Video Shaykh Al-'Arifi on Taqleed

Discussion in 'Fundamentals of Law (Usul)' started by Layth, Feb 19, 2012.

  1. Layth

    Layth Abu Shawarma


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  2. Tuwaylib

    Tuwaylib Anti-Defeatist

    Sadly, I must say that is Salafi Fiqh. Easy to say: The hadith didn't reach ash-Shafi'i or Abu Hanifah... The rest seemed like good advise after the 'adillah' part.
  3. Abdul Malik

    Abdul Malik New Member

    salamo alaykom... hmmm It's strange to me that salafi' da'ee and even sometimes I feel like it's even the scholars.
    Who endorse the slogan "The hadith didn't reach him" and they relate this to the opinion of the mazhab...

    I don't want to say they are concealing the truth, because what a charge that would be on a Muslim brother. But it's either that or no one has explained to (the majority of salafi's) that a mazhab opinion is not based on 1 man, and a single ijtihad.

    For example if imam shafi'i did not come to know a hadith, surely al Bayhaqi / Ghazzali / Nawwawi did. So following a mazhab is not following a single imam including his errors. It's actually stronger then following Albani (rah) for example. Because he is 1 man and could have "missed the hadith"

    This is the only issue about salafi's which sometimes makes me doubt if there on the truth like... SoubhanAllah Aqeedah , I agree with you guys, but I don't fall for the salafi fiqh anymore.... and I would really like some answers !
  4. Die for Allah

    Die for Allah TIOCFAIDH AR LA

    Take a look at the "the deception of sunni forum..." thread in the fiqh section, it's a detailed research into the whole topic of Taqlid, the guidelines the ulema have set out for what the layperson should do etc.

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