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  1. Expergefactionist

    Expergefactionist hmmm... Staff Member

    Please note that these rules have now been replaced with an updated version, please see here:


    Rules and Policies
    (Last updated 9th March 2013)

    A. General Behaviour applicable to threads, posts, signatures and avatars

    1. Adhere to correct Islamic Adab (etiquette) while discussing or debating issues.

    2. Abuse of the forums in any way will result in an immediate ban.

    3. You are not allowed multiple usernames. If found guilty of such, all your usernames will be banned.

    4. Do not post anything that may incriminate you for ‘glorifying’ or ‘inciting terrorism’. This is clarified as follows:
    i. Links to Jihad videos and other such sites will be removed. As a rule, you may discuss theoretical aspects in theological terms without specifying place or time.

    ii. Celebration or glorification of troop/resistance fighter deaths or troop/resistance fighters' successes will be removed. While posting news articles or engaging in frank discussion is welcome, language that may be viewed as celebratory should be avoided.

    iii. Incitement, advocacy or suggestion of activities illegal under UK law will all be removed. (As of 23/08/2009)

    5. This is not a matrimonial message board; any member found using the forums for soliciting marriage in any way, publicly or via PMs will receive an immediate ban.

    6. Duplicate posts are not allowed. If duplications are found, all such posts found in the less appropriate forums/threads will be removed.

    7. Try not to flood the board by pasting long articles, and instead write your arguments yourself. Excessive copying and pasting of long articles without a good reason may lead to deletion of your posts.

    8. Do not post your home addresses or telephone numbers for your own security.

    9. Submit your posts under appropriate forums/threads. The moderators have the right to move your post to an appropriate section.

    10. Any thread or post that is simply a link will be a candidate for immediate deletion. Include a small description or excerpt from the link.

    11. Vulgar language, insinuations, insults or even mildly bad language will not be tolerated. Using asterisks in place of the word is also not allowed except when quoting a third person.

    12. Personal information about a third person is not yours to post.

    13. Off topic and pointless posts are subject to deletion.

    14. A thread may be deleted upon request by the starter of the thread, however, it still rests on the discretion of the Moderators. Only rare exceptions will be granted, so please think before you post.

    15. This is an English language forum and we reserve the right to delete posts written in other languages.

    16. Do not quote the entire previous post to add 1 small sentence.

    17. Pirated software is not welcome here.

    18. Posts perceived by forum staff to be entrapping or baiting forum participants into making legally compromising statements, whether intentionally or unintentionally, will be moderated and the poster may be banned.

    19. Think twice before you register and make any posts. We do not delete accounts or accept ban requests. The easiest option is to log off and never come back.

    20. The forums' administrators will not allow the forums to be used as a primary platform to disseminate highly controversial political material (such as latest al-Qaeda, IRA, Tamil Tiger news, etc). Users are, however, still allowed to post such non-incriminating material, so long as it is linked to its primary source. (As of 06/01/2008)

    21. Signatures should be no more than 6 lines of small-sized fonts; less lines when using larger fonts (line spacings are included). Signatures over this length will be automatically clipped by the forum settings. (As of 09/07/2008)

    22. There's a fine line between coming here and engaging in an open debate about your religious/philosophical/sect's position and just blindly promoting/spreading your beliefs with an indifference to dissenting voices. When we think you've crossed it you'll receive a ban. (As of 30/05/10)

    23. Any thread or post which we deem too graphic, violent or adult in nature will be removed at the discretion of the admin team. (As of 28/02/11)

    24. Islamic Awakening reserves the right to delete adverts about (or signature links to) events, speakers or organisations deemed to teaching/promoting Islamically problematic concepts and subject matter. (As of 15/06/11)

    25. Access to the Brothers' and Sisters' Sections is considered a trust. Forum users granted access are expected to uphold this trust by not sharing the content with others outside of the section as well as protecting their account from being used by others to view it. Any account discovered to have breached this trust will be considered negligent, lose access to the area and may also receive a punitive ban at our discretion. Members found to have accessed these private areas without right will be given a permanent ban. (As of 19/06/11)

