Sheikh abu mohamad ameenullah ... What do you know about him?

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    Abu Mohamad Ameenullah bin Hafiz Mohamad born on Friday 13 Ramadan 1383 Hijri (1962)

    His first Quran teacher was his father. At the age of ten he memorized the Quran. Then he joined a madrassah in Koli Mandi. He studied the first darajah there. After that the noble sheikh went to a madrassah by the name of Hadiqatul Uloom. There he studied Nahwa (Arabic grammar), Sharmi Tameel, Nor ul inza etc. At the same time, sheikh Ameenullah was preaching whatever he learned. He spent two years there. His uncle was always talking about sheikh Tahir of Panjpeer. So sheikh Ameenullah decided to go and study with the sheikh Tahir of Panjpeer . He spent three years with him. From there he went to study under Sheikh Abdussalaam of Rustum. There, the sheikh did circles of Quranic Tafsir and hadith. Including many other duroos with different shuyukh in Rustum . The sheikh won many prizes and he was one of the best students. Thats why sheikh Abdussalaam made him the Ameer of the madrassah. When the Russians invaded Afghanistan, he went to fight Jihad there. Sheikh Ameenullah studied medicine under sheikh Shams-ud- Deen and sheikh Misbah-ullah. He received asnaad from both of them.The sheikh returned to Rustum Panjpeer. Sheikh abdusSalaam sent him to HajiAbad Masjid for Dawrah Tafsir . The sheikh studied hundreds of books. In 1405 Hijri sheikh Ameenullah got married when he was still a student. He finished from Rustum in 1408 Hijri.

    At that time he started teaching in Jam Road, Peshawar. The sheikh went to Umrah and prayed for hidayah. Back then, the sheikh was still doing taqleed but he knew in his heart that what he was following is not right. So he asked Allah to show him the light of Quran and Sunnah. The books of sheikh-ul-Islaam Ibn Taymiyyah and Ibn al Qayyim were most helpful for him in his quest. Eventually, the sheikh left taqleed. At the same time the sheikh asked Allah to give him a good place where he can preach. Masjid Hamza needed a muddaris, so he started there as a teacher. Simultaneously he was studying a large number of books. Around 1000 students attended Quranic circles of sheikh Ameenullah.

    Bibliography of sheikh Abu Mohamad Ameenullah.
    1 Fatawa Deen ul Khalis 9 jild (Arabic, Pashto, Urdu, Farsi)
    2 Haq ul Sareeh Sharah Miskatul Masabih 12 Jild (Pashto,Urdu, Farsi )
    3 Hikmatul Quran Tafsir Quran 12 Jild (Pashto, Farsi, Urdu)
    4 Al Fawaid 2 jild (Pashto , Arabic, Urdu)
    5 Sheikh Ameen fatawa 2 jild (Urdu, Pashto)
    5 Tuhfatul Munazir (Urdu, Pashto)
    6 Alammat Da Qiyamat( Pashto , Urdu)
    7 Haqeeqatul Taqleed ( Pashto ,Urdu)
    8 Dua aw Zikr kitab( Pashto, Urdu, farsi)
    9 Da Museebatono Ilaj( Pashto, Urdu, Farsi)
    10 Sihr aw Jado Ilaj (Pashto, Urdu, Farsi)
    11 Tashih ul Aqaid (Arabic)
    13 Ayat Bayinat Asma wa Sifat ( Arabic)
    14Da Lafiz Khudi Sharaee Hukum (Pashto, Urdu)
    15 Khulafa e Rashideen aw Ahnaf (Pashto,Urdu)
    16 Muzoee Hadithona ( Pashto, Urdu)
    17 Ya Rasoolullah Awaz ( Pashto, Urdu)
    18 Usool e Tafsir aw Uloom al Quran ( Pashto, Urdu)
    19 Da Jumi Monz na makh ki Sunnat Hukum ( Pashto, Urdu)
    20 Tahreem un Nika Sighar (" da badal nika kawal" Pashto)
    And many others..

    Sheikh Friday Sermons have been recorded in 1500 cassettes
    Dars of Bukhari in 1300
    Mishkatul Masabih 250
    Tafsir of Quran 300
    Targheeb aw Tarheeb 50
    Majlis ul Eman 60
    Seerat da Rasoolullah sal allahu alayhi wasalam 100
    Bulugh Al Muram 50
    Riyad ul Saliheen 50
    Islamic Question and Answer 400
    And there are 1000s of sheikh duroos in different cassettes
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    MasahaAllah he's a good shaykh may Allah preserve him,Aaameen.

