Breaking News! Pakistan Detains Five Americans Tied to Militants

Discussion in 'Global Affairs' started by Ibn Zawaar, Dec 10, 2009.

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    No sh*t?

    I mean, did he really, like really say that?


    Why do we bother with some of these...
  3. Ibn Turab

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    Wednesday, December 09, 2009 at 9:00PM Eastern Standard Time on Larry King Live

    Larry King: You have view the video is that correct?

    Nihad Awad (executive director of CAIR): Yes I did

    Larry King: How did you obtain it?

    Nihad Awad: well the families brought it with them when we connected them with the FBI in the presence of lawyers

    Larry King: What disturb you about it?

    Nihad Awad: Well the fact that it like almost like typical video that you see on the internet young Muslims misled and also misunderstanding certain verses of the Quran juxtaposing images of conflict to justify actions that they would like to take so that’s to me disturbing in light of the fact that these students have been describe by their families as upright engaging great you know sons

    Larry King: did it lead you to think that they may be up to no good

    Nihad Awad: yeah when you got a get to gather yeah I just walk away with that feeling and I think the same feeling the families had when they watched the video and that prompted them ton contact the leaders of the Mosque who also connected them with us they brought them to our office and then we just take a moment to thank the families for their courage and the leadership of the mosque who trusted us and we connected them with the FBI in the same day immediately and both the agency and the families are working together with our organization to close this chapter

    Larry King: Now before we continue with any anti Muslim thoughts that’s a very patriotic act on every body’s part.

    End of transcript

    Anyway after the above remark Mr. King and Peter Bergen went on their usual tirade against Muslims. Mr. Bergen did not wasted any time in attacking Imam Anwar al Awlaki and Internet!

    Mr. Awad’s blog and his picture Nihad Awad

    I do not need to say much about these people. You read the transcript and see it yourself. It is like history repeats its self and it will be a good time to read and re-read this book:

    An Incomplete History: Muslims in Andalus by Abi Hashim Al Muhajir PDF copy is available at Kalamullah.Com | Islamic Spain

    It will provide you with the detail information about tragic end of the Muslims who openly and proudly collaborated with the kuffar against the Mujahideen. They were the Amads and Awads of that time. I hope and pray that ALLAH keep us firm on this Deen and may HE guide today’s Amads & Awads to the right path
  4. Ibn Zawaar

    Ibn Zawaar Just another Yankee

    Part 1
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    Part 2
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    Part 3
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  5. Abu Saalehah

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    Has this man got any fear of Allah? doesnt he fear the du'a of the brothers he is helping the kuffar to oppress?
  6. Aseerun

    Aseerun Um Maryam

    CAIR couldn't care less about these brothers and their families. Any sane person would know that contacting the FBI will only lead to more damage. Proof? How many of our innocent brothers and sisters, even scholars has the FBI arrested or even killed? Qaatalahumullaah.

    May Allaah protect our brothers, hasten their release, ease the affairs of their loved ones and rid us of the munafiqeen, ameen ya Rabbal 'alameen.
  7. anam

    anam New Member

    well he sais that none of the ayat 'aggitates' him rather he is comforted by it all..he is sure of himself in that what he is doing pleases his Lord and all the thousands probably millions of Muslims in opposition just happen to misunderstand the texts :( its quite clear where their priorities lay, to bend over backwards pleasing the enemies of Allah just as the title CAIR suggests.

    yes couldn't they have called missing persons or something i mean what crime did they do? this is what the kuffar want anyway for Muslims to hunt and accuse eachother based on suspicion in order so they dont have to
  8. hussain

    hussain New Member

    Let's re-write this news story without the kaffir-speak of the two-faced, hypocritical, fork-tongued, kuffar -

    "Amrikan hirelings in Pakistan arrested five Muslims - who happen to live in Amrika - on suspicion that these Muslims had or have links to those opposed to the Amrikan occupation of the Muslim land of Afghanistan, and opposed to Amrikan interference in the internal affairs of Pakistan..."

    A spokesman for the puppet Pakistan government - who spoke on condition of anonymity because he was afraid of reprisals from the Muslim resistance - said, "We acted on information received from the Amrikan government because that's what we're paid to do now..."​
  9. Ibn Turab

    Ibn Turab New Member

    Just a little hint how kuffar dealt with yesterday’s J, Amad, and Awad they were loyal citizen and were staunchly against those Khawarij, takferi, extremists, terrorists, fundamentalists, radicals, & Jihadi Muslims!

    Alas their patriotism did not saved them we will see if today’s J, Amad, and Awad can outsmart the present day kuffar....

    "Finally on, January 12-13, 1610, the proclamation for the expulsion of the Muslims of the Spanish Provinice of Andalucia was produced,... this edit targeted those who had actually collaborated with the the spanish actively, were actual murtads or had out of fear, not join the jihad!

    Now their time had come and you can be sure there were many 'Muslims' that were shocked on that day due to their belief that their loyalty to the kuffaar had bought them security!"

    Chapter 4: The Relocation and Expulsion: The Endgame Unfolds.

