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Discussion in 'Islamic Theology and Ideology' started by Abu_Zahid, Oct 10, 2007.

  1. Abu_Zahid

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    I require a refutation of Tahir Ul-Qadri please, if anyone could post up a link I would be grateful..

    If there aren't any available then it would be good if some of our well-versed brothers who are also familiar with his works could just point out some things and refute his general message and what he is about..

    JazaakAllah khair.
  2. Daniel

    Daniel TAFKA BM

    Well, I don't know about a refutation, as I don't know what his aqidah is, but I do know he is a crony of the Musharraf regime. He was the only major Pakistani religious figure to come out and openly attack Usama bin Laden and the Taliban government in Afghanistan and blamed them, instead of the murderous American military, for the deaths of Afghan civilians. He is an enabler of American imperialism and Musharraf's tyranny.
  3. kamran

    kamran Active Member

    Assalam o alaikum,

    He is an extreme Barelvi with major Shiah leanings. His speeches during Muharram would put to shame some of the biggest extremists among the Rawafidh.

    What he has done for his sect is that he has tried to provide what you can call a 'philosophical' grounds. He is a prolific writer but very people abroad would know that it is common in Pakistan for scholars to make their students write/translate books under their supervision and then release them with their name. So there is no need to get shocked when you see his mind-boggling list of publications. Quantity, and not quality, is a major criterion in his case; you could expect him to come up with a 5,000 page commentary of Surah al-Fatihah. I do not know if he has done that but he can do that. He has translated 'himself' all major Sufi works like Ibn Arabi's stuff.

    He was refuted by some folks when he started off. However, over the last few years, serious people of knowledge, regardless of their background, have come to realise that he is a joker and nothing more. Hence, no mainstream scholars, including Barelvis (who are gonners anyway), respect him.

    His jokes are common (I have never seen him 'live' physically other than on the TV).

    Two three years back, he claimed that those who shook hands with him would be guaranteed Paradise and this he based on some Hadith one of the narrators of which happened to be a Jinn.

    Similarly, he once went silent in the middle of a public address. A while later, he started off again and told the crowd that Nabi SWS had come to talk to him. Moments later he went silent again and then upon resumption told the crowd that Nabi SWS did not have the cash to travel and needed some from him. Audhubillah!

    During his election campaign in 2002, he contested from numerous constituencies but lost on all except one. He incidentally managed to win a seat. A friend who lives there and has Jamaat Islami background, came to visit me. So as per my traditional hospitality, I made fun of him bugging him about Tahirul Qadri's success. He said, "He had to win! There were some Christian colonies in our area and they all voted for him. He went to them and begged them to vote for him on grounds that "I am Qadri for them (Muslims) and Paadri (Christian priest) for you (Christians)".

    That does not matter for people have always referred to him as Tahirul Paadri (Christian Priest).

    Even simpletons joke about him!

  4. Abu_Zahid

    Abu_Zahid New Member


    Can you provide references for any of these stories? I need to provide them to someone who has apparently not come across his ridiculous statements, and so thinks he is amazing.
  5. kamran

    kamran Active Member

    Man there are no 'references'. As I told you, serious scholars, even Bravo ones, consider him a joker. So they hardly keep track of him. I mean you only refute those who are serious enough to be refuted.

    I mean he 'himself' assumed the title of Sheikh ul Islam.

    You find loads of jokes: There is another Bravo cult called the Green Turbans. I mean they are 'called' "Green Turbans" because white Shalwar Qameez, green turbans, a miswak stick stuck in the shirt, shiny shoulder-length well-oiled hair and lots of cheap perfume form their uniform. Those guys and Tahirul Qadri cult do something amazing every year:

    Whenever the last days of Ramadan arrive, you find notices everywhere:

    "Masnoon Ijtimaa'i I'tikaaf" (Masnoon Congregational I'itkaaf) ..

    They better generalise it: "Masnoon Bid'ah".

    Tahirul Qadri is a very good orator by the way and can mislead folks whose basics are weak. He relies a lot of emotional narratives and stories and peppers his statements with references which convinces the simpleton that he is an 'authentic, research-oriented guy'.

  6. abu hafs

    abu hafs Anti-Shirk

    search the forums , there is a photo of the padri with a christmas cake and a fellow padri the name of peace and what not.
  7. y-mughal

    y-mughal Muslim

  8. Abu_Zahid

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  9. green musallah

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  10. qadri

    qadri Atharist

    please don't speak bad about shaykh al-islam and muhadith Tahir ul Qadri. He has recieved ijazas from the likes of Sayyid Muhammad Alawi al-Maliki of Makkah. He is Doctor (Dr.) and Professor Tahir ul Qadri and is promoted by people with dubious scholarship (like Faqir & Co.)

    Forgot to mention that Shaykh al-Islam Tahir al-Qadri has been declared kaafir (apostate) by his own Maturidi Barelwi Brethren.
  11. Saiful Rahman Al Afghany

    Saiful Rahman Al Afghany أودعكم بدمعات العيون

    Are there any strong refutations of tahir qadri available in the english language?
  12. kamran

    kamran Active Member

    Don't know about English but here is one in Urdu.
  13. Saiful Rahman Al Afghany

    Saiful Rahman Al Afghany أودعكم بدمعات العيون

    Barak Allaah feek akhee! I don't understand urdu. Can you give me a short summary of what is being discussed in that PDF?
  14. Saiful Rahman Al Afghany

    Saiful Rahman Al Afghany أودعكم بدمعات العيون

  15. nonameyet

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    this is their "shaykh ul islam"...rofl
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  16. Saiful Rahman Al Afghany

    Saiful Rahman Al Afghany أودعكم بدمعات العيون

    The video is not available ...
  17. Sharif

    Sharif Transient Traveler

    It is so easy these days to tell who is upon haqq, and who is upon baatil.

    The distinction between truth and falsehood is clear...
  18. Wild Wild West

    Wild Wild West لا تعتذر اليوم

    Someone needs to have a word with those RIS people.
  19. heart4allah

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    Merry Christmas by none other Than SHiekh Ul Batil Tahir Qadri... Or More suiting Nasjisul Badri


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