    26. Users repeatedly posting essentially the same theme, topic, argument or continuously referring the reader to a particular website in their activity are liable to have their posts combined into a single thread or deleted. (As of 18/08/11)

    27. Failing or refusing to cooperate/communicate with Moderators when required to do so may result in a discretionary ban. (As of 07/10/11)

    28. Repeatedly trolling threads to derail them into discussions on your pet cause/peeve will result in a discretionary ban. (As of 10/03/13)

    B. Gender Relations (GR)

    1. Smiling or winking emoticons directed at the opposite gender are not allowed.

    2. LOLing directly at the opposite gender's posts is not allowed.

    3. Joking with the opposite gender is not allowed.

    4. Excessively praising the opposite gender is not allowed.

    5. Flattering the opposite gender is not allowed.

    6. Declaring your love (for the sake of Allah) to the opposite gender is not allowed.

    7. Friend requests should not be made to the opposite gender; this is considered free-mixing and will be moderated.

    The moderators may innocently overlook some violations as they may fall into some themselves. We are not perfect, so please be patient with us and point out the oversight tactfully.

    C. Privacy Policy

    Just so we are not accused of spying on fellow Muslims, the list is the following of what is not private (to the mods/admins):

    • IP Addresses
    • Email Addresses
    • Reputation Comments
    • Deleted Posts
    • Poll Votes
    • Your Who's Online status (even if you have chosen to browse invisibly)
    • Deleted visitor messages
    • Private profiles
    • Private Groups
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  2. Expergefactionist

    Expergefactionist hmmm... Staff Member

    ... and of course, we're all free to discuss/object to these rules, or even suggest other needed rules.
  3. ibnmyatt

    ibnmyatt Talib

    Assalamu Alaikum

    I have a question in relation to the rule 4:
    While I understand the reasoning behind this - and the sensible wording in relation to incriminating ourselves - how is this rule to be applied? Does it mean that posts which *may* offend the kuffar in this respect or which *may* be in contravention of their unjust man-made fallible laws will be removed by the Admins, or does it mean that we will have to be careful not to offend the kuffar and their laws in this respect?

    Surely this means that we have to accept, in some measure, the kaffir concept of *terrorism* and their definition as to what this pejorative concept of theirs means? [I will not start a debate here about *terrorism and Islam* - I have made my view concerning this matter clear in several articles!]
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  4. Expergefactionist

    Expergefactionist hmmm... Staff Member

    Well, if our aim was to please the creation then there wouldn't be any point in adhering to Islam.

    Islam has been offensive to all Kuffar at all times and all places, so nothing new here.

    What we are specifically talking about here is that which will get a person incriminated. We don't want to see our good brothers and sisters locked up behind bars where they could be of better use to Islam and Muslims outside.

    The 'terrorism' (closed within quotes) refers to their understanding of terrorism, irrespective of whether we agree or disagree. It does not mean we have conceded to their definition. All it means is that we are trying to breath as much as we can in the current British-Blarite totalitarian-facist climate :)

    So if you criticise the laws, Blair, their policies, etc etc, is all allowed.

    What will be edited/deleted is things like:
    7/7 on its way! Europe you'll pay! If you get my drift :)

    The rule is, just try to save yourself from Blair's dungeons (and see how long you can last :eek:)
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  5. abu falafel

    abu falafel New Member

    I think this shud apply to both genders.

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  6. Expergefactionist

    Expergefactionist hmmm... Staff Member

    It does apply to both genders as it states...

    many of the rules are simply copied and pasted from IN (hope sas doesn't mind!)

    But the credit is due where its due. The line you're lol'ing at as actually sas's
  7. Abu Faaris As-Sumalee

    Abu Faaris As-Sumalee هذا الطريق فأين الرجال؟

    Salam wa 'alaykum

    Why do you need to know the ip ?.

