Question Q: How to ensure that magic does not affect us in the first place?

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    People can often get harmed from magic, evil eye, curse, bad luck, possession by Jinns and ghosts, etc.

    But the first line of defense: How do we ensure that magics and evil eyes does not even affect us in the first place? What are the precautions? What are the mistake that people make?

    Thanks in advance.
  2. walaykum salam wa rahmatullah wabarakatuhu

    Never forget your moening and evening adhkar and miscellaneous adhkar. Like going to the bathroom dhikr and coming out of it etc. Buy Hisn ul Muslim and memorize the duas in it and practice them. The Shayateen from the Jinn hate it when someone does this and they are the first line of defence against sihr.

    Secondly, your nails that you cut off, pubic hair, your own hair, if you are a woman the menstrual blood etc. should be properly disposed off. Flush them down the toilet. Because the sahir loves to use these things and uses them in his sihr.

    And above all put your trust in Allah and constantly make dua to him to protect you from the evil eye and sihr. The evil eye is also a method by which jinn cause harm to the human.

    My two cents. May Allah protect us from sihr.
  3. al-suyuufi

    al-suyuufi Naql-head

    ^That, and of course Surah al-Falaq and al-Nas.
  4. Abu of 7

    Abu of 7 New Member

    Bro you've stated much more than a two cents worth.

    I remember we dealt with a case of Black Magic years ago where this brother was possessed by a Jinn via black magic.

    When the Jinn manifested itself during ruqiyah, he was asked why and how he came to possess the brother.

    The Jinn replied "I've been stalking him for over six months now, but he was guarding himself very well by reciting all the small duas; whilst entering his home, attending toilet, sleeping, eating etc etc... that there was no avenue left for me to enter, until the day the brother left home in a hurry forgetting he was still in a state of Janabah. This is when I got my chance and bang! entered him from his back"


  5. subhanAllah! jazakAllah khair for sharing ya akhi! Yes you are correct akhi. A shaykh narrated his friend's story and said that a Jinn possessed him and the Jinn would whip his back when he possessed his friend. The Shaykh, after performing ruqyah and gaining access to the Jinn asked the Jinn, why don't you possess me? He said, I have the utmost desire to possess you but I cannot for there is a huge wall between you and me. The Shaykh asked him what is this wall? He said it is because of the dhikr you make every morning and evening. And the Shaykh said what is that dhikr? The shaykh started saying au'odho bikalamiati taammati min sharri ma khalaq. And the Jinn went mad after hearing this and begged him to stop.

    Shows the importance of dhikr!
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  6. wurood

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    do you happen to know where one can find that dhikr in arabic and english translation?
  7. Here is the Arabic and the English on page 21 of the document.
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  8. Abu of 7

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    Yes akhi, without a doubt. Dikhr and adherence to the deen.

    I've lost count with the numerous ruqiyah cases brothers I know have dealt with over the years, and the only REAL resolution to the cases was when the afflicted person(s) remained steadfast on their deen, otherwise, all that resulted was the person becoming re-possessed after a short period of respite.

    This usually occurs when the afflicted person returns back to their old ways of Jahiliyah and drop their guard, i.e. listening to music indulging in haram activities and slacking in Salah etc.

    One case had this Jinn persuading a brother to keep an amethyst stone as a lucky charm to ward off bad luck, but Alhamdulilah the brother insisted that it is Allah that protects, and when the Jinn left he muttered "It is your 5 times bondage with your Lord which is surely protecting you from harm coming your way". Subhanallah! Let this be a lesson to all those who don't take salah seriously.
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  9. Mahmud200

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    Assalamu Alaikum.

    Some of the things I could think of=
    # Recite Suras Ikh-las, falaq, Naas in mornin and evening, before leaving house, etc.
    # Regular Salat
    # not staying impure for long;
    # Duas for going in and out of toilet
    # Saying Subhanallah, etc on seeing something wonderful
    # Carefully dispose cut-hairs, nails
    # not to go to haunted houses or deserted graves

    Some people follow these=
    # Stay inside home from sunset to sunrise (unless going out for Salat or work)
    # put a black dot on head (South Asia)
    # hanging chili and onion (South Asia)
  10. Layth

    Layth Abu Shawarma

    Black dot? Onions? This is surely not from Islam?!
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  11. starburn

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    Personally I've always found being convinced that magic is extremely unlikely to be real works quite well.
  12. Striving4Sunnah

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    You're quite funny
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  13. Abu of 7

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    That's because the devil has no concern with people who are already off the track, hence, he let's them be.
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  14. petal

    petal iPetal

    Black dot is to stop people putting evil eye on you because the good looking face is spoilt by a black spot/dot. Like a good looking person until they smile and reveal horrendous teeth.

    Onions and Chilllis are probably to do with taste and smell, or being able to cause stinging eyes - hence preventing the evil eye.


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