pawlenty and former Massachusetts governor Mitt Romney are reported to be under serious consideration for the role.

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    good to hear. i think biden would be a better choice than any of the others!
  3. Daniel

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    When I first saw the title I thought it read "Osama picks Biden as a Running-mate."
  4. Frederiksen78

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    Haha yes, it is a bit peculiar, isn't it :)

    At least he didn't pick Clinton. It has been sad to see her change in such a way, that watching the elections on TV seemed more like an Oprah show, than a presidential candidate speaking. However, Biden seemed to suffer from the same tendencies of speaking in adventurous terms rather than "from the heart". If McCain has one thing that neither Obama, Biden or H. Clinton have, then it's direct and understandable communication skills. Which is unfortunate.

    This election, I feel as if it's a lose-lose situation. And while I disagree with McCain on a number of issues, I honestly can't say I would rather have Obama in office - scary I know :) It's just personally I'd rather have someone I disagree with, but can understand and communicate with, in office, rather than some puppet who apparently speaks whatever seems most popular with the current crowd.

    What do you think?
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  5. Abdullah ibn Adam

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    I would not be surprised if John McCain wins the election. Apparently since the Georgia events of early August, McCain has become more popular for some reason.

    Anyway, even if Obama technically does win the election, the last two US elections have shown the world that the Republican party doesn't always "play by the rules," so to speak.

    If McCain wins, I say good. He's likely to continue the present self-destructive American policy with regard to the Muslim lands - and this is bound to continue backfiring on the Americans as it already is doing.

    And who knows, maybe he'll continue to worsen the relationship with some of America's other old enemies as well...

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