    I thought the reason people delete posts is because they might have said somthing that wasnt appropriate or somthing that they regret, so why do the admins get to see them?.

    what does "Reputation Comments" mean

    "poll votes" what possible need is there for that?.
  8. Aburafay

    Aburafay New Member

    Assalamo AlaIkum!

    In many Forums, the source for a quote is essential, so that the readers may be aware of its credibility. A member (can't recollect the name) stated to be a woman, and from Lebanon, has quoted some stuff on Jews being to blame. The whole post practically is a quote, which also violates rules of other forums as the benefit of a discussion forum is lost when you copy/paste and do not say anything yourself.

  9. gag order

    gag order Anti-Troll

    what is meant by the term 'reputation comment' and a 'referral'
  10. Umm Ahmed

    Umm Ahmed 2C oursels as ithers C us

    Reputation comments , I dont think thats activated.
    A referral is when a new member is registering and fills in the referral box "fulan" , thats then transfered to "fulan's account.

    If you go to my profile
    You will see Referrals: 2.
  11. talibat al ilm

    talibat al ilm New Member

    Assalamualaikum w rahmatullahi w barakatuhu

    All praise and thanks belong to Allah, we seek his aid assistance, and we seek His forgiveness, and we seek refuge with Him from the evils of our ownselves.
    Whomsoeever Allah guides none can misguide, and whomsoever Allah misguides, none can lead him aright.

    To Proceed...

    Inshallah you are in the best of health and imaan.

    May Allah reward you abundantly, please can you make one of the conditions, as the hadeeth:

    'he who blieves in Allah and the Last day should speak good or remain silent' [Bukhari]

    Unfortunately many of our brothers and sisters are not applicating this to our lives - speech mainly, allah knows best to our actions.

    Much of the topics are unbeneficially - 'e.g.- the weight of scholars with beards'. May Allah protect us from evil speech. Amin

    Also akhi, how do i unsubscribe myself

    Jazakallah kyr

    wassalamu aiakum w rhmatullah w barakatuhu
  12. Fajr

    Fajr ذكرى للعابدين

    Wa `alaykumusalaam wa rahmatullaah

    Jazaakillaahu khayran

    Your post has been taken into consideration, although I have to say that there is much benefit in these forums and plenty of discussions from which you can take knowledge from. But we're always working on making these forums better and encouraging healthy discussions

    Did you mean deleting your account from the forums? If so, we'll have to consider it then let you know inshaa'Allaah.
  13. talibat al ilm

    talibat al ilm New Member

    Assalamualiakum w rahtmatullahi w barakatuhu,

    Na'am, i did mean deleting my account from the forums.

    Masha'allah much khyr can be found in it, but most of the unbeneficial speech can lead to haraam i.s. backbiting, freemixing etc

    The Sahabi Hasan al basri (radiallahu anhu) said:
    'I swear by Allah backbiting is swifter in consuming the religion of a Muslin than a gangrenous infection is in consuming the body'

    and the salaf ka'ab al-ahbar (rahimahullah) said:
    'bakbiting nullifies a person's good deeds'

    and Ma'roof al-Kirakhee (rahimahullah), another one of the salaf said:

    'A person speaking about unnecessary things is (indication) from Allah abandoning him'

    As the hadeeth goes:

    On the authority of Aboo `Abdullah an-Nu`maan the son of Basheer , who said: I head the Messenger od Allah say:
    That which is lawful is plain and that which is unlawful is plain and between the two of them are doubtful matters about which not many people know. Thus he who avoids doubtful matters clears himself in trgard to his religion and his honour, but he who falls into doubtful matters falls into that which is unlawful, like the shepherd who pastures around a sanctuary, all but grazing therein. Truly every king has a sanctuary, and truly Allah's sanctuary is His prohibitions. truly in the body there is a morsel of flesh, which, if it be whole, all the body is whole, and which, if it is diseased, all of it is diseased. truly, it is the heart.

