Question Regarding Wazifah and Tasbih

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    Hey what is the position of Wazifahs in Islam? Like repeating Allah's name 50 or 100 times for example:

    Ya Ladeef
    Ya Wadud again and again for like 100 or more times

    I from the bottom of my heart, think that it is not correct, I say that Saying Allah's name Once BUT With Faith is much better than repeating his name without any faith or concertration. I mean, just think about it, I come to my mom and say this:

    O Mom O Mom O Mom O Mom Im hungry

    dont you think It'd be better If I went like:

    O Mom please give me something to eat, please

    Or What I approve is Prasing Allah, like: Alhamdullilah or Subhanallah or AllahuAkbar, because these actually make sense.

    My Faith is that I may give examples to Allah of his names like:

    O Allah, you are Rahaman, so please have mercy on me, you are the Guider, please guide me, you are the Ghaffar, please forgive me

    Cause Dua's like that actually make sense, rather than:

    Ya Allah YaAllah Ya Allah Ya Allah Ya Allah Ya Allah Ya Ghaffar Ya Ghaffar Ya Ghaffar Ya Ghaffar Ya Rahaman etc.

    I just dont think it has any place in Islam. If Im wrong, please correct me, but with PROOFS, Thanks in advace and I apologiz if anything I said Offended you, I've written this in a polite way so please dont get angry at me, as Im just a student myself

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