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Discussion in 'Identity, Activism and Unity' started by FOS, Nov 17, 2011.

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    Give me a few mins to read :)
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    A very interesting read indeed. I haven't read the Quran so don't know much about it but are there many statements like this that have eventually turned out to be false? I'm playing devils advocate here but could it be a case of some things he said are turning out to be true and some aren't?

    During my younger years i read the entire bible. Maybe I should do the same with your holy book...
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    Also it mentions the angel garbriel. Are Christianity and Islam similar up to a certain point? (Please excuse my ignorance). Do they believe in the same god but in a different way?
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    I watched a movie called "Dogma" years ago. It's a rubbish movie but it made me think. It says that regardless of what god you believe in there will always be a place in heaven (or your equivalent) as long as you lead a good life. In your religion, if I live a good and kind life but don't believe in Allah will I be eternally damned?
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    This scientific miracle from the Qur'an never ceases to amaze me - see; for the poor quality, my web design skills are poor.)In regard to your questions;1 - I'd strongly recommend you do read the Quran yourself and reflect on it. (see: )2 - God has given us guidance, and He expects we follow it - because that is for our own success. Many different ways do not lead to Paradise, just like many different ways do not lead to the same destination in this worldly life. You have to follow the guidance, its for your own goodness and happiness.
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    The link doesn't seem to work. Sorry
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    don't want to sidetrack the thread or anything but is there any significance to your name being "fire"?
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    I'm a fireman :)
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    In regards to embryology and the Quran, an Islamic organisation which is dedicated to informing non-muslims like yourself about Islam, is releasing a brand new research paper about it. It is quite detailed and surprisingly demonstrates how accurate the Quran actually is when it discusses the embryology. PM your email address and i'll send you a link to it if you'd like.

    However though, while you're waiting, i thought you would find this interesting. (click link below)
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    Muslims believe in the Torah and the Injeel (Gospel)
    These were sent from God
    however man tampered with them so Allah sent us the Quran and told us no one will ever change it, and it has remained unchanged for 1,432 years
    We believe in Jibriel (gabriel) and all the prophets

    Idris (Enoch)
    Nuh (Noah)
    Hud (Herber)
    Salih (Methusaleh)
    Lut (Lot)
    Ibrahim (Abraham)
    Ismail (Ishmail)
    Ishaq (Isaac)
    Yaqub (Jacob)
    Shu'aib (Jethro)
    Ayyub (Job)
    Dhulkifl (Ezekiel)
    Musa (Moses)
    Harun (Aaron)
    Dawud (David)
    Sulayman (Soloman)
    Ilias (Elias)
    Alyasa (Elisha)
    Yunus (Jonah)
    Zakaryah (Zachariah)
    Yahya (John the Baptist)
    Isa (Jesus)
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    I'll have a read of that link now. Thank you

    In the meantime, why does Allah want us to worship him? If he was around prior to humanity why did he feel the need to create us so that we could worship and obey him? It seems strange to me that an omnipotent, all powerful being would go to the trouble of creating humanity with all it's flaws only to judge them. Wouldn't it have been simpler for him to not have bothered? What does he get from the relationship? Does he need us?
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    Ok. So up until a point there was a common belief with Christianity?

    The modern Christian church has evolved a lot since the bible was created to take into account modern scientific thinking. Where as before a lot of people took the text literally, over the years it has been accepted that the stories/txt were more metaphors. Has the Quran had to evolve at all? Are there pieces that now seem doubtful in light of modern understanding?
  14. Striving4Sunnah

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    Nope the Quran is the complete and perfect guidance for mankind
    Nothing at all is doubtful about any information within it
    and if anything science is evolving around the quran
    proving what the quran has contained for over a thousand years
  15. Striving4Sunnah

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    Thats the beauty of Allah, his mercy
    he is so merciful he created uus to worship him and go to eternal paradise
    he created us for paradise

    your going to ask why didnt he just put us all in paradise then instead of here first..
    he did, adam was in paradise remember
    but he commited a sin so Allah put him into the duniya (this life)
    Allah does not need us, rather we need him
    Allah loves his slaves that worship him and loves to give, he is so merciful he even gives to those who curse him!
    he gives them health, money, children etc. even though they curse him
    and all because he is so merciful
    he tells us about himself that his mercy is more than his anger
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    This probably depends on a person's idea of what a 'good life' is. In Islam someone leads a good life by submitting to Allah swt, worshipping Him and believing in what He has revealed to us. This isn't to say that other values such as kindness, patience, etc, bare no importance - they do - but their only real value comes from if you believe in Allah.
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    I hope you do read the quran.

    How do you think the Prophet Muhammad (sallallahualayhi wassallam (peace be upon him)) knew that?

    Do you believe it was a guess?

    Religions, Islam has many of these miracles or knowledge pre-modern era, we can explain this by saying this knowledge is from Allah, and the other religions were also from Allah but the people changed the word of God but still contain some of these miracles.

    How would you explain it?
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    I honestly can't but I'm also not in a good position to make an informed decision. It certainly is a very compelling argument though.
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    Then what do you believe? We are here aren't we? How do you believe we got here?
  20. Fire

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    Once again I don't know. As it stands I look for a scientific explanation and just because we don't know why yet doesn't mean that we won't one day.

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