    Page 209

    An Incomplete History: The Muslims of Spain Post-1492 / 897 In a Global Context

    And Its Relevance to Muslims Today by Ibn Abi Hashim al Muhajir

    PDF copy of this book is available here Kalamullah.Com | Islamic Spain
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    were any of these bros members on this board?
  11. Muwaahid

    Muwaahid I disbelieve in disbelief

    lol, beats me
  12. Ibn Turab

    Ibn Turab New Member

    Today’s show was about increasing radicalization of young Muslims in America and how Internet playing an important role in it. Our ‘friend’ Nihad Awad from CAIR (Christian American Israeli Rat) was making the same old claim that young Muslims misunderstanding the verses of the Quran. Mr. Awad was bragging that how they informed the kuffar by abusing the trust of those poor Muslim families had on CAIR. He further said to combat radicalization they will start a website. I guess Mr. Awad will request Zionist Wolf Blitzer to give Quran tafseer classes to young Muslims!

    Below I will provide you some direct quotes from the CNN news show “The Situation Room” with Zionist Wolf Blitzer (former editor at AIPAC).

    Thursday, December 10, 2009. 5:00 PM US Eastern Standard Time

    CNN: The Situation Room

    This secular police chief talking with CNN reporter Arwa Damon

    "they were mercenaries, they were their for Jihad they could have done anything they had US Passports they could have access to many many points which normal person could not have access to " Sargodha police chief Usman Anwar.

    CNN reporter Arwa Damon telling us what Pakistani police said about the motivation of those Muslim bothers

    "Their motivation was the ongoing atrocities that they said they had seen being committed against Muslims saying that hurting one Muslim in one part of the world was like hurting everybody and that is what they felt they had to fight back against"
    CNN reporter Arwa Damon

    PS. to fully understand brothers motive Wolf Blitzer asked Mr. Awad about the motivation of the brothers. More then once Mr. Awad tried to tell that brothers were not happy due the ongoing conflicts in Middle East but Zionist Wolf Blitzer pretended that he did not hear it. He kept pressing Mr. Awad to do more! You just cannot satisfy these kuffar then why bother!
  13. Macheteros Muslim

    Macheteros Muslim New Member

    The Agenda of many of those Muslim organization's is to aid Muslims with civil rights in our time of legal problems. Could you imagine Dr. King telling the white cops in Mississippi, in 1964 five black students are siting in the front of the bus take care of them!!! What CAIR and MAS told American Muslims yesterday is: our mission is no longer to help you when you are put in jail for no reason, we will be the ones trowing the key away.

    Now I don't think the brothers did their research before going on CNN, with Wolf Blitzer who's resume shows his dislike towards Muslims for-example his former jobs are American Israel Public Affairs Committee hit the link to read about them and AIPAC, we all know their job. May Allah guide us all perhaps CNN waterborded the brothers and they had no choice to talk on CNN. I am just looking forward to see them on Fox-news now.
  14. Ibn Zawaar

    Ibn Zawaar Just another Yankee

    The thing that gets me is that these guys were gone . . . they left the west. They were out of CAIR's and everyone's hair, but despite that, they insist on dragging them back. The same thing happened in other cases - brothers try to leave the west, but are arrested at the airport or soon after they leave. It as if to say, " one way or another, your gonna get with the program! ".

    I guess this answers the question on the note card. The one that's passed to the front of the room during a seminar or a class. The one that has written on it, "What do you do if you know someone is harboring extremist ideologies?". So after a silence falls over the audience, and the best answer you can hope for is, "Bring them to a religious authority who can speak with them", you're left to wonder, what would be the outcome of such a decision?

    Apparently the oft repeated saying, "if you don't like the team, leave the stadium" doesn't fly anymore.
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  15. anam

    anam New Member

    i hope the kuffar can understand this point and stop making silly statements asking Muslims to make Shariah in their homeland or madkhalis and other extremists asking Muslims to speak with the home-office before joining the Mujahideen
  16. ryder

    ryder New Member

    I know some of the brothers. You have to understand their parents called the masjid, police and FBI after they went missing. The entire community down here is shocked because these guys were pretty "normal". If the parents didn't report anything, they'd probably would not have made it to the news.

    It's really sad. I'm shocked. I hope they are safe and pray that it was all a big misunderstanding.
  17. Basil al-Mamluk

    Basil al-Mamluk is not a salafi

    I know one of the brothers.

    Kinda outta character for him but Allahu 'alam. I certainly don't believe the news reports though.
  18. huehuecoyotl

    huehuecoyotl A Simple Kind of Man

    Sounds like unemployment is so bad you can't even get a job in another country.

  19. how would you like to earn something if you kept your fingers away from the keyboard?
  20. huehuecoyotl

    huehuecoyotl A Simple Kind of Man

    I guess I don't understand. I have made a living both by keeping my hands on a keyboard and by keeping my hands off a keyboard as well.

    Besides my answer was a flipant response to the economic situations in which a prospective employee " these kids" is rejected by his employer " the Jihadi forces" for not having the correct credentials.

    In the future is someone posts something similarly irreverent to the topic as my post was, don't take it seriously.
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