Qurratul Ayn in the Theological Limelight

Discussion in 'Islamic Theology and Ideology' started by Ismail Ibrahim, Apr 1, 2009.

  1. Ismail Ibrahim

    Ismail Ibrahim Formerly Harris Hammam

    I am currently investigating some anti-Hanbali corruption on IA. It is to do with a particular poster - a sister from SA.

    Qurratul ayn (not Quratul ayn, which is like Kuratul ayn = ball of the eye, or eyeball), if you are reading this, then it is good that I have your attention.

    Because I am a Hanafi, and because we are well-acquainted with Deobandism, maybe we can relate to one another.

    BTW, welcome to this forum (even though I joined way after you lol)

    The following is from this thread:

    I have not seen are more turbulent introduction for member than yours, apart from my own intro - my first "in Abuz Zubair's face" post on the Taqleed thread lol.

    So we started off pretty much the same - all the more for us to understand each other's mentality. Anyway:

    So I see you have already come with the pre-conceived notion that Deo Hanafis are on the truth.

    Feel free to slander anybody you want.

    Oh so Deobandis are full of respect then!? Let us get a first hand insight into the fabulous standards of respect Deos have. This is from your dear Marifah forums when they were "writing off their Hasanaat" for yours truly and S. Albani:

    QA, this is the first post of a series of posts directed at you. From what I am seeing, there is no Qurrah for the Sunnah in your posts at all.

    BTW, where were you in the Deobandi thread? Very strange that you could have missed that...

    Also, one thing you need to know about me is that nothing registers with me besides academic content, not emotional outbursts. If you have been reading my posts, you would know that.

    Before I get into the thick of things, let me throw YOU into the thick of things:

    1. What is your opinion on the DHB?...

    I think this question alone should be enough for now.

    Waiting for you to prove me wrong, QA. This thread is serious, not a joke QA. Step up and prove me and the Hanaabilah wrong, please. Educate us out of our ignorance - we are all eyes and ears. Grab your chance.

  2. Ismail Ibrahim

    Ismail Ibrahim Formerly Harris Hammam

    Regarding Hayaati and Mamaati, this is what you said:
    Remember QA, you said this AFTER the fact that you expressed your profound hatred for people to refute Hanafi Deobandis. But why would you defend something you are not even aware of?

    Anyway, in hindsight, what are you conclusions on this issue, QA?

    Is the Prophet living Hayaat Dunywaiyyah after death, or is he living Hayaat Barzakhiyyah?

  3. Ismail Ibrahim

    Ismail Ibrahim Formerly Harris Hammam

    Can I assume that it is forums and forums only where you get all your ammunition from?

    Rest assured, knowledge gained on forums without a good background of Islamic knowledge gained in the traditional way can be sniffed out in no time. All confusion stems from not having a good traditional background.

    Faqir and Abdurrahman bin Yusuf Manghera (a person whom I refuted on the Deobandi thread with extensive detail) have good relations, and I know that the latter is a true Deobandi scholar. Conclusion is that Faqir is a Deobandi too.

    A sign of a fake Mufti is that he engages the masses in Ilm al-Kalam. In the UK, he came and AIRED on the radio that Allah is in no place.

    An over-generalisation without justification.

    Nice try, but your tactics shall be scrutinised here.
  4. abu hafs

    abu hafs Anti-Shirk

    Its only a 19 year old who copy pastes , don't waste your time
  5. Wild Wild West

    Wild Wild West لا تعتذر اليوم

    Thanks to br HH, so many issues that were festering have been given their due attention. May Allah reward him greatly.
  6. Shaybani

    Shaybani السلفي الاثري

    Agree. She is a keen kid. May Allah help her and us
  7. Ismail Ibrahim

    Ismail Ibrahim Formerly Harris Hammam

    She is a Darul Uloom sister becoming a Molwan.

    Molwan is female of Maulana.

    This is her golden chance for her to refute us. This is not wasting time. She has all the ammunition she needs - Sunniforum & Marifah. She can take back our refutations on her and her sorority there and investigate so that she can overpower us with her knowledge. If she thinks she can outsmart the Hanaabilah, this is the thread where she can prove so.

    BTW, I don't give two monkeys about the fact that she is a female and that she is a teenager. She threw herself intothedeepend (which reminds me: where are you, Intoodeep? - I am still waiting for you for an authentic narration for Jesus being buried next to the Prophet), so she should be honoured that the full theological force of the Hanaabilah is being presented to her so that it can be crushed - once and for all (a bit like me and the 269 thread).

    Where are you, Qurrah? Drag me back into Deobandism. At this rate, I and everyone else here are heading straight to Devil's Den of the Hereafter without your fabulous life-saving input. Please inform us of how you would respond to our doubts. No references, no links, no copying, no pasting. I want YOU personally to confront us and pull us out from our Hanbalism into what you claim you are defending. I am sure you are defending what you are on the back of serious knowledge and a fantastic awareness of material and evidences used by both sides of the fence.

    I have one lesson for you though, Qurrah: If you can't beat us, join us. Let me repeat for you what I said on another thread. Maybe you can adress the issues raised here:
  8. Quratul ayn

    Quratul ayn New Member

    Assalamu alaykum, brother Harris, whats up, dude? I read your posts, Masha Allah. May Allah Ta'ala guide you.
  9. Ismail Ibrahim

    Ismail Ibrahim Formerly Harris Hammam

    OMG! Are you Mustajaabah al-Du'aa!?

