Our youth and the crisis of faith

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  1. Umm Waraqa Bluebell

    Umm Waraqa Bluebell kalimat al-ikhlaas

    The real problem is a crisis of faith. We need to understand the problem, and the problem is that our youth are not confident, not proud, and not in love with Islam...

    This is a video with the full transcript underneath. Please take some time out to watch or read this fully.

    Nouman Ali Khan: Shield of Honor | IlmNotes
  2. Jazakillahu khair!!!!

    Mashallah, very beneficial, inshallah I will watch this ASAP.
  3. Umm Waraqa Bluebell

    Umm Waraqa Bluebell kalimat al-ikhlaas


    I didn't realise that it has already been posted, so this thread can be deleted.
  4. No need to delete it, better if it was merged. I watched it all yesterday alhamdulillah, he was good as always. It really is very difficult for muslims in America, Allahu musta'an!
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    Well they say:
    “Watch your thoughts, for they become words.
    Watch your words, for they become actions.
    Watch your actions, for they become habits.
    Watch your habits, for they become character.
    Watch your character, for it becomes your destiny.”

    we must help our youth in their thoughts about Islam. School use to teach christainty back in days now they teach to criticise religions and to hate everything with religions. The new teaching is "be free"

    I have being wondring long time how to help the youth, when they see me they run away from me,thinking oh no she is going to give a me lecture.

    One thing I am glad about those youth, how far their thinking is from islam because of their bad experience they always defend when the muslim women is attacked on the street.

    but plz give me adivce how to help them when I am "holy, holy" in their world.

    I have tried to start halaqaat many times, not classic halaqa where you say hda haram hada hala. But rather dialogue, discussion, debate and so on. Many of them have some idea/clue about islam but it need to be corrected.
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