PZ Myers actually admits to the Qurans accuracy

Discussion in 'Science & The Quran' started by Umm Yassin, Sep 7, 2011.

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    Re: PZ Myers proves the Quran is correct

    [h=1]Holy Quran on Embryology! Dr Zakir Naik Part 1/2[/h]<iframe width="480" height="390" src="http://www.youtube.com/embed/TLEuuLj0GCI" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>
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    Re: PZ Myers proves the Quran is correct

    [h=1]Quran on Embryology - Professor Keith L. Moore[/h]<iframe width="480" height="390" src="http://www.youtube.com/embed/J_Dllu42eEA" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>
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    Re: PZ Myers proves the Quran is correct

    Embryology is the branch of science that studies the development of the embryo in the mother’s womb. Until very recently, embryologists assumed that the bones and muscles in an embryo developed at the same time. Yet, advanced microscopic research conducted by virtue of new technological developments has revealed that the revelation of the Qur’an is word for word correct.

    These observations at the microscopic level showed that the development inside the mother’s womb takes place in just the way it is described in these verses. First, the cartilage tissue of the embryo ossifies. Then, muscular cells that are selected from amongst the tissue around the bones come together and wrap around the bones.

    This event is described in a scientific publication titled Developing Human in the following words:

    he shape of the skeleton determines the general appearance of the embryo in the bones stage during the 7[SUP]th[/SUP] week; muscles do not develop at the same time but their development follows soon after. The muscles take their positions around the bones throughout the body and therefore clothe the bones. Thus, the muscles take their well known forms and structures. The stage of clothing with muscle occurs during the 8[SUP]th[/SUP] week.

    In short, developmental stages of man, as described in the Qur’an, are in perfect harmony with the findings of modern embryology.
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    Re: PZ Myers proves the Quran is correct

    Didn't get a chance to see the video yet, but I just wanted to be nitpicky and say the Qur'aan does not need to be proven as correct.

    It's the Kalaam of Allaah, of course it's correct. It stands on its own stead.

    Whether others disagree or contend is inconsequential. You only need to prove or disprove that which is doubtful.

    And we all know one of the first ayaat of the Qur'aan is: ذَلِكَ الْكِتَابُ لاَ رَيْبَ فِيهِ

    "This (Qur'an) is the Book wherein there is no doubt." [2:2]

    Nothin against the video, just wanted to have a go at the wording.
  6. Abu Tourab

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    Re: PZ Myers proves the Quran is correct

    ^that is the correct way in reflecting over these kind of topics. Here is the ayah which says that doing so is infact the just way:

    Allah bears witness, the angels and the people of knowledge that are just that there is none worthy of worship...

    Likewise, it is by upholding the principle of justice that we bear witness that this book is from Allah from above the 7 heavens and believe in all that is in it:

    It's not possible for falsehood to mix with the truth (Quran).
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    Re: PZ Myers proves the Quran is correct

    To Dr Meyers who claimed that what's mentioned in the Quran was taken from Aristoteles and others:

    Dr Moore's words:

    "The intensive studies of the Qur'an and Hadith in the last four years have revealed a system of classifying human embryos that is amazing since it was recorded in the seventh century A.D... the descriptions in the Qur'an cannot be based on scientific knowledge in the seventh century..."
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    Re: PZ Myers proves the Quran is correct

    Indeed the Qur'an does not need to be proven as correct, but the main difference between Muslims and Christians, Jews, and some others perhaps is that the non-Muslims believe blindly (especially Christians!), without knowledge, but we Muslims firstly acquire some knowledge, then believe. Why did Allah (swt) send so many proofs to i.e. Muhammad (saws), Musa (as) and his people, 'Isaa (as) and his people, etc.? So that they might take heed, so that they might start thinking and eventually start believing in their Lord (swt).
  9. Umm Yassin

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    Re: PZ Myers proves the Quran is correct

    Obviously I didn't mean anything like that, prolix and milksheikh... I just don't always know how to express things properly in English.
    The brother in the vid, discussing this matter with Dr Meyer gave him incorrect/incomplete information about the embr. stages as mentioned in the quran and this vid explains how the aya needs to be understood.

    Feel free to change the wordings of the title.

    BarakAllahu feekum.
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  10. الحصان الأسود

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    Re: PZ Myers supports that the Quran is correct

    There's no need to change the title, we Muslims know and accept the Qur'an is million % correct, but this is not how the non-Muslims think, so if they discover the Qur'an is correct then this is an independent proof for them.

    But if one really wants to change the title then it can be changed to ie. PZ Myers proves once again the Qur'an is correct.
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    Re: PZ Myers supports that the Quran is correct

    ^^ i suspect that this is aimed at the disbelievers. The ones that try to pick mistakes in the Qur'an. So yeah your write.

    The funnyist so called mistake i heard from some cross worshiper was "The Qur'an says to Merry to shake the trunk of the date tree!" then she says "have you seen the size of a trunk of a date tree? how this poor little girl going to shake it and she's pregnant? Besides every body knows there is no dates in December" LOL
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    Re: PZ Myers supports that the Quran is correct

    You're right, but that's not what I was saying really. The Qur'aan is a proof of itself, the Qur'aan proves itself as correct and doesnt need a human counterpart to do that job. Language wise, if someone proves something as correct, it means that it is something which does indeed need to be proven, due to it being doubtful, lacking credibility, or some other human quality which requires that sort of proof. But the Qur'aan is unconditionally true - even if PZ Meyers set out to disprove it, he could not do so. So in the sentence it simply felt like the changeable quality should not be the 'correct'ness of the Qur'aan, but rather simply that he himself agrees to it through his statements.

