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    Phase 2 - Reconstruction Phase

    House Construction

    £1700 or £1200 for each house
    Entire settlements of mud-brick houses are reported to have been swept away, major bridges have collapsed. Click here for further details.

    Masjid Construction

    £11,450 or £5,700 for each Masjid
    Many Masjids have been destroyed in the floods. UWT is currently undertaking surveys to assess the damage and the reconstruction costs. C

    Provision of Clothing, Blankets & Kitchen Utensils

    £25 for Clothing or Utensils. £50 for Blankets.
    UWT will provide clothes and blankets to flood victims within the tent villages. As winter is fast approaching...Click here for further details.

    Hand Pumps

    £300 for a Hand Pump.
    Health experts said polluted water is the major cause of increase in numbers of deaths. Click here for further details.

    Phase 1 - Emergency Aid

    We are currently in Phase Two of the appeal, but you can still donate towards phase one as people are still in camps and in need of aid.


    Medical Camp

    £500 daily running cost

    Cooked Food Programme

    £1 per day per person

    Emergency Aid Pack


    Food package distribution (dry ration)


    The Prophet ( PBUH) said " Whomsoever makes himself available for his brothers need and establishes that need then this action is better for him than doing Itikaf for 10 years, and whosoever does Itikaf for 1 day seeking the pleasure of Allah (SWT), Allah (SWT) will make between him and the fire of hell 3 trenches further in distance than the sky and earth"

    (Tabarani Fil Awsat, Al Baihaqi, Al Hakim bil ikhtisar wa qaala sahihul isnad.)
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    Hand Pumps

    £600 for a Hand Pump and not £300 as written in the above post.
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    please let me have the exact details of the hand pumps you require and your email id.
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