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Discussion in 'Islam in General' started by Riaz77, Jul 8, 2012.

  1. Riaz77

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    Does anybody here ever do any serious real world Islamic activism or is everyone a keyboard warrior?
  2. abuhannah

    abuhannah Well-Known Member

    Always thinking well of your fellow Muslims,nice one..
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  3. abumuwahid

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    Sure, everytime we take a break from our keyboards and step out to go to the shops in our islamic appearance for some popcorn and soda. [sarcasm]
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  4. خالد

    خالد New Member

    Salaam Aleikum.

    answers your question:

    Ramadan 1433 & 'Eid al-Fitr 1433 Card & Letter Campaign

    You are the only one. Don't worry. You have no opposition...
  5. Riaz77

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    Activities I'm involved in include:

    1. A home education activist for over 10 years.

    2. Producing and delivering leaflets locally about Islam.

    3. Trying (with great difficulty) to establish a community group to cut past the corruption of the masjid committee that provides useful services and activities for Muslims.

    4. In the process of setting up a civil liberties campaign group against Section 58 of the Terrorism Act.

    5. In the process of finding like minded people to start a movement to promote Islamic politics and economics.
  6. خالد

    خالد New Member

    Does all of your activism grant you the right to put your brothers and sisters down?
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  7. abuhannah

    abuhannah Well-Known Member

    Salamolaikom wr wb,

    Sincere advice to forum member's,don't be putting all you do on the net or via pm's,emails etc,people do take notes to use against you/''expose'' you on Facebook,other forums etc.Not mentioning anyone but certain groups and angry,hate filled individuals amongst the Muslims are well known for this type of ''friendly'' spying..If you don't think they want you harmed,locked up etc,then think again as there are way to many cases to cite..

    Will also add,in terms of your deeds then be wary of riyah i.e showing of and also know that the left hand should not know what the right hand is giving in charity,its between you and Allah,no one else needs to know..Keep that hasanat mashAllah..
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  8. Umm DJ-N

    Umm DJ-N Patience

    so humble mashAllah

    I hope no-one takes your lead and lists down their good deeds. Leave that job to the angels appointed to do that.
  9. Nusaybah

    Nusaybah نسيبة بنت كعب

    I'm sure there are many people here who does great things and do not wish to show off or seek praise for it. It's best to keep it between u n Allah.
  10. Tuwaylib

    Tuwaylib Anti-Defeatist

    Stupid thread with such a pretentious opening post. May our secret deeds be more than the public ones. Ameen.
  11. Riaz77

    Riaz77 <A HREF="showthread.php?t=70991"></A>

    I don't know where you are coming from. All I was interested in knowing is whether you are involved in any activism or do you treat Islam from an introverted perspective like Salaat and reading.

    I'm of the opinion that the post 9/11 atmosphere of paranoia has forced a high proportion of the Muslim community to retreat into their shells and keep Islam very personal compared to back in 1990s when there seemed to be more activism and campaigning taking place.
  12. abuhannah

    abuhannah Well-Known Member

    Id say 7/7 impacted way more,sure did in London..When every second brother you talk to has either had his front door put in or been door stepped by the feds or worse incarcerated on trumped up charges,then I say we have every right to be paranoid..Bosnia was in my lifetime as it was yours,don't think what came to them,cant come to us and our loved ones..

    Only in this week they have raided 9 homes,1 business also and have taken 12 brothers and 2 sisters,these are the ones we know of,what about the ones that don't reach the news.Be under no illusion there is a war going on around us that happy clappy politik cant fix as its not about politics..
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  13. Riaz77

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    Can we fight back against the establishment or do we have to accept that the battle has been completely lost? My experience of things is that too many Muslims are not even making any attempt to counter injustice from the establishment. They are behaving just like hundreds of third class passengers on the Titanic that made absolutely no attempt to save themselves but instead huddled together in a room and prayed until the ship finally sank.