    [al-Bukhaari and Muslim]​

    Amongst the benefit of this hadeeth are:

    • That those things which are Haraam are clear and need clear evidence.
    • That one should not involve himself with doubtful matters.
    • That one who does doubtful things may well be doing what is Haraam.
    • That one can be said to be justifiably leading a good religious life when one has stayed clear of doubtful matters.
    • That Allah is the King; The King of kings.
    • That the sanctuary of Allah which we must not enter is all those things which He has made Haraam for us. Thus we must know what is Haraam and definitely avoid them.
    • That doing the doubtful or what is forbidden adversely affects the heart.

    Jazakallah khyr
  14. Umm Ahmed

    Umm Ahmed 2C oursels as ithers C us

    Wa 'alaykumusalaam.

    I have not seen freemixing on this forum , although we are not from the angels who do not fall into sin.
    If you feel that you might fall into any of what you mentioned in your post above , I feel it would be best if you logged off.
    JazakAllaahukhairan for your input.
  15. talibat al ilm

    talibat al ilm New Member


    Sister i did not mean to cause you any offence. I apologise if you took it as such. Yes we are not angels, but that fact should not stop us from avoiding haraam and the doubtful. Indeed the Believing women and the believing men are protectors of one another. The Prophet salallahu alaihi w salam said:

    'If you see an evil you should change it with your hands, if you cannot, then you should change it with your tongue, and if you cannot, then you should abhore it in your heart, and that is the weakest part of faith'

    If a muslim wants to avoid the doubtful, he is protecting his religion and honour, we shouldn't try to make him feel bad about it.

    If your soul purpose in this forum is to enjoin the good and forbid the evil and be a means of giving dawah May Allah aid and assist you in doing so, and protect you from the evil.

    Jazakallah khyr for your advice, inshallah i will take it, and log off.

    Wassalamualaikum w rahmatullah
  16. Expergefactionist

    Expergefactionist hmmm... Staff Member

    The purpose of this forum is to let people speak their minds and express their views without being censured, precisely so that those who deem these views wrong can object.

    This is why we do not delete posts that may sometimes even be insulting, because a bigger insult could be to delete or edit someone's post. I for one rather be insulted openly and publicly than my posts being deleted or edited.

    There are also issues which you may find trivial and waste of time, and others may feel really strongly about and vice versa. The key here is not to censure those discussion just because one person deems it useless, or harmful. This too, is very subjective.

    The duty of a Muslim should be to openly and directly challenge the evil and promote good, and not abandon anyone they something objectionable in them.

    As the Prophet - SallAllahu 'alayhi wa-sallam said that the one who mixes with people and remains patient upon their harm is better than the one who neither mixes with them, and nor is patient upon their harms.
  17. Expergefactionist

    Expergefactionist hmmm... Staff Member

    Oh... one more thing that should also be included amongst the rules, I think, is that the admins and mods should not feel obliged to delete a user account, or posts or even edit them out.

    So everyone should think before he/she posts. No need to post lots of controversial hot-headed stuff, only to come after six months and beg: 'Brothers! The Spooks are on my case! Please delete, this, this, this, and this... and this...!"

    The same applies to user accounts... If a person feel he/she shouldn't be here, then it's very easy, simply do not type in your browser.
  18. gag order

    gag order Anti-Troll

    A referral is when a new member is registering and fills in the referral box "fulan" , thats then transfered to "fulan's account.

    i still dont get it?
  19. Ibn Adam

    Ibn Adam Jū yoku sei gō

    It only happens when you first register.

    If you told your mate to join this forum and he remembered you when he filled out the joining page, there's a section in it where he can enter the name of the person who referred him to the site, i.e. you.

    If he does that then somewhere in your own user cp/profile there'd be a bit that'll say "referrals = 1." This increases with the number of people that cite you as having "referred" them to the forum.

    You won't necessarily know who cites you as a referrer, unless they explicitly tell you that they did or unless you have access to the admin panel and can see who a member says were their referrer.
  20. gag order

    gag order Anti-Troll

    ok now a get it!
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