Prison Diary Vol 1: Hell by Jeffrey Archer

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    Assalaamu Alaikum,
    I am currently reading Prison Diary Vol 1: Hell by Jeffrey Archer. It describes his 22 days in category AA in 2001 for perjury. I don't usually read non-deen books, unless they are non-fiction and have some benefit, due to lack of time. This book shows, to a certain extent, the conditions (e.g. 22 hr lock-up, strip searches etc) which our brothers in Cat AA have to endure.

    Of course, being Jeffrey Archer, many on the inside make his stay more comfortable, so he doesn't experience anywhere near the hardship which some brothers have, but it is still an interesting read.

    An extract can be read here:

    Accustomed to Krug champagne and dinner at Le Caprice, Jeffrey isn't able to eat the prison food, so rapidly loses weight. He says "One look at what was on offer for lunch and I returned upstairs with an empty plate"
    I reflected on the contrast in attitude between his ponciness and a cat AA detainee who had written to my children "Still, I can't complain. At least I have food on my plate"
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    Wa 'alaykum asalaam.

    Give us your insight once your done InshaAllaah.
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    Sheikh Abu Hamza Al Misri in poor health condition - Statement from his wife

    This is what just now was released on another forum
    it says:

    Mistreatment of shaikh Abu Hamza in Belmarsh prison

    Al-maqreze Center For Historical Studies has received a letter from the wife of Shaikh Abu Hamza, detailing the current mistreatment of shaikh Abu Hamza. We publish this letter as it is sent to us by his wife.

    The letter

    Dear Sir/Madam,

    I would like to bring to your attention the current plight of my husband Abu Hamza, currently imprisoned in Belmarsh UK.

    Last Tuesday he was taken from his cell without any prior notification to have an operation to amputate a further part of his arm. Firstly, I must say that the reason that his arm needed further amputation was because of the removal of his prostheses, resulting in him constantly putting pressure on the remainder of his fore limbs. As there is no soft furnishing in his cell, he has been suffering considerable pain and discomfort.

    After surgery, before he had even recovered from the anaesthetic he was returned to Belmarsh, only to be told he had to move from his cell to another one. He was so weak and unable to stand that he refused, resulting in him being put in solitary confinement. No post operative medical care has been given and the only contact he has had is when food is given to him.

    On Wednesday, Thursday and Friday (16th, 17th, 18th May) he had to attend court, despite his poor health. He was unable to contact us for 4 days and then his phone minutes were cut owing to the U.N. sanction restricting his financial allowance sent by me.

    My husband says that the racist bullying and islamophobia against him have intensified making his life very difficuly. As his wife and mother of his children, I urge you to look into his treatment and do all you can to ensure he is properly treated, medically, psycologically, and physically.

    Yours sincerely,
    Mrs Mostafa

    Al-maqreze Center urges all human right organisations to intervene to in end the unjust treatment of Shaikh Abu Hamza in Belmarsh prison. We fear that if nothing is done to end his mistreatment then his situation could worsen and he could even die in prison.

    Al-maqreze Center For Historical

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    I heard that Abu Hamza gets a ridiculous allowance like £1.50 a week to spend.
    What practical steps can we do with regards to incidents like the one quoted by waziri? The only Muslim voices heard are the last ones you want to be heard: the MCB and MAB. And they would run a mile from taking on the case of Abu Hamza. In fact it was MCB (Inayat) revelling in his arrest.

    You can read about the treatment of some of the brothers in Belmarsh here:
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    Hani al-Siba'i is quite a cool guy.
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    I dont know akh I got this from another forum and it was posted there by someone who got it from somewhere else and so on.


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