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Discussion in 'Helpers' Corner' started by Rasmalai, Jul 15, 2011.

  1. Rasmalai

    Rasmalai Well-Known Member

    So... Postgraduate certificates in education. They seem to be all the rage and... well, I'd like to teach after I've finished my degree. I'm making du'a that King's College is the right choice for their PGCE in English for September 2012 entry.

    Can anyone who's gone down this route help me out with tips and stuff? I've only just learned that most places want teaching experience of some sort - like 2 weeks at a school. I'm hoping that if I send a work experience letter to my local school, I'll be able to work for 2 weeks there at the beginning of September, 2 weeks before university starts.

    Please help, was-salamu 'alaikum.
  2. abu 'eesa

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  3. Abu'l 'Eyse

    Abu'l 'Eyse Rep-manz

    Remember bro the bursaries for PGCE have all Changed and there are changes to proposed entry for the time when you looking to apply.
  4. Rasmalai

    Rasmalai Well-Known Member

    I know of the SAS and it's something I plan to do during my final year. The only problem is that the SAS in my uni doesn't seem to do anything for GCSE English...

    Also, is it true that if there's a separate qualification for teaching at A-levels standard!? :/ I've always wanted to teach English Language at A-level since it's much meatier and linguistics-based than the GCSE... but then I've heard from others that if you go to the Post16 path, you're not qualified to teach lower years. And I don't think the PGCE at King's deals with Post16 teaching.

    Hmm. Guess I gotta write out a work experience letter or visit my old school on Monday iA.

    And yes, I'm aware of the bursary amounts have changed, but given that my current degree is a BA and they don't really hold a candle in the UK without going postgrad, I'm somewhat compelled to apply for a PGCE and maybe finish off the MA in Education in part time while work... for what it's worth (PGCE is worth half a Masters) right?
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  5. Abu'l 'Eyse

    Abu'l 'Eyse Rep-manz

    Depends where u go but kings gives u 60 masters credits institute 90!

    But dbl check

    Once u get QTS you cab teach a level iA
  6. Rasmalai

    Rasmalai Well-Known Member

  7. Rasmalai

    Rasmalai Well-Known Member

    OK, I've just registered at the TDA. This... is strangely exciting! o.o
  8. Umm Waraqa Bluebell

    Umm Waraqa Bluebell kalimat al-ikhlaas

    I'm so excited for you too!!!!!

    How come you don't want to go into journalism though? For a guy, it's easier.
  9. Rasmalai

    Rasmalai Well-Known Member

    Journalism, in this country? HA!
  10. Abu'l 'Eyse

    Abu'l 'Eyse Rep-manz

    May Allah ta'ala make things easy for you! And may you impart benefit upon those whom you teach Ameen!
  11. Rasmalai

    Rasmalai Well-Known Member

    Ameen! Thank you for the du'a. :)
  12. Umm Waraqa Bluebell

    Umm Waraqa Bluebell kalimat al-ikhlaas

    Hmmm. You could get some experience here while you're still at uni and then go abroad.

    But OK, I see you have no interest. Teaching English A level sounds awesome too...genuinely pleased for you, not many brothers do that.

  13. Rasmalai

    Rasmalai Well-Known Member

    Well, I still am not sure if I can teach A-level with a regular PGCE. But I'll guess I'll find out when I contact the universities themselves and if there's only opportunities for GCSE, then I'm sticking to that.

    And it's not that I'm not interested in journalism. I wouldn't mind like contributing to newspapers (I know some brothers from Sabeel who have had the opportunity to do that) - but the whole system appears dodgy and corrupting.
  14. Abu'l 'Eyse

    Abu'l 'Eyse Rep-manz

    Bro 100% you can treach A-Level english with jus a PGCE in English, once you have a PGCE you can teach more or less anything if you have the competancy even without a degree in that topic, however some specialist topics may be out of reach
  15. *Jannah

    *Jannah Member

    im sure u must already know but just in case u dont...they changed it a lot this yr..u gota pay them to do this course..i think its 9k..thats y i cant do it
  16. ad-Duha

    ad-Duha Well-Known Member

    Teaching experience is everything, helps if you know a teacher either in your family or circle of friends and you need to utilise that to get yourself into a school or a variety of schools. Do as much as you possibly can and always take notes of your experiences at the end of the day; this will be useful for any potential interviews, you really need to communicate what you learned and how you helped facilitate learning.

    Sending a letter is a good way to go about it but you need to draft it carefully, what have you got to offer the school? Why should they let you come and join them? Its your work experience and you will gain from it much more than the school anyways, but see it from the schools persepective and make yourself an asset for them.

    In your application don't be afraid of mentioning any dual nationalities or alternative background, mention any languages you know regardless of what subject you're applying for, this can work heavily in your favour (which is nice for a change!).

    And generally, this is good since you're making yourself aware pretty early on, teaching is incredibly competitive, applying on time and getting early interviews is half the battle. What happens is that your application is sent to one University at a time only, this means that if you send it late and your first choice turns you down or interviews you then turns you down, all the places at your second choice may be gone by the time your application is sent to them, the later it is left the less chance you have of succeeding.

    Im just writing this stuff from memory from a few workshops I attended last month at a University, all about Teacher training, various routes and what not, I'll look at the material I got with that and add anything more relevant later if I have time.

    Browse the site, it has a lot of info:

    Training and Development Agency for Schools (TDA) - Home

    These are the only subjects that get funding now, the rest as you said are normal tuition fees rate I think.

    Wa-alaykum assalam
  17. Umm Waraqa Bluebell

    Umm Waraqa Bluebell kalimat al-ikhlaas

    lol ad duha, i read that before you deleted it!! Grrr...:)
  18. Umm Waraqa Bluebell

    Umm Waraqa Bluebell kalimat al-ikhlaas

    Start tutoring now. Even if it's just your cousins, you can stick it on your CV.
  19. Rasmalai

    Rasmalai Well-Known Member

    Well, I'm going to be visiting my local school on Monday to discuss work experience, so I'll hold off the letter till then. There's only three major schools in this city now since two of the new ones came from merging older schools. And jazak'Allaahu khayr for the advice ad-Duha.

    And *Jannah, I'm aware of that. Yes, the extra bursaries and stuff are nice, but English teachers don't really get much from the outset anyway judging by that updated list... khayr, I'm more worried about finding a career I'm set in, which insha'Allaah could be teaching.
  20. Indefinable

    Indefinable Umm Mujahid

    The brother above is correct, you can teach A-Level English as long as you have a PGCE. GCSE English is fun too. You need to see if it's the right career for you though, so definitely do the work experience and observe the classes, and be prepared for a lot of headache.

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