    Please give more Duas for this forum. Try and be as specific as possible when making Dua please, so that we may amen at your blessed and good Duas.
  10. Ismail Ibrahim

    Ismail Ibrahim Formerly Harris Hammam

    1) What about Ibn Arabi? He was outside the four schools. What is your opinion on him? And do you love Ibn Taymiyyah the same way you love Ibn Arabi? Deobandism instructs you to do so.

    2) Do you do Taqleed of Hanafi law or of Mufti Taqi's non-Hanafi positions in Islamic finance?

    3) Are the dumb Hanbalis astray when they signal to the sky to show that they are slaughtering in the Name of He who is in the heaven, before slaughter?

    4) Ibn Rushd preferred the opinion of non-Wali in Nikah like the Hanafis - whose Taqleed did he not do, tell us.

    5) The billions of laymen Muslims do not have a Mathab as specified in the books of Usool. Educate yourself and google العامي لا مذهب له.
  11. Ismail Ibrahim

    Ismail Ibrahim Formerly Harris Hammam

    Which is in line with the DU Deoband fatwa, although not in line with the mentality of your boys in Marifah and many members in SF. You guys don't even know what your position is regarding the Hanaabilah. See the Deo thread for more details.

    Wrong. Many of those refuting Deos have personal experience of them as they were ex-Deobandis. As for ex-Hanbalis on SF and Marifah, you won't find any at all that are worthy of mentioning.

    The net is your source. What you need is a background and by rubbing your knees to soundknowledge before engaging yourself in polemics, unless if you wanna throw yourself intothedeepend then so be it, as our job is to refute Bid'ah no matter where it comes from.

    This is the place to do it.

    Dalaa'il - that's what like. Come on then and educate us!
  12. Ismail Ibrahim

    Ismail Ibrahim Formerly Harris Hammam

    Ibn Baz wrote the intro to Kandehlawi's beard book. What else?

    Did the beard book contain statements of the Fuqahaa or was it about Wahdatul Wujood?

    Ibn Baz also made Tahqeeq of Ibn Hajar's Fathul Bari.

    So what is your point?
  13. Ismail Ibrahim

    Ismail Ibrahim Formerly Harris Hammam

    Tell Mr Saleem the following (opinions of the scholars about the nature of Taqleed for laymen - see especially no. 9 - although a weaker opinion according to me, but the fact that it is there shows that Mr Saleem is all at sea):

    أصحها في الرافعي أنه يتخير ويعمل بقول من شاء منهما
    1. Has a choice and does not have to do Ijtihad at all
    و الثاني يأخذ بالأغلظ
    2. Must take the most cautious/toughest op
    الثالث يأخذ بالأيسر والأخف
    3. Must take the easiest op
    الرابع يجب عليه تقليد أعلمهما عنده
    4. Must do Taqlid of the most knowledgeable
    الخامس يأخذ بقول الأول
    5. Must do Taqlid of the first Mufti he asked
    السادس يأخذ بقول من يبني على الأثر دون الرأي
    6. Must do Taqlid of the Hadith scholar, not the Ra'y scholar (sounds like Hanbali v. Hanafi, probably why Hanafis are upset even discussing this topic!)
    سابعا إنه الأولى أنه يجتهد في قول من يأخذ منهما
    7. Must do Ijtihad in which op to take (without having to ask for evidence)
    ثامنا وهو التفصيل بين ما في حق الله تعالى وبين حق عباده فإن كان فيما بينه وبين الله
    تعالى أخذ بأيسرهما وما كان في حقوق العباد فبأثقلهما
    8. Must take easiest in Allah's rights, but the cautious/toughest in human's rights
    تاسعا أنه إن اتسع عقله للفهم فعليه أن يسأل المختلفين عن حجتهما فيأخذ بأرجح الحجتين عنده وإن قصر عن ذلك أخذ بقول المعتبر عنده
    9. Must ask for evidence and then do Ijtihad if he can, or else he takes the opinion of the most reliable Mufti according to him
    عاشر وهو الأخذ بقولهما إن أمكن الجمع
    10. Must reconcile between the two ops if he can.
  14. Abu Treika

    Abu Treika Magoo

    Youseff al Khattab - stop with the silly tags please
  15. Ismail Ibrahim

    Ismail Ibrahim Formerly Harris Hammam

  16. Quratul ayn

    Quratul ayn New Member

    Okay let us start, but please dont be arrogant. In the Hambali madhab is it allowed to wipe on thin socks during wudhu?
  17. Ismail Ibrahim

    Ismail Ibrahim Formerly Harris Hammam

    1. I am not a Hanbali. I am a Hanafi. I thought you knew that.

    2. I may just be right in saying that it is not allowed in Hanbali law, but I might be wrong.

    3. You have conveniently dodged all the previous issues I have raised here - many of which are major or have a theological dimension. You have just managed to bring up this one Fiqhi issue. Remember, arguing over Fiqh does not eradicate false manaahij.

    4. For your info, I do not do Mash on thin socks, nor am I of that opinion.

    5. Please do not ask me not to be arrogant. Ask me to be polite or soft in my choice of words. I shall oblige.

    Shukran, Qurrah. I still have loads more of your threads to go through.

    HH. Out
  18. Ismail Ibrahim

    Ismail Ibrahim Formerly Harris Hammam

    So when it comes to promissory notes of exchange in Islamic Finance, do you do Taqleed of Abu Hanifah or Mufti Taqi?
  19. Quratul ayn

    Quratul ayn New Member

    What makes you ass'u'me so much that I ff Mufti Taqi. I am a girl, what do I have to do with finance. Get a life, dude!!!
  20. Al-Hanbali

    Al-Hanbali <A HREF="showthread.php?t=70991"></A>

    I love this sexist answer against yourself. I guess since "you're a girl" you shouldn't be worried about issues like taqleed and madhaahib?

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