Shortened Iqamah?

Discussion in 'Islamic Law' started by s-b-r, Feb 12, 2012.

  1. s-b-r

    s-b-r Patience is a Virtue

    Near the place I work I go to pray salah and there are few Malaysian brothers and one thing ive noticed is when praying in Jamaah they do a shortened Iqamah, so for example rather than say Ash hadu an la ilaha illal lah or Haya Alas Salah twice they do it once. Now I have never ever come across this, so was wondering is this allowed? if not will my Salah be accepted?

    JazakAllah khair
  2. Die for Allah

    Die for Allah TIOCFAIDH AR LA

    The shortened Iqama is the majority opinion I believe, I think its only the ahnaf that do the double Iqama.
  3. s-b-r

    s-b-r Patience is a Virtue

    Ah I see never knew that, I have never come across anyone who do shortened Iqamah even people I know who are Shafi, Salafi etc

    But if it's legit then AlhamdulIllah
  4. Farouk

    Farouk Active Member

    i do the shortened iqamah u described
  5. Butshikan

    Butshikan New Member

    The iqama of Abu Mahdhura is the longer one which is preferred by the Hanafiyya. The shortened Iqama is of Bilal which is preferred by the Shawafe. It is only a matter of afzaliyyat and not jawaz.

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