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  1. One of the most saddening things constantly on my mind is 'Ali at-Tamimi and his case. Besides the sheer injustice of the whole thing, the dismal state of the da'wah scene in America makes one realize exactly how valuable Dr. 'Ali was in sustaining the presence of true Islam here. 'Ali would travel across the world to present and teach what others now charge big bucks for simply because this was his passion, and because Allah placed him on Earth as a source of benefit.

    Unfortunately, this source of benefit is now spending the rest of his life in an American prison cell (I ask Allah to change that), and as 'Umar Lee eloquently pointed out, "nobody gives a damn."
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    While his appeals process takes its course, our options are limited as to how we can help. First, the most powerful force is supplication. Second, we can find the ways to send financial assistance to his legal team. Third - and this is the more immediate relief that we can provide - we can send him letters to show our support and help relieve his distress. I won't list all the narrations about relieving your brother's distress.

    What I will say is that he is no ordinary prisoner.

    He is one of our scholars.

    He is someone we all knew of.

    He is someone who cared about us.

    He is someone we all benefited something from, whether in person or through a recording.

    He is the victim of perhaps the greatest injustice a Muslim in America has been afflicted with.

    He is in a position where a message from the outside world can turn a depressed mood into a happy one.

    Let's make this a nice, long thread.
  2. Indefinable

    Indefinable Umm Mujahid

    <TABLE cellSpacing=0 cellPadding=5 width="100%" border=0><TBODY><TR class=more><TD height=5>Background:
    Dr. Ali Al Timimi is an American of Iraqi heritage. He was born in 1963 and raised in the Washington DC area. He received his doctorate in computational biology on the topic of "Chaos and Complexity in Cancer” and holds undergraduate degrees in both Biology and Computer Science.

    Al-Timimi also studied religious studies at the Islamic University of Medina where he benefited from the great Islamic scholars of Medina. Due to his passion for reading and research, he progressed quickly in his studies and became one of the few Muslim experts in the US in the field of Islamic Theology and Philosophy.

    For over 15 years, al-Timimi has delivered hundreds of Islamic lectures and workshops locally and around the world. His CDs, tapes, and books are sold and freely distributed over the Internet to thousands of people.

    The FBI raided Al-Timimi’s house in March of 2003. The government mentioned him in the Paintball indictment as co-conspirator number one. As a result of the media attention, Al-Timimi lost his job and was not able to find another job. After a long waiting period, the government indicted him in September 2004, almost one and half years after they raided his house.

    In an 11-count indictment, part of a government case in which 11 men were charged in 2003 as part of a "Virginia jihad network”, prosecutors portray Al-Timimi, 40, as the person who induced or motivated young men from the local area to join the Taliban. Such motivation constitutes 'material support' under the current 'anti-terror' laws.

    Dr. Al-Timimi was not indicted as a conspirator. However, he is facing serious charges that carry life sentence.

    </TD></TR><TR class=front_news_list><TD height=5>Write to:
    Ali Al Timimi
    Letters can be emailed to:


    What's the address?

  3. Abul Hasan

    Abul Hasan Aim High.

    La ilaha illallaah...I almost finished my letter and then my firefox crashed and I've lost it all. Subhanallah, Allah had not decreed that I write to the Sheikh tonight, and inshallah I'll do so in the morning.
  4. murdiyyah

    murdiyyah [x]

    Always happens to me so I type in Word doc first. ukhtee Indefinable, i believe someone will take care of delivering it, we just post here.
  5. Indefinable

    Indefinable Umm Mujahid

    An address would be nice.
  6. ummafnaan

    ummafnaan New Member

    His last known address can be found in this thread:

    Dr. Ali al-Timimi 48054-083

    Alexandria Detention Center

    2001 Mill Road

    Alexandria, Virginia 22314
  7. Woes Over

    Woes Over ♥ Agent Seussberry ♥

    Excellent thread.

    Is it to be posted here and then delivered to the Shaykh?
  8. murdiyyah

    murdiyyah [x]

    Sorry I'm slow (I need it myself).

    Confused why Cageprisoners took it down.
  9. Captain Gora

    Captain Gora RefuteEverythingThatMoves

    I would like an email too. Not the public forum, if possible.
  10. I will be collecting what is posted here and sending them all together, إن شاء الله.

    PM your message to me, if you wish.
  11. سبحان الله, nobody has anything to say to him?
  12. Fadl

    Fadl Haaji_Abubakr

    I will insha Allah, I'll PM you late tonight but I would prefer more time. When are you sending the letter?
  13. When I see/receive a sufficient number of inspiring and thoughtful messages. For every twenty that are posted/received in my PM, they'll be printed out and sent, إن شاء الله.

    I've received exactly one (1) so far.

    If you do plan on posting something but are still in the process of writing, please make me aware so that I know to expect something from you.

