Breaking News! Omar Bakri Muhammad responds to media attack on family

Discussion in 'Global Affairs' started by alghayb, Oct 2, 2008.

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    Bakri officially responds to the below stories. Could he not sue for libel and defamation?

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    Admin there are clear porno pics in the above links,please remove them...
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    im not looking through them all to see which one has porn in it so i have deleted them all
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    nice one,thank you brother....
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    Whatever this Bakri is upon, but these brits are evil, and I thought americans were bad.
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    May Allah Reward the Sheikh, and shower mercy and blessings on him and his offspring
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  8. alghayb

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    Anjem Choudary condemns British Media

    As far as practising Muslims are concerned they know that the British media are consistent in demonising and victimising those who have the fortitude to speak out against oppression and the scholars of Islam who are in the front line of the struggle against man-made law, such as Sheikh Omar Bakri Muhammad.

    The Western media will use any means to try to attack the real scholars of Islam like Sheikh Omar. The latest attack against his family is outrageous and a complete fabrication intended to affect the Sheikh and the Islamic call. However, everyone knows that the Sun and Daily Mail etc... are liars and I do not think practising Muslims will take any notice of this apart from feeling angry that yet again we see Islam and Muslims under attack.

    I believe that the Islamic message is perfect and superior to the Western way of life and the false concepts of freedom and democracy and that this attack is a manifestation of the failure to tackle the real issues. Resorting to slander is an indication that there is no cogent argument against the Islamic alternative to man-made law, where sovereignty and supremacy belong to Allah (SWT) alone.

    As you may be aware this latest attack comes amidst other media lies such as that the Sheikh said that Paul McCartney was going to be 'targeted' by suicide bombers in the Pirate State of Israel and that his son was taking 'terrorist money' to his father.

    When the courts decided to give the money (the police confiscated) back to his son with the judge further commenting that Sheikh Omar has never been convicted of any crime whilst in the UK, this was too much for the media to digest who have clearly had to scrape the bottom of the barrel in terms of underhandedness to get back at the Sheikh in any way possible.

    As someone who knows the Sheikh very well, I am sure that this latest attack will just give him more energy to condemn man-made law and work even harder to please Allah (SWT) by establishing the Shari'ah everywhere, including in Britain.

    For further information please contact Anjem Choudary on: 07956 600 569
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  9. Scented Blood

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    This is the problem. They know full well that he will never take action against them so they are free to say or do what they want.

    May Allah reward the admin of Islamic Awakning for pulling the original artical down. We know that Omar Bakri isnt flavour of the month here but i thought that was a very just thing to do.
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    So the original article was posted? Which stooge posted it.
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    It dont matter who posted it.
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    im sure the brothers who did post it realised in hindsight that it was a bad idea and did not question the admin when we deleted the threads

    the people who posted are probably more pro OBM than the admin team so i doubt they did it malicously rather they posted it because the story was already pretty much public knowledge
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    jazahumullahu khair and jazakalahu khair
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    May Allah humiliate the ones who come up with stories like this and love that faahishah be spread amongst the Muslims.
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