Salma Yaqoob quits as Respect party leader

Discussion in 'Global Affairs' started by journeyman, Sep 12, 2012.

  1. journeyman

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  2. Abu Saalehah

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    ah, so she didn't resign for their promotion of gay rights, or other kufr beliefs, in fact she joined with them on this but resigns over a few newspapers comments instead
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  3. Logic lover

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    The reason given:

    In a posting on her own website last month, Yaqoob emphatically distanced herself from Galloway, the MP for Bradford West, who had claimed that even if the complaints against Assange by two women in Sweden were "100% true", they still could not be considered rape. Assange denies the allegations. unquote.

    It appears that the feminist tendancy of hers was the reason for the resignation.
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  4. walid

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    She tries so hard to be politically correct when infront of the camera it can be sickening, everything is halal in her case.
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  5. abuhannah

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    Yaqoob quits...

    I couldn't care less..
  6. Abu Saalehah

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    Re: Yaqoob quits...

    this is probably the best attitude towards her. She only needs addressing if a someone is foolish enough to fall for her lies.
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  7. Logic lover

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    In her book - no such thing as halal or haram Islamically as she was the leader of a secular socialist party.
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  8. Riaz77

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    I read on some Labour party faction blog that Labour wants Salma Yaqoob to join the party as she will be a big asset but few party members have any desire to have Galloway back. This comes across to me that she is a secular socialist at heart. If she does join Labour then she will be a traitor and a turncoat who has effectively betrayed everybody who voted for her (regardless of their religion or whether they support secular socialism or not) who opposed the war in Iraq and Afghanistan.

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