    Course not, wouldn't think that of you at all ukht.

    So I changed it, and was thinking it could maybe be stated as, "PZ Meyers actually proves that the Qur'an is correct" To show that the alteration was only in his opinion, but then didn't like the word 'prove' still so, made it "PZ Meyers supports that the Qur'an is correct"

    Not the smoothest title though, but in this case the only thing that can be changed is whether or not he supports this fact, but can in no way deny the fact itself. Allaahu A'lam, I'm open to other better title suggestions - please drop me a comment if anyone has one.
  13. الحصان الأسود

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    Re: PZ Myers supports that the Quran is correct

    For us Muslims every scientific evidence that supports the Qur'an should increase our Imaan and for the nonbelievers it should be a light in the tunnel, a path to the Truth. Once they have clear cut proofs that the Qur'an is the Truth, it is upon them to either accept it or not.

    We don't support blind following the 'Ulama, now how do we expect nonbelievers to trust us on everything we say without any proofs, to follow us blindly? Those who reverted to Islam must have had some proof Islam is the Truth?
  14. StopS

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    Re: PZ Myers supports that the Quran is correct

    What are people doing?

    The Koran is a religious book.
    It is there to provide spiritual guidance and to guide a believer to salvation and heaven.

    It is NOT a scientific textbook. It contains no useful science.
    All this "science in the Koran" stuff was invented by a guy called al Zindani, a Yemenite, who got sent away from Cairo and went to Jeddah, where he received a lot of money to promote a scientific Islam. He paid off a corrupt French doctor, Bucaille, and distributed his book.

    Then he organised some conferences for international academics and followed them around asking questions. Then he made a film of this and made it look as though the Koran actually contains scientific statements.

    He then persuaded a Canadian professor, Moore, to say something good about the Koran and took one edition of one of his books, removed the scientifically correct contents and replaced it with Islamic texts.

    And today, 40 years later, nobody has checked and found out this was just a big lie?
    Nobody has realised this is just a money scheme now?
    Nobody actually looks to see what reality is like and then compares it to those stupid claims?
    Nobody realises that these academics have admitted how they were tricked and misrepresented?

    Is the religious message in the Koran so weak that it needs the invention of a scientific message to strengthen it? Even if it is false?

    And if an embryologist today points out what the truth is, it is falsified and misinterpreted. Why do some people mislead other Muslims? Why do Muslims lie to Muslims?
    For what?

    I don't think it matters whether this embryologist is a believer or not. For me it is important that this is the truth.
  15. Umm Yassin

    Umm Yassin Umm Why

    You didn't watch the vid. Please leave my thread.
  16. ahmad10

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    Re: PZ Myers supports that the Quran is correct

    Hey there, Watson! Good Job refuting the argument.

    I don't need your idiotic conspiracy theory history lessons - and the fact that you can't even come close to denying the scientific miracles in the Qur'aan is proof of your lacking even basic substance on the issue.

    The Qur'aan is free from all errors, and the scientific miracles only help to show the magnificent nature of it; which none but Allah (swt) could have revealed.

    Except you, it seems! You see the problem with idiots like yourself? You have nothing to back up what you say...You can't refute the argument (forget the integrity of who said it) - and you cannot prove anything about the history which you claim to know. You think you're some ultra-investigator...and you've figured out secrets, etc. yet you fail to deduce even a single coherent conclusion from anything.

    What exactly did you prove by this post of yours, other than you're an ignorant blistering fool?

    We've got threads here on XBOX and stuff...Go indulge in that.

    Sorry, if my manners are not the best to you - but for some reason, replying to arrogant idiots brings out the worst in me.
  17. Ghazi al Mujahid

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    Re: PZ Myers supports that the Quran is correct

    You are the epitome of a failure

    Thus far you've barked a lot but have produced nothing of substance.

    And back to the thread, I could really care less of what this "PZ Myers" has said about the Qur'an. His opinions are of little value as he has never studied the Qur'an.

    Failures like this "StopS" have done nothing but bark their usual nonsense based on their google learned knowledge of the Qur'an and have still failed to substantiate their allegations.
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  18. Abu Osaama

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    Re: PZ Myers supports that the Quran is correct

    oooooo this zindani character seems very mysterious!


    We all know who sheikh zindani is he's a famous islamic scholar, and the only like was your post.
  19. Abu'l 'Eyse

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    Re: PZ Myers supports that the Quran is correct

    Cool story son!

    leave thread
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    Re: PZ Myers supports that the Quran is correct

    What argument? There is no argument.

    Prof Myers says the Koran is wrong and somehow this changes to "supports that the Quran is correct". Magic.

    Well, the truth can be tough at times.

    And no, it's not a conspiracy. It's what really happened. If you would do some research you could verify this yourself. Really!

    How do you know this?

    And please confirm something: do you really believe ALL the claims about "scientific miracles", or just some of them?

    Like e.g. that mountains have a function. Do you really and truly believe this?

    I count 10 question marks. A bit much for someone who tries to prove something, don't you think?

    If only - instead of insulting me - you would take the time to answer those questions.

    Sorry for calling you retarded, but I think you don't WANT the truth. You just want to be angry with non-Muslims, because they threaten your belief system and you don't want to know if it is true or not.
    But YOU are the one who is misleading others with your rhetorical nonsense.

    All LearnQuranicArabic is doing is re-translating a sentence that has been translated as "then" for centuries and all Arabic scholars. But suit yourself, if that is what you want to believe without knowing WHY you believe it, great.

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