Priest Tells UK Women: “Submit” to Husbands!

Discussion in 'Living Room' started by DhulQarNain, Feb 13, 2010.

  1. DhulQarNain

    DhulQarNain براهيم الامزيغي

  2. abuhannah

    abuhannah Well-Known Member

    the church needs more men like this,that aside Rector Angus MacLeay you ever thought about coming to Islam?....
  3. khilji

    khilji New Member

    This guy should be supported
  4. abu 'eesa

    abu 'eesa Custom User Title...

    Hmm... I wonder what the Christian version of al-Wala wal-Bara is...
  5. Invictus_88

    Invictus_88 Member

    Al-Wala wal-Bara?
  6. abu 'eesa

    abu 'eesa Custom User Title...

    Could translate as:

    Alliance and Amity, Disavowal and Enmity
  7. Abu Aziza

    Abu Aziza member

    not bothered!
    even if they allowed polygamy its still gonna be a false religion.
    its not a religion of Allah, its man made so they can change the rules when they feel like.
    i read some comments here that this guy should be supported, in what? worshipping 3 gods?
    we might as well support the shia, at least they have some islamic fiqh.
  8. khilji

    khilji New Member

    by suport him I mean with what he is going thru in his church as in waking up to some truths and recognising that there is a problem with decay in this society and try to find common ground with what Islam says and demonstrates how to solve those problems he is pointing out.

    Obviously in a million years they wont be solved unless they as a society recognise the oneness of God Almighty and shun others appointed as partners or equals to God, may be they should try start with the Bible were it says Jesus said God said Shall I tell you the highest commandment, it is that Thou shall not take for worship any other gods except for Me and Thou shall not bow down to any engraved immages whether on heavens nor the land nor bellow the waters, for I am a jealous God and ... i'll post wen i remember more
  9. khilji

    khilji New Member

    Na they probably will use their fiqh against us seeing their trend these days, as far as I know They are the closer enemy and maybe more if not equally worse.

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