    و جزاكم الله خيرا
  14. Woes Over

    Woes Over ♥ Agent Seussberry ♥

    I'm in the process of writing. I'm not going to deliver my excuses of why it's taken thus long but bear with me, insha'Allaah, while I try and formulate a coherent message.

    Baarak'Allaaho feekum.
  15. IbnShaykh

    IbnShaykh 'Mr Gangster Man'

    I will give you something Insha'allah however I just need the time to right something decent and not a load of cobblers.

    Jzak Allaahu khayra for the chance to do this.
  16. Definitely, if you want time to write something deep, that's excellent.

    Some tips:

    • Be positive; tell him to expect the best from Allah
    • Express to him what he means to you, and the impact he's had on the Muslim community
    • Give him examples of how people are thinking of him
    • Be natural and personal, and go above and beyond the basic reminder to be patient; give your own insight
  17. Umm Ahmed

    Umm Ahmed 2C oursels as ithers C us

    "To the one who hears our letter…we are the prisoners…we will stand against you all before Allah on the day of Judgement and we will say to Him…"These people, they knew the orders of your Prophet Muhammad (SAW) regarding freeing the prisoner, but they did not oblige nor did they take all the courses that could lead to our freedom".

    (Narrated by Sheikh Muhammad al-Habdan in his sermon "Who Will Stand Up for the Muslim Prisoners?")
  18. I just got some excellent, excellent letters through PM.

    Keep them coming, folks...this will be great, إن شاء الله.
  19. Woes Over

    Woes Over ♥ Agent Seussberry ♥

    And mine...


    as-Salaamu ‘alaykum ya Shaykh,

    I pray that you’re in the best of health and eemaan, insha’Allaah.

    I want to start off by reassuring you that we have not forgotten you nor our brothers and sisters in similar situations like you. You’re constantly in our du’aas Shaykh so if anything, please don’t forget that. And even if that wasn’t the case and the whole world had forgotten you then know that it wouldn’t matter an iota as long as Allaah azza wa jal remembers His servant and He is with you. There is none here who can compete with the Almighty’s regard in this.

    I always find it increasingly difficult to write words to anyone in your predicament thinking that what I have to say, they’ve already heard and especially so in this case. Why? Well, I’m thinking, what words could I say to a scholar such as yourself that you haven’t already come across before? I am however comforted with the words from Allaah ta’aala to remind for verily reminding benefits the believers [51:55]. So I’d like to remind you, dear Shaykh, with the words of constancy and being firm in your religion because this test you’re going through, though difficult, its rewards are mighty. And if you suffer now, can you imagine how much those who’ve lived a carefree and easy life will suffer seeing your rewards on the Day of Judgement and would want to suffer the same and more? It sounds strange but then again, these are the strangers. You are those Allaah azza wa jal has blessed because isn’t it true that if Our Lord loves a person, He will test them? So remain firm and rejoice for whose love would you want more than that of the Almighty’s? And this is the unique state of the believer that never a harm, touches them, whether it be emotional, physical, spiritual etc and the person remains patient, but it’s an expiation of sins for them. We’ll all be envious on the most important and significant day of our lives when we see those individuals who are without sin because they’ve endured their share of pain in this life.

    I want you to understand that your words still resonate and impact the lives of those who listen to them through the material recorded by you. I sincerely wish I was able to attend your lecture series on al-Ghurabaa which was held in the UK because I know that it would have been quite the experience for me and those I would have made sure accompanied me. Khayr, insha’Allaah. I’m just grateful it was recorded so I’m able to listen to your inspirational words now! Alhamdulillah.

    I want to finish off by leaving you with some words spoken by a wise person:

    “Trials and facing hardship is a divine sunnah of Allaah azza jal. Allaah subhanaho wa ta’aala has decreed that people face trials and their faith is tested. In fact, the Prophet (sallalalho alayhi wa sallam) tells us that the ones who are most tested are the Prophets, then those closely resembling the Prophets and then those resembling those people. So the more you resemble the prophets of Allaah, the more you’ll be tested for your faith… it’s important [therefore] that a person perseveres and remains constant upon the truth during these trials.”

    And a proverb: All good things come to those who wait.

    As for the wise person, well that would be you. I hope you benefit from them as much as everyone has and the proverb? Short and sweet; sums up my thoughts exactly.

    May Allaah releases you from your imprisonment swiftly and return you to us safely. May the Almighty make you happy and pleased with what He has decreed for you, whatever the circumstance, and keep you steadfast and firm upon the truth.

    Jazakum’Allaaho khayran

    was-Salaamu ‘alaykum

    From your sister in Islaam in the UK

    Umm Farooq
  20. I just received this message via PM:
    Keep this in mind for those who haven't yet written, and I will edit those already posted accordingly.

    Keep them coming.

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