    Im not quite sure about this leaving taqleed thing though,that just seems like a ahlu Hadith myth, like you stop following the Hanafi Madhab and all of a sudden you have thrown off the shackles of taqleed.

    Khair here is an excerpt from one of his lectures

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    (information about Sheikh Ameen Ullah) "Sheikh Abu Muhammad Ameen Ullah Al Beshawari" is known as Sheikh Ameen Ullah belongs to an Afghan family but residing in GUNJ Peshawar , He's Shiekhul Hadith in the " Madrasa Taleemul Quran wal Hadith " He's on Salafi Manhaj and does not belong to any party or group , He's one of the best students of Shiekhul Quran Abdul Salam Rustami ,And Shiekh always recommend him with Tazkiya and Taqwa , He has great knowledge of Quran and Uloom ul Hadith ,He is one of the famous Mashaykh in Sarhad area of Pakistan , in Ramadhan he has Daura Quran which is very famous in Peshawar just like the Daura Quran of Shiekh Rustami. As many students from Arab and African countries come to visit Shiekh Abdul Salam , similarly they visit shiekh Ameenullah and ask him Fatawas which are addressed in his book. He has given the lectures on "IMAN", in more than 50 casettes , but unfortunately they are in PUSHTO , but my friend told me that the lectures are superb and tells us about his knowledge .. Wala Nuzakki Ala Allahi Ahadan He has written many Books in Pashto,Urdu and Arabic , few Urdu books which are published are : 1. Nikah Shighar(watta satta) 2. Namaz Jummah se pahle Sunnat parhne ki Haqeeqat 3. Masnoon Duain 4. Taqleed ke Andheron se Nijat ( Shiekh is specialist in Hanafi's Operation with the proofs) 5. Namaz-e-Janaza 6. Qiyamat ki Alamaat 7. Afyoun aur uski Tijarat ki Hurmat 8. Al Tahqeequl Sareeh fi Sharh MISHKAT UL MASABEEH, vol:1(Arabic) 9. Al Fawaid, vol:1 (Arabic) A great book! 10. Asma Wa sifaat (Arabic) ~ But the Greatest book of shiekh is "Fatawa Al Deen ul Khalis" in Arabic which is published in 7 volumes yet. Till the Book of Salah, and as shiekh said it may increase 50 Volumes inshAllah, many copies of this fatawa are sent to Arab countries * Knowing that when shiekh wrote the first volume of Fatawa Deen ul Khalis he was 30 years old. ~About Fatawa Al Deen ul Khalis: 1. All the answers are with the evidence from Quran and Sunnah and Aqwal of Salaf Saliheen 2. Detailed answers 3. He gives Evidences (DALAIL) from all sides then make Tarjeeh 4. The Ahadith and Aqwal which are written are with Tahqeeq and Takhreej (which is the best quality) 5. The Aqwal of the Kibar present Ulemaa's are there 6. Very simple Arabic Language, even the beginner can understand *~ I advise my brothers to get this fatawa if they can, especially for Tullabul ilm and Ulemaa it is very important. *~ I'm writing here the Address of Shiekh's Madrasah, I hope one can contact him on this address by writing him a letter "Madrasa Taleemul Quran Wal Sunnah" GUNJ GATE, PHANDU ROAD, PESHAWAR"
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    I think his ahle hadeesness is the reason why he is so impopular in some circles.

    I like him allot to. I enjoy his bayans and I've learned quite allot from him.

    Personally I prefer his bayans on the topic of Imaan. I've never seen anyone else explaining the subject like he does.

    By listening to him I learn which practical steps I should take to increase my imaan and purify my soul.

    May Allah preserve him and reward him. And may Allah increase him in knowledge and use him as a means to spread the deen and awaken the youth in Afghanistan & Pakistan. AMin.
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    Aaaaameeeen ya Allah
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    his lectures are in Pusto which i don't understand, do you brothers know of any good lecturers in urdu by a good scholar?

    I come across this channel just today, insha'Allah have a look, most of the lectures are in Pushto

    YouTube - ‪Sangartube's Channel‬‏
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    AL Akh Abu Bakar,

    I dont know Urdu speaking scholars. Ask ikhwan who know Urdu. They might know someone.

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    ok insha'Allah.

    Saw your signature, i assume it is your channel. That waziristan nasheed seems really funny, even tho i only understood only one sentence.
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    thnx akhi, yes, that dude is really funny.
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    As Salaam Alaikum wa Rahmatullah,

    I came across this site really deep but unfortunately only in Pashto. So if you are Afghan (Pashtoon) then enjoy, if not grab an Afghan to translate for you :)
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    I have talked with one of his students, salafi's de lux

    Reject all Madhab, etc.

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