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Discussion in 'Global Affairs' started by Yousef al Khattab, Oct 4, 2008.

  1. Yousef al Khattab

    Yousef al Khattab <A HREF="showpost.php?p=136821"></A>

    Asalam 3leikoum wr wb,

    For the direct link please CLICK HERE and insh'Allah if you enjoy it please join us for our Halaqa online Sunday Oct. 5th Halaqa info can be found by CLICKING HERE insha'Allah

    Hayakoum Allah
  2. Abu Ma'mar

    Abu Ma'mar New Member

    Brother you need to fear Allah and stop representing muslims like this.

    The last interview br Younis did was totally embarrassing. The presenter had to ask him the same question like 5 times and he still couldn't get it.

    If your going to represent muslims then at the very least study up on the topics that the show is going to be touching upon.

    Learning the proper way to make arguments wouldn't hurt either.
  3. Yousef al Khattab

    Yousef al Khattab <A HREF="showpost.php?p=136821"></A>

    Jazak Allah Khair,

    Brother Younes is a Masters level in Columbia University in World Markets and holds a degree in Political Science alhumdulilah. The last interview was questions were repeated because he was on a cell phone. Here is the link to the video you are speaking of. We will continue on insha'Allah like it or not insha'Allah.

  4. Abu Ma'mar

    Abu Ma'mar New Member

    I couldn't care less what he is. If he is going on these shows then let him study the islamic point of view for what he is arguing for and learn how to discuss things in a proper way.

    yh well you were warned.
  5. Yousef al Khattab

    Yousef al Khattab <A HREF="showpost.php?p=136821"></A>

    If you could careless why would you warn us? We respect your opinion, in fact tell us about your qualifications to give this naseeha. We do care about you.

    P.S. Warned by who??
  6. Yousef al Khattab

    Yousef al Khattab <A HREF="showpost.php?p=136821"></A>

    Maaaaaaaaaaaashallah! It Was Awesome!!!!!
  7. abu_ibrahim

    abu_ibrahim Wahabist

    Tell us your qualifications for you to give interviews on TV as if you are some kind of representive?
  8. Yousef al Khattab

    Yousef al Khattab <A HREF="showpost.php?p=136821"></A>

    My sincerity.
  9. Why don't you enlighten me on the "proper way to make arguments"... Perhaps you will put your money where your mouth is and suggest a topic and we can see how you do live and in person. Let us sit and talk about whatever topic you want and we will discuss our platform in lieu of Islam and you can discuss yours. Put your money where your mouth is. I will be on tomorrow 1:00PM Eastern Standard Time... Log on Brother, we'll talk there. I will continue representing Muslims like this, inshallah until death do us part from the dunya, when we engage in actual resistance and rip down the reigns of power by understanding the nature of this dunya and rebelling against the dominant kaffir class then, me thinks, we truly emulate the salaf.

    You think they want to hear ayaat and hadith initially or is there more hikmah in 1) coming to common terms and speaking a language they can understand and 2) refuting them with argumentation in ways that are better. What methodology would you advise??? Do you want me to call the Zionist enemies of Islam to La ilaha il Allah with scripture when they denounce the very concept of creation or do you want me to defend the history of Islam and the nature of this war against it in the violent nature the enemy knows best? They said the same thing to Malcolm (and we ask that Allah grant him the jennah firdaus for not listening to them).

    The problem is that your interpretation of reality and Islam is so reductionist and silly you emulate the very nature of the problem in this ummah. The dajjal will come and you would say that is not the way we treat him by chopping off his head, first we must arbitrate and sit down and talk with him and then you would join his army. Our walaa and baraa is clear, subhanallah you are a conformist who has been inundated with lies, May Allah enlighten you... See you tomorrow inshallah, but probably not. I'll check back here for the topic of your choosing and we can talk about it face to face. Or if you prefer to conversate in private we can do that too. I am open to listen to you. Obviously you are expert what with your criticism, perhaps other members of your cult on this site can come too? You see we don't fear the blame of the blamers, we call their bluffs. See you tomorrow big mouth...

