Return of the Hijab

Discussion in 'Family Life' started by Expergefactionist, Jul 23, 2012.

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    Let this be a lesson for all those who believe that compromise is a must in order to get somewhere.
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    mashaAllah tabarkAllah, such a good idea!
  4. abumuwahid

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    ^ They should broadcast international news so that more sisters can benefit and also maybe set up a separate channel with male presenters only.
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  5. Striving4Sunnah

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    Yes inshaAllah, and to inspire more sisters to wear niqab, often I hear sisters saying 'niqab would prevent me from work etc etc.' But it doesn't at all alhamdulillah, its Allah who gives risq ie. a job, and these sisters are an example of that
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    Amazing mashallah. Great news in this blessed month
  7. Pagana

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    Where in the Koran says that women have to wear niqab? I think that chapter is not in my edition.
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    Islam Question and Answer - Do women have to wear niqaab?
  9. Prolix

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    There's only one edition of the Qur'an. Chances are, you only have an interpretation, which may have variances, but the Qur'an is the same.

    Why do you ask?
  10. Perseveranze

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    Asalaamu Alaikum,

  11. خالد

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    Have you never heard of ahadith and Fiqh?
  12. Pagana

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    Qur'an is clear on all issues, is the divine book, the rest is written by men, for me only the Qur'an has first and last word. No word is needed to clarify by men. Not even mentioned the Sunna, or the veneration of Muhammad who alone is mentioned 4 times. Quran says ŷalābīb. This strict interpretation is attached to the customs of different societies, in which the body is covered by tradition to a greater or lesser degree. Is not Islamic, you must know this.
  13. justabro

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    You don't understand the Arabic language, otherwise you would be aware that there is considerable dispute as to whether or not the Qur'anic verses on veiling apply to the face or not.
  14. خالد

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    The Qu'ran was (literally) written down by men too.

    But you're not a Muslim... Yet. Anyway this belief is Quranist. Beware.

    So you can just take any ayah and interpret it with no help from men?

    Some scholars say otherwise. Are you a scholar?
  15. Pagana

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    Right, I'm not Muslim but I know about Islam more than many Muslims.

    It is supposed divine book revealed to the prophet. The sunna is clearly human. There is a debate on the cover the face, never was, that is modern.
    Burqa, chador, niqab, and other forms of head covering of some women in the Muslim world are not the "Islamic veil". In fact this concept simply does not exist in the Koran. Nowhere in the sacred book of Muslims are required or even encouraged, to cover his head, much less carry a full veil that covers their entire body including the face.

    Of the eight occurrences of the term hijab "veil" in the Qur'an refers to any garment that conceals the hair. In these verses the meaning of hijab is "curtain" separating physical spaces, public and private.
    The only references the Koran to the mode of dress are as follows: "O Children of Adam! We have given clothes to coat and clothing is like an ornament. But the clothing of righteousness is better. "(Qur'an 7:26), although the object of controversy is the number (24: 31):" ... And tell the believing women to lower their gaze and to save their chastity, and not to show off its attractions, but what which of them is apparent, therefore, that cover the neck with the khimar. "Sura that if on one hand calls for them to cover their breasts, and not his head, on the other, should do so, not with hijab, but with khimar was common headdress of women in the Arabian peninsula and that exposed her breasts.

    On another occasion asked to dress in "yilaba" (A long shawl and large) as a sign of distinction. "! Prophet! Tell your wives and your daughters and the women of the believers to draw the yilaba. Is best for them to be distinguished and not molested. Qur'an, 33:59.

    This is the only truth, everything else involved manipulations of men. The reality is very stubborn. Some Muslims are inventing New-Islam their own way.
    And again, the Qur'an does not mention anywhere the sunna, If clarification is so important should have.

    And I think the bad in any case, is in which think is wrong seeing the face of another human, even if a woman.
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  16. خالد

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    Is the Sunnah a "manipulation of men?" Yes or no?
  17. Pagana

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    Yes, absolutely. And the Koran says, will come a time that the mosques are full but there are no believers in them.
    There are many things that pass through Muslim and not are, hijab, niqab, male not mentioned in Koran, are false popular beliefs commonly accepted.
    Respect cultural traditions of each, but do not try to sell something cultural, popular, as something Islamic. In the Name of this many atrocities committed in many countries ؟Muslims?
    As Muslims you think, in a given culture, will not accept some uncomfortable truths. I think my opinion is free of these false truths recorded in the collective unconscious. I read the Koran with a virgin "islamic" mind.
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  18. abu hafs

    abu hafs Anti-Shirk

    here is your ultimate test . Find this for us in the Qur'an since you know better than most Muslims
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  19. خالد

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    That's all 100% Quranism. I think this forum is more appropriate for your ideas:

    Free Minds

    But bear in mind that Quranists are outside the fold of Islaam.
  20. خالد

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    I love it when anti-hadithers use ahadith to back themselves up. They don't know what they're talking about.

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