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Discussion in 'Islamic Law' started by Salsabil, Jul 24, 2011.

  1. Salsabil

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    assalamu aleykum

    Sometimes, some brothers who are ahlil sunna, raise their finger when taking pictures, or at the end of their talks in videos, and say "Allahu Akbar". I think, that by raising their index finger they signify that There is no deity worthy of worship except One Allah, or that Allah is Above. It has become a kind of habit for them. Is there any basis for doing this, and is there anything wrong with doing it?

    Jazak Allahu khair in advance.
  2. junaid123

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    Jabir ibn Abdullah said, “The Messenger of Allah (صلى الله عليه وسلم) said in his speech on the day of Arafah, ‘Did I convey (the message)?’ They said, ‘Yes.’ While raising his finger to the sky and then pointing at them, he said, ‘O my Lord, be a witness.’” [Muslim]
  3. learn arabic

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    even if the prophet pbuh dident do it, would it be considered a bidah?

    you are testifying to the oneness and power of Allah when you do that.
  4. الحصان الأسود

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    Actually, there are many acts some folks out there consider to be Bid'ah. I've heard that not working on Friday (i.e. having a free day like in the countries of the Gulf) is Bid'ah.
  5. learn arabic

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    that dosent interfere with the deen though, so i doubt that its a bidah.

    if anything it makes practicing the deen easier.
  6. الحصان الأسود

    الحصان الأسود Oudh Burnerrrr

    I know, I also never considered that to be Bid'ah, I was just shocked when I heard it...
  7. LiveIslam

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    Gotta love the brothers regardless. They look so at peace and beautiful. May Allah raise u's with the ones we love. Amin
  8. JustAnotherAnas

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    But wouldn't these people consider the photo as bidah? So before discussing the finger with them they would say bidah?
  9. learn arabic

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    i dunno. i cant read peoples minds.
  10. al-suyuufi

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    Maybe the idea that you shouldn't work on Friday because it's Friday, is innovated. Because this comes from Ahl Kitab who believe that Allah "rested" (subhanAllah) on Sunday/Saturday (depending on the religion) so they themselves discourage working. Hence weekend in the West being what it is. But the Sahaba worked before and after Jum'ah salah, which is why the Ayaat in Surah Jum'ah were revealed to make sure you stop working when you hear the Adhaan, etc.

    However the weekend itself in the Gulf includes Friday, so even if a person acknowledges that working on Friday is okay, there's nothing he can do about it since everything's closed anyway.
  11. الحصان الأسود

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    Well, I will never ever considered that non-working Fridays are Bid'ah. The times were different then. Also, my medical condition does not really allow me to work 24/7, 365/265. I can only invite a Mufti to be my guest on Friday after Jumaa and rest with me because before Jumaa I'm usually sleeping. Some people work to get mo' money in their pockets. I, on the other hand, prefer to get some rest too as if I start working 7 days per week, I'll be done in a few years...

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