Sabran Ya Nafsi!

Discussion in 'Arts and Culture' started by Mustafa al-Muhaajir, May 29, 2008.

  1. Sabran Ya Nafsi!

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  2. Then you will like the Caravan of Martyrs too.
  3. Traveler

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  5. AnonyMousey

    AnonyMousey Student of Life

    Masha'Allah... I like this one.
  6. Abu Shu'aib

    Abu Shu'aib Active Member

    From youtube
  7. Amatul Haqq

    Amatul Haqq New Member

    AsSalaam Alaykum wa Rahmatullah

    MashaAllah very nice !
  8. bluey

    bluey ...

    Is it just me, or most of Youtube videos have the message, 'We're sorry, this video is no longer availabe'? :( I've been getting this message for the past week or so. It's extremely frustrating.
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  9. Umm Ahmed

    Umm Ahmed 2C oursels as ithers C us

    Yes sis its the same for me . I don't know the reason why.
  10. Umm Ahmed

    Umm Ahmed 2C oursels as ithers C us

    Oh I just noticed your in the emirates , maybe thats why.
  11. bluey

    bluey ...

    I hope it's to do with the Youtube Service, and everybody else is experiencing the same thing.

    If it's just me and you, then I have a feeling it's because we're in the Middle East. [I'm hoping this isn't the reason though, but could be a probability].
  12. AbuUsama

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  13. rufaydah

    rufaydah New Member

    that was beatiful mashaAllah
  14. AbuUsama

    AbuUsama New Member

  15. IbnHashimBinUthman

    IbnHashimBinUthman New Member

    Ma sha-Allah this is one of the best.

    jazakallah, Allahuakbar alhamdulillah.
  16. AbuUsama

    AbuUsama New Member

    all thanks go for the brother who provided this, May Allah keep him steadfast upon the truth
  17. salafiya

    salafiya <A HREF="showthread.php?t=70991"></A>

    Assalam Alaikum Wa Rahmatullah

    Love this nasheed, jazakAllaahu khairan

    There was another bro who sang this was in a youtube video entitled, "الفرقان - تُقدم / غزوة د.فتحي الجزء الرابع" but it's no longer available. There were a bunch of bros sitting down and a masked bro was singing the nasheed (but a lot of it was another happpyyy brother talking and the video itself was about 10 minutes long). Anyone know what I'm talking about/have it? jazakAllaahu khairan
  18. salafiya

    salafiya <A HREF="showthread.php?t=70991"></A>

    I'm attaching all 3 different versions I've heard (including the one in this thread)

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  19. AbuMjhdh

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  20. Abul Hasan

    Abul Hasan Aim High.

    Patience My Soul, Patience My Soul… Patience My Soul, Allah is with you

    Al-Quds is calling; Al-Quds is calling… Al-Quds is calling, it cried Ah!

    Patience, my path. Patience, my path… Patience, my path is from flames

    The Hoor are calling, the Hoor are calling… the Hoor are calling for contentment

    I remember when I said farewell that day and you cried for me from fear

    You said, O’ my son don’t burn my heart, the memories and my yearning for you are killing me

    And I left because I see kufr in my country governing the surroundings

    So I carried my weapon and I raised my flag and I entered fighting the enemies

    In Paradise I chant and warble and I urge forward by singing and I recite the verses of the Qur’an

    And I meet my wife and her kids and I embrace my mother and my brothers


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