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  1. muslim-sister94

    muslim-sister94 New Member

    Asalamu alaikum dear brothers and sisters in Islam,
    I registred to this forum million years ago but this is my first message. Sooooo I'm a sister from east europe, 17 years old and muslim for 2 years elhamdulillah. In my town (as far as I know) there are no other muslims so internet is my ummah. Hope inshAllah I will rise my iman and knowledge here and we all will get along well and you won't kick me out :D
  2. Nusaybah

    Nusaybah نسيبة بنت كعب

    wa`alaykum as salaam warahmatullah

    aww welcome sista. Alhamdulilah Allah swt guided you to the truth :)
  3. Abu Hurairah

    Abu Hurairah Well-Known Member

    Wa 'alaykumussalaam,

    Welcome to Islamic Awakening Forum.
  4. Hanif Muslim

    Hanif Muslim Wa Ma Ana Min l-Mushrikin

    `Alaykum Al-Salam Wa Rahmat Allah Wa Barakatuh Sister muslim-sister94!

    I'll look forward to your posts here, I'm sure you have a lot to say/share! And may Allah guide you to goodness, and keep you safe from misguidance!
  5. Abu Idris Al-Albani

    Abu Idris Al-Albani New Member

    Wa 'alaykum salaam

    Welcome to the forum sister.

    Nothing is like having real sisters be your friends in real life, but InshaaAllah the sisters here help you fit right in and feel comfortable.
  6. abumuwahid

    abumuwahid <A HREF="showthread.php?t=70991"></A>

    As Salamu Alaykum Sister,

    Masha Allah! You accepted Islam at the age of fifteen in a place where there are no Muslims !

    Your story is very heartwarming and brings tears to the eyes.

    May Allah increase you in iman, keep you steadfast on the deen and keep you happy always!

    Wa Alaykum As Salam
  7. 'Abd al-Kareem

    'Abd al-Kareem Scaffolding

    wa 'alaykumassalam.

    May Allah continue to guide you to the Truth, and may He imbue you with wisdom, beneficial knowledge, and light.

    I hope the sisters and brothers here will make you feel at home.
  8. Scented Blood

    Scented Blood Abu Peanut

    Welcome sister.
  9. *Jannah

    *Jannah Member

    walaikum salaam!


    you sound cool already :)
  10. Abu Idris Al-Albani

    Abu Idris Al-Albani New Member

    Can we have the story on how you came to Islam?
  11. muslim-sister94

    muslim-sister94 New Member

    Thanks everybody for nice words :)
    Well, there is nothing special about my story, I just had muslim friends, was reading about Islam and understood it is the truth. I became muslim when I was 14 and my real story starts then. I didn't have practising muslim friends who have right understanding of Islam, all the time I wanted more and more knowledge, but I couldn't find right sources. I was reading and reading and I just thought there is something missing. Then I came across Bilal Philips lectures called Foundations of Islaamic Studies and I was so happy because it was what I believe, I understood my ideas are not strange and they are right. Even when I didn't know the way of salaf and if I had a question I used to think what would Muhammad (saws) and companions do and make my choises by sunnah and sahaba stories.
    So my story has not finished yet, I try to become better and better muslimah and do dawah. I find specially easy dawah to not practising muslims, so I try to come them back to way of Islam. Before a few weeks I met tatars family who don't practise Islam, I visited them and invited them to pray with me together and tought them Islam, so mashAllah I see they are changing, so let's don't give up calling people to sunnah because people need it.<!-- google_ad_section_end -->
  12. Skillganon

    Skillganon The Serial Repper

    Wakaikum assalam

    Millions years is a long time, but I am glad you finally made it here. Join the sister's section as soon as you can, I am sure you would find it easier to learn there than in the open forum amongst the myriad of posts and opinions. Some of the knowledgeable sisters would be able to direct you to the appropriate threads or articles.
  13. muslim-sister94

    muslim-sister94 New Member

    Well I sent them a request, I hope they accept me inshAllah
  14. Qwerty

    Qwerty Please change user title

    Wa'alaykum as-salaam wa'rahmatullah sister

    Lovely intro, great to have you here :)
  15. walekum salaam wa rahmatuallahi wa barakatuhu

    Every revert story is special.Some stories are Abu bakr RadiAllahtalaahu and some are Umar RadiAllahtalaahu style.So your's is Abu bakr RadiAllahtalaahu.

    walekum salaam.
  16. muslim-sister94

    muslim-sister94 New Member

    Salam again,
    Well as I see nobody accept me to sisters group, so maybe any sister would like to be my friend and learn Islam together with me or teach me or at least support me in learning Islam?
    JazakAllah khair :)
  17. wa alayki salaam sis!

    Welcome and I hope you benefit from your stay here insha' Allaah. If for any reasons you are not accepted into the sisters' section, we are still here and you can also private message us.

    baarak Allaahu feeki.

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