Question about a sentence in a book.

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    salam alaikum..
    I need some expert scholar, as i m reading a book on explanations of dreams and there are some words that are not clear, the book originally is in arabic and i understand arabic very well. the name of the book is :
    المرتبة العليا
    في تعبير الرؤيا
    i hope some one would help me in this regard.
  2. There are few words that you won't be able to find when using the combined knowledge of the Scholars of Linguistics in Islam. Have you tried searching for the words or variants of them in the various Arabic dictionaries like As-Sihaah, Taj al-Aruus, or Lisan ul-Arab...?

    If you've tried those and others like those already, then you're right, you made need an 'expert Scholar' to help you out.

    Post the sentences or words and some brothers and sisters here may be able to help In Sha Allah...

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