Saudi princess caught doing a runner

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    It's called a Moonlight Flit: the crime of fleeing without paying. Usually it's done by financially strapped, but plausible-seeming, folk exiting through the window at 3am, hoping their landlady won't hear.

    But few flitters operate on such a scale as the Saudi Princess Maha Al-Sudairi, ex-wife of the Saudi Crown Prince. She had been staying at the Shangri-La hotel in Paris since 23 December, with an entourage of 60 servants. The hotel had started asking awkward questions about payment. So on Friday she did a bunk without paying the £5m bill. Her servants were loading luggage into limousines at 3.30am when they were nabbed by hotel staff – but because the Princess is protected by diplomatic immunity, they couldn't press charges. She's now in another hotel, owned by her friend, the Emir of Qatar.

    The Princess has set the bar high, but evidence shows "doing a runner" is on the increase. Last year the New York Post reported a 20 per cent rise in people leaving a restaurant without paying, a crime made easier by diners stepping outside for a cigarette – like the well-dressed couple who took a cigarette break outside L'Autre Pied in London and fled, leaving an unpaid bill of £572. A similar "dine and dash" was reported at the Sea Glass restaurant in Melbourne, where five people who ran up a bill for A$520 (£330) were later identified by their Facebook profiles.

    Melbourne saw the most extreme bit of bill-dodging last week. Four men entered the Vue du Monde restaurant on the 55th floor of the Rialto Tower. They ordered four cocktails, drank them, went to the balcony and jumped. The parachutes concealed under their suits opened and a getaway car sped them to safety. Jeez, mate. How much do they charge for cocktails?

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    Madkhalis need to speak out against their esteemed leaders, they love to go on about Niqab and beards but the House of Saud whom they so admire are lacking in the virtues they are "paid" to propagate.

    clean shaven Crown Prince Nayef thinks he is an authority on Islam goading Scholars to issue refutations in favour of Washingtons foriegn policy as if it were consistent with the Aqeeda perhaps if he had paid attention to issues closer to home he would not have his name connected to the exploits of his ex-wife. he must goad the Scholars into issuing fatwa against improper dress and betraying the trust and Covenant of the Kuffar host and stealing from them.

    Off with her hands I say or is that Divine Law reserved only for Asians? seriously this infidel imposed leadership needs to be removed and along with them all the spoilt, arrogant, bigoted palace whores who think they are better than everyone else becos they are royal and rich...
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    peasant mentality

    just shows money cant buy class.
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