    When I say activism I'm not talking only about heavyweight antiestablishment politics. It also includes things like community recreational activities or educational services.
  14. خالد

    خالد New Member

    Are you kidding me? If that's what you wanted to know, why didn't you ask that in the OP? Do you consider that Muslims who are only interested in Salah and Ilm are "keyboard warriors?" If no, why did you ask in your OP, "is everyone [here] a keyboard warrior?"
  15. abuhannah

    abuhannah Well-Known Member

    I'm a keyboard warrior..
  16. Layth

    Layth Abu Shawarma

    Do you want your reward from the IA community or from Allah? No need to list your good deeds and risk having them count for nothing on the Day of Judgement.

    Unless of course you're trying to inspire others to do good, but there are safer ways of doing that without risking your hasanaat.
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  17. BrotherEesa

    BrotherEesa New Member

    "If You Want To Gather Honey, Don't Kick Over The Beehive" - Dale Carnegie
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  18. abuhannah

    abuhannah Well-Known Member

    "You Sir are class in a glass" - Alan Partridge..
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  19. Riaz77

    Riaz77 <A HREF="showthread.php?t=70991"></A>

    Islam is an active religion. It isn't like modern day Christianity where you go to church on a Sunday then spend the rest of the week at work, with the family, or in leisurely pursuits. I'm inspired by the Islamic golden age which was built on a platform of real world activism. An example of this is that Muslim doctors were amongst the finest in the world and many of the techniques they used on patients would be regarded as conventional medicine today. In stark contrast, Christian Europe was built on a platform of faith and hope where relatives would pray for sick people rather than attempt to cure them using medical procedures.

    The responses I have received so far seem to reflect my experiences in the real world - although there appears to have been a bit of a misunderstanding at the outset. Apathy rules amongst Muslims. Only a tiny handful appears to do anything other than read their salaat at the masjid, work, spend time with the family, study secular subjects, or play cricket. Engaging in any forms of activism just isn't something they want to do. Neither do they want to be influential forces either at home or abroad. The reason I used keyboard warriors is because past experience has revealed that a high proportion of regular users of radical or antiestablishment political forums are just that - they post endless articles and engage in lengthy discussions which consumes hours and hours of their time but they rarely do anything practical in the real world. I was wondering if a similar situation held true for IA. Some of the most active Muslims in the real world that I have encountered are not regular internet users. I met an older brother on jamaat who said he still produces leaflets for his community on a mechanical typewriter!

    I probably spend more time associating with non-Muslims than I do with Muslims. Why is this the case? Because I can more easily hold intelligent discussions about topical or technical subjects than I can with Muslims. More often than not when I try to discuss the same subjects with Muslims then they are either beyond the capacity or they simply don't want to know. I'm not saying that I get on well with all non-Muslims. Those I tend to get on the best with are middle class, politically centre right, above average intelligence, and have shared interests. I don't get on very well with liberals or the lower classes. These non-Muslims tend to also be get up and go type people who are inclined to engage in activism of one form or another. They want to be the movers and shakers of society.

    My closest masjid is quite large but the only activities it offers is the Tablighi Jamaat, which in my opinion verges on fiddling whilst Rome burns. Slightly further afield is the UKIM masjid. This seems to be more dynamic but tends to focus on popular youth type activities. I have not been able to get over the array of activities offered by a Hindu welfare association. They include legal advice; a local business forum; GCSE and A Level tutoring; advice on universities and further education courses; a selection of sports and outdoor pursuits for youngsters; property investment related services; computer repairs and IT work. So much that dare I say there are even Muslims who use it simply because their own communities have nothing comparable. There wasn't anything of a political nature because Hinduism isn't a politicised religion and neither do most Hindus feel that they have to campaign for much. I did enquire about this.

    I have wondered whether Muslims are averse to engaging in real world activities is primarily down to the lack of Muslim leaders. No leadership = no activity.
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  20. Umm DJ-N

    Umm DJ-N Patience

    Brother, your post was factually incorrect on many levels which I'm sure other members will address.

    I'll point out one though:

    Since when isn't hinduism "politicised". Perhaps we can have a "intelligent technical discussion" on this although I would say I am working class through and through so might not be as well bred as the non-muslims who usually discuss with you.

    As I was saying, I wish that you research the oppression meted out to muslims in India* and you'll see hinduism is sick, twisted and very much politicised.

    *India which has a muslim population larger than all other countries except Indonesia and Pakistan.

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