Poisoned Hearts - The First Deviant Sect

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    There will be a one day seminar taking place, please attend and spread the word...

    Title: Poisoned Hearts - The First Deviant Sect
    Venue: Green Lane Masjid, Small Heath, Birmingham, B9 5DB
    Date: Sunday 6th May
    Time: 1.45pm - 8.45pm

    Speakers: Sheikh Fahd al-Muqrin, Sheikh Fahd al-Fuhaid & Sheikh Faisal al-Jassim

    Watch the promo: AWESOME TRAILER: Poisoned Hearts - The First Deviant Sect - One Day Seminar - YouTube
    The seminar will also be streamed live: www.greenlanemasjid.org

    JazakAllah Khayr

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    This event took place yesterday, I'm trying to locate parts of the lectures to post them here but I don't think they are online anywhere.If anyone knows where they are please post or let me know and I will post them InshaAllah.

    Does anyone have any info on Fahd al-Fuhaid apart from the official list of credentials that's provided on the seminar pamphlets? Have any of the brothers met,spoken to, or even studied with him or anything?

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