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  1. Ibn Adam

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    Al-Salamu 'alaykum,

    Requests to gain access to the Brothers and Sisters Section can be made here for brothers and here for sisters. They will only be agreed to if you have met all of the following criteria.

    (1) You have made at least 100 posts for brothers; 50 for sisters.

    (2) You are agreeing to keep the contents there private and take responsibility for protecting access to your account (i.e. logging out when you're not using it). If someone else uses your account (such as a spouse, a sibling or the next person after you in the internet cafe) to access the section, you will be held responsible for this and your access will be revoked.

    (3) You have found an existing member of the section who is prepared to vouch for you. When vouching for someone, you are vouching that a) You know this person in some capacity in real life and that you know they are male/female. You've met before, you've spoken on the phone, you speak on Skype video cams, etc. Not that you remember seeing this person's username on a different forum or that you are Facebook friends; b) You know this person to be "brotherly"/"sisterly" in their conduct and behaviour, and not someone who will cause trouble in the section.​

    Note: All requests are processed on a case-by-case basis. No notification or acknowledgement will be provided if entry into the gender-specific sections is either granted or rejected.
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