    I suppose we should all fear Allah (SWT) now shouldn't we???
  10. عامر

    عامر New Member

    Ma shaa Allah that is good but it does not automatically mean he has the skills to verbally articulate himself in a professional manner. I have met oddball characters who have masters in various disciplines but by no means did attaining those qualifications elevate them in other aspects of their life, abilities or personality.
  11. عامر

    عامر New Member

    Ouch. How many years did it take you to gain your secular qualifications? I'd say 3 years for under-grad studies and perhaps 1-2 years doing masters, let me assume 5 years to be safe. Brother, you need to spend the same if not more amount of time properly studying Islam, you can not be an expert in Islam just because the first few radical things you read brainwashed you. If someone asked you how to give somebody an organ transplant and you were not a medical expert then your answer should be "I do not know" - likewise you are not any kind of an expert when it comes to Islam, which is clear with what you say in your interviews and how you respond to people. You do not need to become an expert in Islam but you need to have proper knowledge, gained through traditional means via a qualified teacher. And please, please PLEASE try to fix your Arabic.
  12. MuhamedAbdullah

    MuhamedAbdullah New Member

    This is true, but the programme showed that he does have these skills. At a time when there is so much propaganda being thrown at Islam it is a positive thing that Muslims speak back in whatever way they can and I think the brothers at Revolution Muslim must be congratulated for the excellent job they have been doing.
  13. Yousef al Khattab

    Yousef al Khattab <A HREF="showpost.php?p=136821"></A>

    السلام عليكم ورحمة الله وبركاته

    أنا عبدالرحمن وانا الأن أدرس في مدارس الإمام مالك للتعليم الشرعي العتيق وانا الأن في السنة الثالثة ولغتي الأم هي اللغة العربية وأعرف الأخ يونس معرفة شخصية وعلمه في قواعد اللغة العربية ممتازة وكل ما يحتاجه العيش في الدول العربية لسنتين تقريبا وسيتكلم كأي شخص عربي
  14. Brother, you need to spend the same if not more amount of time properly studying Islam, you can not be an expert in Islam just because the first few radical things you read brainwashed you."

    Actually I have read multiple views of Islam and find the truth clear from falsehood. I do not claim to be an expert and I am working on my Arabic thank you for the concern. I study secular knowledge knowing that as a convert I have no chance to become a shaikh, but I study Islam just as much wallahi!!! And expect to help make this deen conquer all the kaffir rulers and dominate over all others inshallah, what else would I be studying for??? I could care less about my degrees, but the same stands to you as does anybody else on this site, talk to us and debate us or correct us with evidence. I am an open minded individual. Most of the people here are really mean. Do not merely throw your insults at Revolution Muslim's efforts because you are all also self-professed students of deen and "salafis". Every Muslim speaks for Islam whenever they speak and all of us are daees as soon as we claim shahada. I am no expert and neither is anyone here. Hamza Yusef considers him self on the path of the salaf also... Yousef perhaps posted my degrees to show that I am qualified to speak and I don't know where you find my views on Islam incorrect but if you do why not bring evidence against what I have said so as to correct me in the proper way of Islam. I don't think we do anything to be seen, but we do have the ability to go a long way toward formulating realistic policies that may give the Muslims solutions to their contemporary ills. The way of the salaf was not to sit and argue over aqeedah. It was action and they made plenty of mistakes along the way, but they were given victory because they believed in Allah and strove with their wealth and lives. Striving with your life, ooohh!!! Talib-Al-Ilm, is not staying in the masjid, eventually you must take it to the streets and suffer in its way. I'm sure you've read the evidence for that, so why insult us? Why not help us and support us in our efforts. Please post what I have said that is innovation or misleading or incorrect. I would like to make tauba from it inshallah...
  15. Abu Ma'mar

    Abu Ma'mar New Member

    lol, is this a joke?
  16. Yousef al Khattab

    Yousef al Khattab <A HREF="showpost.php?p=136821"></A>

    What kind of joke is that? Do you understand what it says?
  17. عامر

    عامر New Member

    و عليكم السلام أخي، حفظك الله، هل تستطيع أن تعلم الأخ يونس العربية أكثر من مجرد معرفة القواعد حيث يعمل أخطاء كثيرة حين يحاول أن يتكلم بالعربية. لو سمعت كيف يقرأ خطبة الحاجة لعرفت ماذا أقصد... بارك الله فيك
  18. عامر

    عامر New Member

    Please ask your 3rd grade son to translate my response and pass it on to brother younas.
    Last edited: Oct 5, 2008
  19. Abu Ma'mar

    Abu Ma'mar New Member

    You crazy person.

    You are a 40yr old Jew in NYC called Yousef! how can you tell the brother that you are a 3rd grader called Abdul-Rahman who's mother language is Arabic?
  20. Yousef al Khattab

    Yousef al Khattab <A HREF="showpost.php?p=136821"></A>

    My son is not in 3rd grade he is in his 3rd year of Islamic studies alhumdulilah. We don't live in the USA and when I was in the USA last year working my son came and spent time with Brother Younes.

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